1309 Straight Laced.

On the off chance we don’t get home in time to make a post, the Teen and I are on the road. We are taking her to visit her brother, who seems to be lonely. We’ll report in as soon as we can. Just watch this space.

It’s been a surly series of days. Mom suggested we might go to visit the teen’s brother on Saturday, but that idea was dropped, and I assumed it was off the table for this week. Except it wasn’t. We went on Sunday. Spur of the moment. He seemed to need to do some talking so rather than doing it on the phone we elected to try it in person. Or more accurately we elected the teen to do it. My understanding is that it didn’t go… as planned. For my part I spent the day standing around in stores, waiting for things to happen. Eventually they did, and I rode back to home with everyone. That’s the short version. The long version includes mundane details that don’t really add to the narrative. I was an extra part today, only required for the actual trip to and fro. Which is fine, but makes for a boring story. I was also very tired and angry for most of the day. Whatchagondoamirite?

Teen Coroner
im a very tired teen tonight…we went on an adventure to see my brother and it was not awesome. me and him fought the whole time and it kind of sucked but we went out to eat and I got fried ice cream so that was cool. Despite my brother being a jerk the whole time I’m glad I got to see him. I also got to see my friend Emma for a little bit which was awesome because I haven’t seen her in what seems like forever. this day was full of disappointment though…oh well points to my aunt for making an effort to make me happy. I ended up crying because of my brother and I find myself missing my dad a lot lately..its always harder towards the holidays..he loved the holidays..but im thankful for the good memories. anyways onto less depressing subjects, I bugged Jackie most of the day and at one point the song g6 came on the radio and the ruiner strikes again changing the lyrics to like a cheese stick. that song forever is ruined I now hear like a cheese stick over and over. then at one point I told Jackie I don’t like you and he yelled I don’t like you either I love you!! to which I replied I still don’t like you and walked away then he yelled your a poop head which I found very entertaining. despite this I do actually like my cousin. don’t tell my other cousins but..Jackie is my favorite even though he is a butt. am I happy to be home now and I’m very much ready for bed although I’m not ready for school tomorrow. I did some super awesome day of the dead makeup for Halloween but my face did not appreciate it, I’m still breaking out and getting hives so I have to go to school like that…yay and I’m really not looking forward to seeing people I don’t like and doing homework but I’m sure I’ll live. Halloween was pretty awesome though I had a lot of fun with my friends. I really want to sleep in tomorrow morning…can I just play sick? goodnight all sincerely the teen


I think Reggie is about to take off his Clark Kent-shirt, + become The Original Reggie. That way, he will save the day for Jo.

Aaaawww yissss, Reggie’s gonna go man-mode and get serious.

While he hasn’t been my favorite character since I started reading, he is without a doubt got the most potential to be the coolest by the end of this if written right, and the one I’m most excited to see throughout the story’s progression.

To be honest, I think Reggie’s the one of whom we’ve seen the most character development and/or characterization. Kudos for making such a 3-dimensional jackass that we’re willing to look past the jackass part.

Fried Icecream??? Seriously is there anything the Americans wont fry?

That started in Mexican restaurants as far as I know, but no, there isn’t. We’re racing Scotland.

Who’s fried dogs yet? Which country started on the pets FIRST because then we know humanity’s lost and that we need to simply go to the moon.

Lots of cultures eat dogs (especially Asian, I think), but I would guess the meat is better roasted or barbecued than deepfried.

Dogmeat is also taboo in lots of cultures, probably because a lot of dogs will eat shit, if left to themselves.

Seriously, Hispanic cooks will fry anything. They don’t usually batter it first. Asian restaurants have tempura ice cream. Tempura Green tea ice cream best thing.

It seems less weird when you realize that a ton of sweet foods are fried. Donuts, frybread, churros, etc.

Fried Ice Cream is rolled in cereal and flash fried. You’re basically eating regular ice cream with a crunchy cinnamon sugar crust.

Ahoy, the Teen! By the power vested in me by being awake at this, quite frankly, godawful hour, I give you permission to play sick. I don’t know how much that’s worth, but you’ve got it anyways.

I’m sorry you and your brother weren’t getting along when you saw him. I’m sure he’ll come around eventually, though.
Reggie! Yes! I knew you had it in you! Be the you that you were meant to be!

By the power vested in me by the state of emotion -holds up a razor blade- I am … EEEEEEMO MAAAAAAN!! -clothes hair and makeup transform to reflect the most stereotype emo kid possible- emo man does not approve of you telling people to play sick. You should be PUNISHED… by some other hero… I’m too sad to do it.

Teen coroner? Is this what she was dressed up as for Halloween, a future job choice or (more likely) and auto-correct fail?

I didn’t catch that “coroner” bit until I read this comment. In connection with Halloween and all it’s just too funny…
Was that intentional, teen? If so – Awsome. If not – good chuckles at the Freudian slip… ;-)

Sorry Teen, but Jackie just made that song soooo much better. A friend of mine used to replace ‘girl’ in songs with ‘squirrel’. ‘Are you gonna be my squirrel’, ‘Cinnamon Squirrel’, etc.

I always hear “There’s a bathroom on the right…” in bad moon on the rise, and my nephew curses me for hearing this now too. His dad supposedly heard that song for the first time in Vietnam while watching a C130 drop napalm. He can’t blame me for hearing ,”falling in love to the rhythm of a ceiling fan” in Cocomo though.


And with that, the curse was broken, and Reggie was never an @$$#@+ again.

Poor @Jackie. You got to spend this weekend as an extra, a walk-on, a spear-carrier, a Fake Shemp.

Coroner? Most appropriate, considering this week’s intended career. I don’t know if you’d had fried ice cream before, but a local restaurant that had Mexican nights used to serve it. Just it’s own kind of awesome.

Cannot wait until Wednesday to see what happens next!

also the teen is so cute. Which might sadden her than a random twenty something thinks that? Maybe cute is wrong? No idea but totally love reading her ?.?

He looks like he is getting ready to copy Jo’s look? Perhaps in an attempt to prove something to her? Hopefully something well meaning… Cause it would be the ass of all ass moves to copy cat her in order to dis her right now.


Sorry you had a small supportive role today but at least it seems like it was a very important scene Jackie. I’m pretty sure The Teen will make note of your part in her life’s Credits. (yes I only vaguely know what I mean at this point)


The Teen: But how did the gathering of can goods and stuff go? (I’m assuming it was for a good cause.) Sorry about your brother. I, like many with siblings, have also experienced such awesome moments but sometimes it gets better. (our arguments are actually mostly well meaning “play fighting” now and we pretend the old fighting is something to look back on nostalgically. )

The can good gathering went pretty well we got over 50 cans or so which I believe we donate to some good cause XD

Nice. Well, just so long as it wasn’t Cans for Satan or something. :-P lol (surprisingly he actually doesn’t like deviled ham… )

Here’s a song to get “Like cheese stix” out of your head… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54VJWHL2K3I And yes I’m that evil.

Sibling relationships are always tricky. My brother and I fought often, but now that he’s gone it’s the good times we had just the two of us that I remember most. And of course it’s a difficult time for him too. I’d advise you to generally be a nuisance and not let him slip out of your life / be too alone. I think you’ve demonstrated well that you have a talent for nurturing endearment-through-annoyance with your cousin. :P I suspect you’re both actually quite good for each other. Sometimes life is cool like that. Letting you find some good along with the bad.

Y’know, we don’t REALLY know Thomas’ motivations for screwing with Reggie’s head in the first place. I’m predicting that this was his plan all along.

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