1310 It’s Boothe.

I feel shitty. Not, like, I have the flu, or whatever. I’m just tired, and angry, and restless. My body just hurts a little bit, but all the time. It’s making me tetchy. I don’t know what my problem is, but I’m filled with an unfocused rage lately. My jaw is having spasms from gritting my teeth all the time for no reason. The house is always hot and dusty. Like gritty in my eyes. Mostly my room. It’s always so fucking hot in here. There’s also this weird ass chemically smell hanging around and I can’t find the source. I just smell it here and there. It’s driving me nuts. FFFFFFFFUUUUUCK! I don’t know what my problem is. I’m just annoyed and twitchy. The kid wants me to take her to the store and I just want to sleep. I feel like I haven’t slept in a million years.

Teen Crooner
hey interweb peeps how’s it going? I just arrived home from school which was pretty entertaining today. I’m very hyper and cant stop laughing so I appear to be on drugs. I have been bugging my friends and teachers all day today though I doubt they were as amused as me. I tied my friends Taylor’s shoe laces together in impossible knots and she tried to hop away and fell which we both found very funny but are teacher did not. I have been yelled at many times today but I’m a teen so yolo! haha this girl who I’m just gonna call NAME REDACTED (You idiot) offered me a drink of water from her water bottle and NAME REDACTED (I swear to Christ, child…) has a bit of a reputation when it comes to certain things if you know what I mean, so I replied with ‘no I’d rather not get “the herps” but thanks.’ the rest of the class and I were amused she on the other hand was not so I apologized and said I was kidding but when you brag about doing dirty things and it gets around what do you expect? she’s currently dating a friend of mine who I think ill call Ryan. I do not approve of this but I’m sure he’ll learn sooner or later what NAME REDACTED (Oh for fuck’s sake!) is really like. in my drama class today we practiced for our play once again, I play the role of a spy who’s is terrible at being a spy. its pretty funny, I’m thinking of wearing a black t-shirt that says #spy on it as my costume along with black pants and a beanie. I think it would be funny since I’m an obvious terrible spy, my teacher agrees. my other classes were pretty boring and the lunch was as always terrible, it’s like they’re trying to kill us slowly with bad food. I was thinking of finding my own page or making one or whatever to blog on and post some of my art on but I don’t know how that nonsense works. what do you peeps think? I’m thinking of making Jackie kill some zombies with me here soon but sadly I do have homework for biology 1 but it shouldn’t take long then I’m free to do as I wish. me and my drama teacher had a interesting discussion today. she’s pregnant and I told her I was gonna write on her and she was like noooo that’s poison there’s a baby in here to which I replied no its a freaking penguin!!! (I love penguins just so you know) she found this pretty amusing. I’ve written a little more on ‘the ruiner’ I’m hoping to have it posted on here soon but I’m not sure if I’ve written enough yet I’ll have to consult with my evil cousin. I might possibly beg him to take me to Wal-Mart just for fun and to buy the movie I’m dying to have. Maleficent!!! (I knew I should’ve just bought her the fucking movie…) if you haven’t seen it you should it was awesome I loved it!! it just came out on dvd today and I’m dying to have it. wish me luck with the begging. bye for now peeps!


Reggie looked so determined or something last page. Did he lose his nerve or something?

I think he was just getting himself in the mindset of “I am genuinely appreciated by this person, I shall not fuck this up” and the will it took to not do something incredibly wrong/rude was just showing.

There may have been a deep breath (with closed eyes even) between the last panel of the previous comic & the first of today’s.

Take that one to the gut Old Reggie. Right to the gut.

Am I the only one who really doesn’t get all the drama with the unmarked graves? I mean, it was an awful business and I think it would be nice to get them a proper burial, but when it’s about ancestry that remote I guess it shouldn’t be a shock, really.

There are a lot of people in the world whose family and heritage mean everything to. Those people were, most likely, wrongly killed and they are his kin. To some people that is an injustice that cannot be allowed to stand.

There’s also the fact that almost every teenager in the town has been to this location, to do who knows what. Finding out its your relations six feet under a town landmark could potentially be shocking.

I guess I figurd the Boothe’s rich enough to no or estranged enough not to care, but Reggie didn’t know and shows interest. This could be something he brings home for some corporate credit or he could still be indifferent. I don’t recall the time of death, but I do think it was before his time.

This put me in mind of a truly wonderful song – can’t post the link, but go to YouTube and search for “She Bought a Stone for Bessie Smith”

Not to get all armchair webmd, Jackie, but it might be worth seeing a doctor to get your thyroid/adrenal/endocrine system levels checked out. A lot of the things you mentioned can be signs of an imbalance in those chemical systems, and the sooner you catch this stuff, the better (plus it’s good to get a personal baseline of what “normal” is for you in case of future changes because the range the labs go by for thyroid hormone levels is GENEROUS and there is much wiggle room). I’ve learned from experience how easy it is to write this stuff off as your body just being weird, but sometimes it’s actually part of a problem that’s more or less fixable.

