1189 I Knew It.

Honestly, this should have come as a shock to no one. Brooksie’s leanings are hinted at throughout her pages, and Jess is wildly open about what she likes. These two have a lot in them that is unexpected though. I hope I can do their relationship justice.

Researching lesbian and bisexual stuff on the internet is insane, because, at least in English speaking cultures, they are hyper sexualized. Which must be why straights are so sassy about the subject. In my experience if you mess with someone’s fetish THEY GET FUCKING PISSED. Anyway, it’s all smashed together with porn that’s really meant for straight people. so I had to rely on people I know, bloggers, and scientific literature. As near as I can figure most people have regular lives, not defined by sex, no matter what their orientation is. It’s just not the most important thing. They love each other, go to the store, have dinner, and do whatever like everyone else. You don’t get to choose what turns you on. You get what you get and have to deal with it. It’s a shame we can’t just let people be who they are. it’s nobody’s business but your own anyway. I dunno, I’m not a social justice guy. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking stuff out like that. It just seems like people should be excellent to each other.

As far as the comic goes there will be ups and downs and sometimes hearts get broken. If you can’t handle that then life is going to be very hard for you, and you have my pity. I hope you can come along on the adventure with me. Jo has a lot to go through before her story ends, as does the rest of the cast.

This little interaction was the breaking point for a few people. People who were never going to stick around anyway, but they felt the need to let me know. The webcomic breakup note is something all of us who create get familiar with. I’ve been getting them since before the first story ended. I can’t imagine what it must be like for someone like David Willis, who courts controversy openly.
I’m someone who will tolerate almost anything from a story so breaking up with a franchise is pretty rare. Shortpacked was the last one. I spoke about it at the time. The tone seemed to be getting more and more mean spirited and openly combative toward the reader. Of course I didn’t send Willis a letter telling him it was over between us, that I couldn’t go on like this anymore, I just divorced myself emotionally. That said, I still read it. I’ll probably read it till it actually ends, but I’m not invested in it anymore. Shortpacked ended with Ethan leaving the store for me. I did actually take the time to congratulate Willis on a story well told that time. I felt like there was enough closure for the character I liked most. The one who brought me in.

I then moved on to Dumbing Of Age, which I love much more than Shortpacked, because it’s structure is basically the same as my own work. Work which was created the way it was because it appealed to me. So Willis starting something spiritually similar was nice. The fact that it was set in an alternate dimension, with a cast I was already familiar with in some cases, was just a bonus.

The only other comic that I can think of as having broken up with is PVP. I still look in from time to time, but it feels like Kurtz stopped caring about the work a long time ago. It’s kind of the Garfield of webcomics. Sadly marching on while its creator give his love to new projects. Not that I don’t understand that. If you have a cash cow that you can tolerate leaving to a sad, slow, decline more power to you. Sometimes you need to run something into the ground so you can move on to other things. Feasting upon its corpse like an unholy ghoul. Unfortunately PVP never gave me a stopping point. It just faded away into whatever it is now. Of course I never bothered to tell Kurtz this because I know he can’t care about one fan’s opinion. Not that he DOESN’T he CAN’T. No one can. You have to do what you have to do with your own work. Regardless of one, or even a few people telling you they can’t stand it anymore. Because people never stop telling you that. No matter what it is you do. You can’t please everyone. That is a lesson that is very hard for artists, in particular, to learn. It’s also what makes the ones who are successful seem distant and cold. We have to harden ourselves against people who tell us our work is bad and we should feel bad. Otherwise we’d be in the pits with them creating nothing.


I just appreciate that you still let us engage with each other and with you on the topic of your comic.

The comic writer I have lost the most respect for is Gibson Twist from Pictures of You because he shut comments down permanently because they didn’t all agree with his perspective of his comic. He tried to blame the audience by calling us misogynists, but as a nuclear-level feminist who would have felt the same way about the comic no matter the gender of the main characters in the subplot, I don’t think it was a fair characterization and quite frankly I think he was just upset that some people were sympathizing with the “wrong” character. Anyway, point being that he cut off and alienated his reader base and his comic is likely to suffer from it; he’ll have a much harder time expanding his reader base, going to cons and trying to sell doodles or books, Kickstarting new projects, etc. because he’s developed an antagonistic relationship with his fans and disallowed them from building a strong community around his comic.

