1211 Owns.

I love Alex’s backstory. Not just the stuff with her weird family, but all the stuff you guys don’t know about yet.

Very busy ATM so I have to cut this short.


Heh heh. I get this feeling that you’re doing evil laughter as you think of Alex’s back story. Just, “Mehehehe,” with rubbing hands and leering.

Also, totes jealous that her family owns a library.

I’m starting to see why you wanted to talk to a librarian. Well, I do personally know one. She’s a wife of a friend of a friend, though, so dropping my name might not do you a whole lot of good.


That doctorate is real. She’s been working on that about three times longer than I’ve done one of anything. I’ve heard someone make the comment, “It’s strange to get information from someone who has a doctorate about getting a job when they haven’t had one their whole life.” This is not the case with this person. She’s one of those super human people who has done too many things to believe, and she’s married to a guy whose powers are much greater than hers.

When she says, “I’m Batman,” it’s okay to believe her.

When I grow up, I want to be a librarian. Sort of.

Really I just want to muck about with old things/computer data and not talk to people to much.

Is she Batman?

She certainly likes Batman enough.

I’m kind of mixing events when I say she says it, anyway. It was someone else at one of their parties that made that claim, but it bears repeating that the librarian really likes Batman.

And by the way, there are private libraries. In the Kansas City area, there’s the Linda Hall Library, which is an “independent research library devoted to science, engineering and technology.” It’s privately funded, but non-profit. And the inside beats the pants off of any public or college library I’ve been too. (https://www.lindahall.org/index.shtml) I could see a rich family just crazy enough to have their own public library.

With the bangs and the hide-away eyes, I’m starting to think Alex is related to Beetle Bailey and Chip Flagston (Beetle is Lois’ brother in Hi and Lois).

I think my personal library beats the pants off our town Library. Or at least, they complement each other.

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