Might also check for a tiny gas leak. It would explain the chemical smell, and some of the new odorants have a more chemical like smell. Natural gas would rise, and might not tend to accumulate (if there’s somewhere it can exit),and anyone who didn’t spend long periods in the room might not notice it. It displaces oxygen, which is it’s main effect on the body (aside from the whole exploding thing), which can cause headaches and sleepiness. Hope I’m wrong. You can do a shut in test by turning off all gas appliances and pilots and watching the lowest hand on your meter (usually says half foot). Give it at least ten minutes. The gas company will usually check this for you, but if they see a leak, they’ll lock your meter and you’ll have to get a properly licensed plumber and a second mortgage. Also please check for/ get a carbon monoxide monitor. CO doesn’t smell, but poor combustion sometimes can, and this is VERY scary stuff.
“The most common symptoms of CO poisoning are headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, and confusion. High levels of CO inhalation can cause loss of consciousness and death. Unless suspected, CO poisoning can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms mimic other illnesses.” This is from a .gov site.

As I read the teens post, I reached the bottom where you still have Jolene doing her Fuckbuckets rage. I began to giggle, because as not funny as the stress is, it was perfect how well it reflected your mood.

Teen, give your cuz some slack. He’s stressin yo.

Hey teen? Ditto on the slut shaming comment, but yeah. It’s been covered, I won’t harp on you.

Also, wordpress or blogger are two pretty cool free blogging websites if that’s a thing you want to pursue, or you could just go the tumblr route.

I wish I could offer something better. I don’t really know that feeling but I’ve lived with it in others. I like the idea of what neeks said. A simple medical solution would be great. But I don’t have that kind of knowledge so I couldn’t say at all if it could help. All I can say is, talk to someone. Hell, talk to us. Anyone who cares enough to follow your comments isn’t going to be put off.

Speaking of people who care, I was reading your twitter feed and it sparked my curiousity: I was a part of a traffic spike when QC linked to you and have been a part of your stable traffic since, but do you have metrics on what percentage of that spike stuck around and such? It’s cool if you don’t want to share that stuff with a random I’m just fascinated by statistics.

Teenaged Individual:
I’m gonna be the discordant note for a bit and just throw this out there: there are people who are sluts and it is generally a bad thing. There are also people who are just kinda sexually free and that’s fine, but when you’re talking high school girls they probably don’t have the maturity to be that way. What they do have, is a dire need for attention, love, respect, acceptance, whatever- and have found that they can get that with their body.

The thing that you gotta do though, is be understanding. I’m not going to say it’s your responsibility because it isn’t, but the best thing you could do? Try being her friend. And you might want to at least consider offering her a private and more genuine apology. It sounds like she was trying to be nice to you, and you kinda spit in her face. For the record there aren’t a lot of STIs going around in high schools either. And having a lot of partners isn’t really unhealthy at all if you’re safe about it, physically and mentally.

As far as starting up your own page, like MeMyselfAndI said there are a lot of options. Hell, you could just google “make a blog” or something and get tons of results I’m sure. But on the other hand I wonder if maybe hijacking your cousin’s comment space isn’t really a bad thing. I don’t know how well you two communicate normally, but in a way you’re kinda sharing like this and I think that’s good.

Everybody gets into their ancestry once in a while and his sounds like a proud family so I can see this being of interest to him.

I don’t get what happened with the “hair” moment though. Is it a reference? Is he copying Jo? It doesn’t seem to be his old hairstyle from the “Before Time” as I looked that up and it appeared different to me.


You know you’re physically ill when you smell funny unexplained smells. (I usually smell cold hot dog water when really messed up) Go to the doctor before Hulking out on someone with what is left of your energy.


The Teen is a brave person. Be careful with the Dear Diary. You are posting it on a page attached to a someone related to you. (anonymity is not as easy to maintain against a researcher with time and reason to dig) I would just say things you could live with saying to the person in question’s face. And if this is such then so be it. Just saying.

Still, writing from your life and your heart is a powerful thing even if its just a “this was my day”. You can tell by some of the strong, if not always wholly positive, reactions you are getting. I hope you can keep finding ways to put true feelings, not necessarily verbatim accounts, in your writing. Fiction or non-fiction. I always enjoy reading such. :)

I saw Maleficent. I was really looking forward to it but when I saw it I was just kind of… huh… Something was off or weak about it that made it fail to impact me in any meaningful way and I haven’t taken the time to really figure out why that is. I think I’ll just move on instead.

I did the same thing. I thiught he might be changing his part, styling, or doing something to his hair but from what I could find he just had it more clean cut back then.

You might also want to look into getting some exercise (if you aren’t already). Personally, I suffer from all sorts of angst and stress… exercise has become an excellent tool for processing/burning through my stress and the physical symptoms it causes.