Apologies for the rant! Point is, thank you for allowing us the opportunity to have opinions and share them with each other and with you. FWIW, I am really excited for Jo + Jess as I think they’ll be very good for each other. They may even go poly eventually, given both of their inherent natures, and as a poly person myself I’m crossing my fingers for that outcome :)

I do not really want to derail the comments but I am going to. Being a Gibson Twist fan, as far as Pictures of You goes, and having read a lot of the comments that led him to make the decision to close comments I can see where he is coming from. From an artistic stand point he just wants to tell his story and not be a forum for hotly debated issues, which if this new chapter is going where I think it is going he is going to touch on a lot of hot button issues. As a reader and fan though I have to agree that his decision is going to alienate his fan base. Add to that his state of the union where he told everyone to just read his comic and close their traps certainly did not help, the name calling only added fuel to that fire. Personally I do not really care as it is few and far between when I comment on a webcomic. My webcomic comments can probably be counted on two hands, this one included. That said I am still reading Pictures of You every day and will probably continue till the story is done.

I’m not really familiar with POY, but I do remember it starting just after Between Failures. There were some crossover readers at the time, but it disappeared at one point. I thought it was over until not very long ago when someone mentioned it again.

Anyway, it’s very easy to feel like you’re under attack by people when you’re doing public entertaining. Getting overwhelmed and not being able to cope isn’t uncommon. It can be really hard to know where to draw the line and sometimes it’s jut better to put up a wall if you don’t know what to do. Cut your losses as it were. I’ve never had to do that because I rarely have strong opinions about anything.

I cannot help but agree with you on the note of people being who they are. I can’t stand half of the things I hear and read about lately, it’s like everyone keeps saying they’re tolerant, or that they compromise – but those same people turn around and tell a girl she’s going to burn in hell for loving another person who happens to be a girl. Hypocrisy anyone?

What the heck ever happened to just letting people be who they are? I mean it’s not like they’re going around causing anyone harm or anything right? I am who I am, they are who they are, and despite what they do behind closed doors at night, the world will continue to turn, and tomorrow will happen just as it always does.

YAY!!!!!!!!!! :) :)

So yeah, I would love a perfect world where Brooksie’s heart is never broken. She is just so adorable!

and aw heck! romance is romance and young love should be celebrated! :) :)

Do I disagree with homosexuality, from a biblical standpoint yes, from a personal stand point I don’t swing that way. I, confused about a lot of things, point this out because I care and if it right I don’t want people to burn, but then no one is perfect and sin abounds from the smallest things we do to the biggest.

You don’t like what I say thats okay, you hate me, fine. The only reason I talk about it is because part of me believe in hell and that is a fate that I wish for no one, not even my worst enemy.

I hope I wrong that if there is an afterlife it is a happy piece-full one were you can make fun of me for my fullish believes and all are excepted.

Other than that I don’t care, I wish you happiness in life whatever sexuality you choose.

First I want to say,
very well and openly written, which is why I won’t antagonize you,
people like you give me hope, that religious people and atheists can live together in harmony.
The only thing I always wonder is how much is really written about homosexuality in the bible, I’m not well informed and the only passages I found where concerning male homosexuality and even then leave much open for interpretation.
For example:
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. (Leviticus 18:22)
Maybe it’s only concerning the style of Intercourse, maybe it only speaks against A**l Intercourse?

What ever it means, I always like to think that whether the bible is gods word, or somebody elses, It was meant as guidelines for a peaceful coexistence of mankind(and I mean people here^^).
I’m an atheist myself, but I have absolute respect for believers that use their religion to achieve happiness and be a good person.

And if god exists I hope he is watching over you and doesn’t judge me because I don’t believe in his existence. :)

Well said. I consider myself a Christian primarially (although many might disagree with my specific beliefs), and you’ve basically summed up my thoughts on the matter. I have done studies into other religions as well, and consider myself quite open-minded. And sometimes I find some things in my faith a bit difficult to reconcile. Nice to see someone on the other side of the fence who thinks like I do, either way.

I’m a little rusty on a lot of things, just a little disclaimer.

