1213 Standards.

We had a little gathering in Garden on Saturday. My friend JFK gave me a Skylander Sidekick I didn’t have. His store is very busy so he’d moved a lot of them already, but I got an extra Mini Jini. Hopefully I can just trade it for one I don’t have. After market Skylanders are bad enough, but the sidekicks are the worst. Anyway, I need Trigger Snappy, Gill Runt, and Terra Bite. Whisper Elf was the one JFK gave me.

Thanks for the birthday messages by the way. I appreciate it. Hopefully I will be able to keep presenting the comic for you all for many more years.

I stopped into Hastings looking for more One Piece figures, but they only had Sanjis, and some guys from a set in a different scale. I did get a little Gundam figure though. It’s the RX-93 V Gundam. At least I think that’s what it’s called. It’s hard to decipher their naming conventions sometimes. I’ve never seen the anime this model is from but my understanding is that Amaro ray piloted it, who was one of the early guys, I guess. The line is called Assault Kingdom. It’s a really good scale since they don’t take up as much room, but also have much better articulation that domestic versions of the toys. I liked Gundam Wing since that was about the only one to get much play over here. The story was meh, but the robots were the best. particularly Deathschythe and the various incarnations of Heavyarms. I liked the national themed ones from the next series too, but never really saw the show. When the robot uprising happens hopefully they will see that I’m a fan and take pity on me. mayube give me a sweet exo suit or something.


If it weren’t for video games, I’d probably be a colossal bookworm, too.

So, there was something about this meeting that caught my attention a couple of strips back. I got a strong notion that John came here intentionally. My first thought was that Alex found out his route and waited for him. Are they on a date? Is this some other variety of social interaction?

I just discovered a webcomic called Terminal Lance today, so I’ve got U.S. Marines on my mind.

In case anyone is curious:

the Gundam series were all loosely tied into each other but if you have some free time to invest into it they are a great bunch of series to watch and enjoy I personally liked Gundam 08 and the original gundam series from Gundam wing I like the Shenlong and the type zero mostly cuz of its bad ass ability to let you see into the future

actually they weren’t all tied together, some are tied together but some have independent universes. The main universe is called U.C. for universal century. Always check the date. in the series, thats how you can tell what universe you are in.

I hope you guys realize how unsettling it is that you are both named “Anonymous” and you like to argue with each other.

Are we two people, or one with multiple personalities?

whichever one makes you feel better I guess. However I’d hardly call a single exchange with no unpleasantries an argument.

The gundam you bought is actually titles after the greek letter Nu, so its Nu gundam. I loved wing. I also loved wing gundam from wing. The National one you refer to is called G Gundam, it actually was released in japan in ’92 and wing was released in ’95 but in the U.S. G Gundam was I believe the 6th or 7th to be released. whatever the case it dropped after wing in the U.S.

A little bit of random knowledge, the first gundam, Gundam 0079 (the first one with that amuro ray guy) Debuted on April 7th, 1979. So its 35th birthday is coming up in a couple weeks. Happy B-day Gundam!

And if you want the best detail, go check out the 1/1 scale gundam sometime. Its best seen in person, but you can youtube it if you don’t have that kind of cash. :P

The Gundam figure you have is called the Nu Gundam, not the V Gundam (though it’s using the lowercase Nu from the Greek alphabet). Hope that kind of clarifies the naming conventions of at least the MS’s from Char’s Counterattack.

It’s funny, thinking of a town being founded within the memory of only a few generations. Every day I drive past a farm that was established in 1702, and my town was founded in 1703.

I was talking to one of my friends about the movie, Chariots of Fire. One of the things about it that boggled my mind was the fact they school they attended was founded some 700 years prior to then. (Took place on the heels of WWI, so mid to late 1910’s.)

My friend gave me this little adage:
“In America, 100 years is a long time. In Europe, 100 miles is a long way off.”

“In America, 100 years is a long time. In Europe, 100 miles is a long way off.”

Thanks for that, I really like it, and it’s so true.

Oh yeah, those Assault Kingdom figures look awesome! I’d like to get my hands on some but I haven’t managed, yet. If you’d like to see the Nu Gundam in action, check out Char’s Counterattack on youtube or something. I’m sure someone has uploaded a few shots of the suit kicking some ass.

When I was in highschool I had to serve the government for a 4 month period, and so I did in a local public library, later on I found the whole of it was once a private collection from a distiguished local man who in is death bed donated all of his books to the government, the Mayor of that time made a public library downtown in his honor, touching I know, and you should read some of the blackest humor on some of those books, I didn’t know you could just go by and borrow them that freely (nor one should be able to do so).

As someone who grew up in Wichita KS, and spent a lot of time in Hutchison, Mt. Hope, Goddard, and Burton, I can confirm that a vast majority is indeed a wasteland. It’s still my home away from home though.

I still have family in Kansas city, Valley center, Salina, and Haysville.

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