To the people who commented on my slut comment I suppose it’s called I didn’t really mean it but the thing is she pretends to be little miss purity preacher in to all about no sex before marriage and I’m not saying im better than her by any means but I don’t like how one minute it’s no sex be safe be pure sexual stuff before marriage is wrong and then she’s going around to any guy looking for a bj. It’s a little 2 faced to me but I did further apologize to her and we are friends sometimes but as I said she’s a bit 2 faced and has said plenty about me. But I’m not one to dwell on it much im over it just hope she doesn’t hurt my friend and as for the starting my own blog Jackie doesn’t seem to mind me posting along with him but I feel some of the viewers don’t like the teen invading the adult space and I don’t want to ruin jackies comic for people. So I don’t know :p also I did not realize that Jackie was feeling that bad,I left him to rest for the night after my blog last night he seems better today. He’s up and bugging me haha

Really? I hadn’t gotten that feeling from reading people’s comments. You’ve already kind of been here by proxy anyway. Its been fun reading Jackie’s version of you and then reading your version of you. But by all means start a blog if you need your own space with less of us elderly types. :-P XD

My only concern for the other item was that it might splash back on you in RL as this doesn’t seem all that private a venue to vent one’s spleen. But if you are cool with it being out here then I’m fine with reading it. (my loyalties in cyber are to those who are actively entertaining me [unless they have ties to me in RL])

@The teen/Jess:
Regarding the perceived two-facedness of NAME REDACTED (that was Jackie’s doing, right?), I’d like to point out that sometimes people have good and or not so good reasons for acting that way. My first guess was that she was brought up to believe sex is bad and it can ruin relationships and that it’s painful for women, but then she tried it and found it to be a lot of fun. If that’s the case, you might normally expect her to start seeking out that sort of behavior, which is a normal response when you find something isn’t so bad as you thought it was. In a way, it’s a lot like what Jackie’s said a few times about never drinking alcohol, since if he actually enjoyed it, it could lead to him doing it all the time. Sometimes people try something and find that they like it, then proceed to do it as much as possible until it drives them crazy. Generally, once they’ve been driven to a certain level of craziness, they realize what’s going on and try to break their habit.
But sometimes the situation can be more complicated than that. If NAME REDACTED’s parents were very strict, but she wound up trying sex in secret anyway and enjoyed it, you might see a different behavior pattern develop. She might want to seek out sexual activity, but try to keep it a secret from her parents, too. This would likely lead to her acting like she hates the idea of sex in public (or when she thinks her parents might find out), while actively seeking out sexual behavior when in private (or when she thinks she’s unobserved). Which, to the casual observer, would look like she was being a giant hypocrite (which she still is). But she may not be acting that way because she wants to, which is my point. If that were the case, it sounds like she could probably use someone to talk to.

Also I agree with Gavran’s idea below, for the most part.
A few words of advice from an ex-teen:
Stay golden (whatever that means)
Try to figure out what you want to be doing later in life before you get there. It will help you achieve your goals.
While it’s true that You Only Live Once and it’s important to seize the day sometimes, it’s also important to remember that you are mortal and your decisions can have consequences. So try to stay safe, and to make good choices. I’m not saying “just say no to drugs” or “abstinence is the only protection”. By all means, go wild! Just remember that some of your choices can, and probably will, have effects that will last a long time. Also, too much of a good thing can ruin you.
Have fun. It’s okay to be a little wild, and if you aren’t wild enough or are too wild, you may regret it later on. There are some things you can only do (or only get away with) when you’re young. Just try to pick the ones you won’t regret.

I know I just said a lot about regret, but once you’ve made your choices, try not to regret them too much. Remember that every choice you’ve made has lead you to where you are and who you are. If you don’t make mistakes, you can’t learn from them and become a better person by doing so. So try to remember that the past is in the past and doesn’t have to affect the present if you don’t want it to. It also helps to watch what other people do and how it affects them. If you see the consequences of someone’s actions and think “I’m glad I’m not in their shoes”, you probably should try to avoid doing whatever they did.

I hope you find my words inspiring and not too bossy or whatever. I said them in the hope that they will make you a happier person. Since I’m not perfect, they may not do what I intended, though, and I’m sorry if that’s the case. But I won’t regret posting because at least I tried.

Stay awesome!

Also I didn’t mean to slut shame her…people have done that to me to just for wearing low cut shirts.. I apologize to the people who this offended. I’ll make sure my next post if there is one is drama free bye peeps

For what it’s worth I never meant to imply she was faultless or that you’re bad for saying that. By your account I’m sure I’d have a lot to say to try to help her too. But you are the only Teen and so you are the one we can speak to. I hope this doesn’t become a reason you decide to stop sharing.

And I don’t think anyone really objects to your participation. There might be a few curmudgeonly folks who grumble at casual spelling and grammar, maybe a few more who cringe at hash tags and yolos but that’s just basic generational gap stuff. I’d be genuinely shocked if someone posted a contradiction, that they’re bothered by your participation. It’s not as if they can’t just skip over it if they only want comics.

Edit: I meant to say that I hope you don’t stop posting /or/ start to filter your posts. I’m sure the criticism doesn’t feel great and it probably didn’t need to be said by so many people but honestly it’s an opportunity for growth and I think it’d be a shame if you let it slip by.

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