The way I see it, is yeah, anal is a very dangerous thing. And a lot of the directives made in the Old Testament (e.g. what you can and can’t eat) were clearly made as directives on health and safety. I mean, if you were God, you wouldn’t want your chosen people to be doing a bunch of stuff that would quickly get them killed off by disease, right? (Nor do I think that God would want to have to micromanage to keep them alive.) From what I’ve heard, anal can easily get you a lot of diseases.

I wholeheartedly believe that love felt between two individuals can’t be marked as taboo from a purely moral standpoint, as long as it is mutual and nobody is getting hurt in the process. So any such *harmless* expression of love, in turn, I don’t think should be condemned. Even if it is between two men or two women. But I do differentiate love and lust, so keep that in mind.

The most important part of what I believe in is that God loves us. How much so? Well, John 3:16 sums it up quite nicely. With love comes understanding. I find it hard to believe that with that kind of love, He would also be strict enough to let those who were genuinely good and understanding people not have at least a second chance. And in that conflict of beliefs, I choose to believe in the former. I know there are a lot of people who would disagree with me or even say I can’t call myself a Christian. In the end, it’s just a label. My beliefs are more important to me than what I can or can’t be called.

Jesus doesn’t talk about homosexuality in any of the gospels. Paul does in his epistles and some of his epistles are contested (people aren’t actually sure they were written by “Paul”). Remember, Paul is talking to a very specific culture. It was still acceptable for the Roman army to utilize young (younger) boys on army campaigns when there were no women around. This is an exploitation (abuse!) of children. This is part of what Paul is speaking out against.

What Jesus does talk about in all four of the cannonical gospels (those in the Bible) and in those gospels not in the Bible is loving your neighbor. And while no one contests that, what is an issue, is how that love is lived out.

Well done on these posts btw! Love seeing discourse that is respectful and reaches out! :)

I never intended to comment on any of these but this thread… Everyone who has commented has made me overwhelmingly happy.

Each opinion has been voiced respectfully and honestly. Some of the things that have been said agree with me personally very well. I am Christian, though as with Stungun, I feel my particular beliefs and how I choose to worship maybe considered unconventional. Also I heavily sympathize with the original poster in that, while I do not want to force my beliefs onto others, I constantly worry about Hell which is magnified by a large percentage of my closest friends being atheist and my brother being agnostic. The original poster is not homophobic, they bear no ill will towards homosexuals, in fact it’s quite the opposite.

The theory that the text usually used against homosexuality is specifically dissuading anal sex is one that I’ve thought about and it is a very rational one. I remember learning about the potential medical repercussions of it in high school and, along with many of the teachings in the Old Testament, such a teaching would be wise for one’s health.

With regards to my own interpretation of the Bible with respect to same sex relationships I generally deffer to Romans 13:10, “Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.”

There are a lot of things in the Bible that people interpret in a lot of ways. I remember hearing that the whole “Suffer not a witch to live” deal was a mistranslation of something closer to “Suffer not a poisoner to live”. I also know that there is a lot of debate around the relationship between David (as in “David and Goliath”) and Johnathan. Their story is traditionally interpreted as a very intimate yet platonic friendship but a many people have looked at this as a romantic relationship between two men. (I personally am undecided on this.)

When it comes right down to it, I do not think the scriptures should all be taken directly and should be filtered through everyone’s own moral compass. I do not believe that love, regardless of who for, can be a sin and so I have faith that neither does God.

Y’know, now that my mind is coherrent enough to form thoughts regarding this page other then EEEEEE, I have a few things I need to say.

Personally, I think these two will be great for eachother, I mean, for Jess, it really seems like she’s at her best when around Brooksie, with others she’s as Ed put it, A special kind of Evil. Maybe being with Brooksie will help her open up the side of her we’ve seen these last few pages when around others.

And for Brooksie, Jess will definitely help her open up more, I mean, this kiss shows it’s already happening.

So I can’t wait to see what happens with these two and I am so happy they’re together.

Your comic is beautiful and I’ve found myself drawn in to these wonderful lives and world that you have created to share with us. Love is love, and even though I was “raised Christian”, I don’t and will never understand why people get SO bloody upset when someone’s views are different from their own. Having said that, if she breaks Jo’s heart, I might have to body slam her….:0)

I don’t normally comment on these things because quite frankly even under the protection of internet anonymity I am quite shy but what you said in your post made a lot of sense to me. So I guess thanks for that…Here’s hoping Jo doesn’t get her heart broken.

