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In many places when this page goes up it will still be, technically, the comic’s birthday as well as my own. It’s seven or eight. I honestly can’t remember for sure. The site has been lost a couple of times since the first time I uploaded anything. I started at the start date and just filled in blank dates after that. In any case I’ve been making this thing a long time. it has never failed to be rewarding. I’m glad so many of you are still around and commenting from the early times.

The Teen was not subtle in her search for birthday ideas, so most of my gifts were hardly surprising, although they were no less welcome, and appreciated. Among them were Stick Of Truth and Fable Anniversary. I actually took some time to play SOT, and it is brilliant. With Fable I kind of know what I’ll be getting, but it’s one of those rare games that I will play over and over. I hope they fixed some of the issues with the game though. (Like not having an equivalent good/evil weapon for every weapon class. Why the fuck should all skilled archers be evil?)

She also found a little Call Of Duty Mega Blocks set with little guys on a boat, which she threatened me with and carried through on. My intention is to customize them into State Of Decay characters… Marcus and his buddy whose name I suddenly forget.

For the record, if I could write any screenplay in the world right now I would chose State Of Decay. it’s my favorite zombie world and game.

I also got a Sanji from the same line as my other One Piece figures. He’s time skip Sanji and is the best version I’ve seen. I now have Nami, Zoro, Robin, and him. So, halfway there. Franky is going to be the worst to get. I think he’s a special figure in most cases because he’s giant. Chopper comes with other characters sometimes, so that’s a whole other thing…

Anyway I’m going to play Mario Brothers with the Teen and her friend Rainbow Dash.


Happy Birthday, Mr. Crave!

Also, happy birthday, Between Failures! It still boggles my mind how time flies when you’re having fun. I discovered this comic about 3 or 4 years ago, and it scarcely seems like it’s been that long. I think it was in the 600s on the page count.

I have really enjoyed the story, artwork, and characters, but I think we both know what really makes your webcomic stand out. The consistency with which you’ve made updates throughout its life is peerless. Very few comics have pulled off what you have.

Happy birthday dude. Also, cool gifts… except call of duty. Bleh. I’d give yoy domething cool in acnl but … yea. Maybe another time. I don’t have internuts or anything right now

Happy birthday to the comic.

I think it’s about 8 years old. At least I think based off of the math. We’re at comic 1212, 3 comics a week, 52 weeks in a year gives us around 7 and 3/4 years. Add in any title/chapter pages plus random filler and fan service should take us to 8

Your first comic is recorded in for 2007 in your archives, and the webarchive says you had 67 pages by July 3, 2007. So if you were pretty prolific in your first couple of months (3-4 pages a week), then 7 years sounds about right. If you were a bit more laid back with it whilst balancing work and whatnot, then eight years starting from 2006 may be more accurate.

Congratulations on everything! I included the earliest recording of your work I could find down below. Although you don’t get everything, you can see some of the comments people made in the beginning, including a comment you made on your first comic on May 27, 2007. Enjoy a bit of memory lane!


I haven’t posted in for-fricken’-ever. I think it’s about time to do so again. ‘Cause posting while tired as all hell is always a good idea.

Happy belated birthday to you and your comic. I’m damn glad that it’s still going. Even more glad that you are a regular updater as always. Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve had the same link for one comic in my comics favs folder just sit there and yours rotate through a dozen or more times. Plus you color yours. Much <3 for that.

Anyway, as long as you update, I'm sure you'll have people following along… and I know I will. As long as there is Brooksie, there shall be me. :3 She so kewt.

Happy birthday dude! Been enjoying the comic off and on from almost the beginning. Hope you have many happy returns.

Happy birthday to both you and the comic, man. Sounds like you got some cool stuff. The Stick of Truth wasn’t even on my radar until they played some on Game Grumps; it’s strange. I haven’t paid attention to South Park in years, but the game was hilarious from what I had seen, and the battle system looks fun as hell.

And look out for those Mega Bloks! They’ll gettcha. The Call of Duty ones are possibly the most articulated tiny block figures ever. They did make a set of zombies, too….

Happy Birthday, Crave!!! and Happy Birthday to Between Failures!! You are an awesome dude!! A true inspiration. Keep it up, buddy!

Been here since the late 200’s. Never been disappointed with a strip yet. Here’s to another year of interesting developments and that sweet, subtle pacing that makes Between Failures my favourite web series.

Happy Not Dead Yet Day, @Crave! Also, happy anniversary to BF, however old it is. I think I’ve been reading it for about four years, but I’ve lost track.

March 20th, aside from also being the first day of Spring, is my middle brother’s birthday. At 60, he’s now officially an Old Fart.

Happy Birthday, Crave. I found your most excellent comic five years ago, read the archives and have followed it ever since. Thanks for all the great entertainment and I look forward to many more years of ‘Between Failures’.

Ps: Brooksie is my favorite character.

A cartoon that harks back to Meredith Willson and “The Music Man”.  The old biddies are talking trash about Marian the Librarian in the song “Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little” and one of the lines goes something like “He left River City the library building but he left all the books to her”.

Happy Birthday to you both! It has been a couple years since I started reading your comic and I have enjoyed my time reading them.

The strip was begun after Steve Irwin passed away (there is an early ‘Steve Irwin dead’ joke, and that death was in September 2006, so the strip began in March 2007 at the earliest. So Seven years.

Great work, by the way. It’s one of my favorites.

Happy Birthday for both yourself and between failures.

I only recently found BF and it has been a pleasure reading every single page. Your characters are simply amazing. Thanks

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