1302 Girl Interrupted.

I’ve got a bit of a headache. Just enough to be really disruptive. I’m having a hard time focusing on anything because of it. Honestly I need to stop obsessing over things and step back for a minute. That’s really what this comes down to. I have things I want to get dome before their deadline and it’s making me not function properly. I like being prepared. Having things done way ahead of time is my preferred state of being. I’m not as bad about it now, but I was the same way as a kid. Having deadlines hanging over me, appointments, or anything that was happening in the future, drove me nuts. That’s why I try to do commissions so fast. I hate having an unfinished commission waiting around. I had a small one come in while I stared having Photoshop problems and it made me take so much longer than normal. Plus, the whole time it was looming over me, making me grind my teeth. I know I’ve got plenty of time to accomplish my tasks, but convincing the irrational parts of my brain of that is the issue.

I kind of want to rearrange my space. It’s not really an option, but having things in the same place every day gets to me sometimes. Since my workspace never shows any sings of the progress I make it gives me the illusion of stagnation. I’m sure lots of people who are stuck in offices must feel that way. Then you spend a day moving your trinkets around… Which I’ve just done. XD

Rather than waste 20 minutes trying to remember what else I was going to talk about I’m going to get back to doing things I need to do. Still have a couple of pages I wanted to color for the Patreon stuff, and maybe a little more story.


Crave, in a completely unrelated (well kinda, but not really) comment, I find myself relating ALOT to Brooksie. The images of her that you draw, I have found myself in very similar physical stances as well as similar emotional/mental places as she’s in.
Long story short, please get out of my head xD. Just kidding, do what you do, just know that you’ve created what is probably one of my favorite webcomic characters ever.

I feel a little bad for her sometimes because I poured so much of my neurosis into her. Irrational fear, panic attacks, crippling shyness… And yet she’s able to overcome it. I’m glad you can identify with her.

It’s pages like this where I had really wanted to see Ed and Brooksie become a thing at some point early on. They just mesh so well together.

I can see what you mean, but I’m really getting moreof a “best friends”-feel from the two. And have pretty much since they first met.

I really like this page though! :)

Ah by the way sir crave. Have you heard that Homestuck came back? Interested?

I was aware, but I haven’t been paying much attention. I’ll get back over there at some point to finish it out though.

Good news dude. I can get you a gearshift next week. They are coming out publicly, late next year. As for the comic, this seems like a hilarious thing to happen.

Brooksie got Ninjo-ed by one of the Lincoln twins. Priceless.

I really, really like what you’ve been doing with some of the dialogue fonts. Jo’s grimacing groan perfectly emphasizes the rising and falling emphasis.

Good Ol Ed in his Trade mark blue and red heh i really dig Ed he’s bene one of my fav characters from day 1 i just love his hijinks and how easily hima nd thomas get along

Hope you feel better soon.

Took a look at your tweets. You’d probably be better off staying out of the whole ‘gamergate’ quagmire. That entire thing appears to exist almost solely on social media. As someone who doesn’t actually use social media much, I’m left sort of scratching my head at the weirdness. Like, the rest of the world is fighting wars and people are dying, but lets all scream at each other about a bunch of crap people are spouting on twitter….

Maybe I just don’t get it.

Also, Brooksie’s expression in the first panel made me laugh.

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