I just got a horrifying premonition that I hope will never ever happen O-o

I’m so happy at how this went though!

kudos Crave, definently holding strong in my favourite webcomics.

I can’t pick a favourite but it’s a 3 way tie between:

Dominic Deegan
Dumbing of Age
Between Failures

DD gets the edge just because it has been completed.

Very nicely and sensitively done. I really don’t know
if you’re planning on being as explicit as with
Thomas and Carol as far as Jo rocking Brooksie’s
world is concerned, but I think as long as you
leave the soap bubbles intact you should be okay :)

People left the comic over this? I mean, I am a part of the camp that wanted Jo to end up with Ed and not his sister, but Im still gonna drop by for the artwork and character growth and such. Also, hey its drama, everybody is probably gonna get with everybody before this ever ends.

I dunno, way I see it Thomas and Carol are pretty much for life. Now, I could be wrong, but that’s what I think.

I think I am dropping this comic too even if I’ve been following it for years, but not because I am not enjoying the story (which I like a lot so far even though the current arc feelt a bit weaker) but because of the author’s comments, notes and Twitter feed. I don’t want to support this kind of person with my page views.

I expected more from you, Crave. Goodbye.

I do wonder why people bother leaving messages like this. When I stop reading a comic I simply stop reading it. Unless I form some kind of personal connection with the creator, you wont see me leaving a ‘goodbye’ post. I’ll just vanish.

They become so emotionally invested in the work that they become blind to the fact that they are just one in a horde. Look up “sunk cost fallacy”.

Huh? I love reading all that stuff. Most of it is merely opinion on games, shows and other peoples creative endeavors… I’m rather at a lost for how any of that could offend…

Course, I enjoy his writing style so much I’d probably enjoy being put down by him if he put some creative effort into it. He’s fun.

Yes, I am a monster. Heap your scorn on me. I hope it eases the burden on your soul.

How is “I don’t agree with the author” a reason in anyway to stop reading something you enjoy?

Would you put down a good book if you realized that the author is a terrible person?

Would you stop watching a movie because the director is a terrible person?

Not saying your a terrible person at all Crave, i actually enjoy reading the twitter feed, and i really don’t see what’s causing such problems with the fan base.

Those are fun questions people had to grapple with when deciding whether to see the Ender’s Game movie!

The work itself is about loneliness, childhood, growing up, and the need for acceptance. And it’s brilliant, and changes lives. The author, though? Hilariously has this blind spot for the gay community. Everybody else is fine, but God forbid anyone should treat homosexual people like… people.

Honestly, I think the work goes beyond the creator. Part of my “everybody’s human” mentality is because of that book, /despite/ the author’s truly appalling stance on that branch of human rights.

That said, I guess webcomics do put you in more personal contact with the creator than a book does. I’m… really not following whatever upset the OP, but hey, good riddance. Less unhappiness for everyone involved. Crave can go on making fantastic comics, OP can go on doing whatever upsets them less, and I can continue enjoying Between Failures without having to read more butthurt in the comments section.

It’s also possible that the original comment was an attempt at humor in that it is a textbook example of a webcomic breakup. To the point where I left it alone because I honestly can’t tell if it’s serious or not. It is just too perfect an example.

Don’t let haters get you down, there are tons more fans to take their place :P

Also on the bi/lesbian subject:
My Mom is bi. After she and Dad separated, she dated a few guys here and there but the one she fell in love with was a wonderful woman named Jess(I’m not kidding) Jess is super awesome and puts up well with my sometimes bratty younger siblings. Just as you said earlier, they are basically like any other couple. They go through the ups and downs together, they have their problems; who doesn’t?
Although there seems to be one slight trend I’ve noticed in bi couples, They seem to think that since they have an interest in both sexes, they think they should date both at the same time! That might be fine for hooking up, but it seems to cause problems with long term serious relationships. It’s hard enough finding one person to love and get along with! ~just some food for thought, perhaps to add pitfalls or lessons to the story?
Honestly I’m in the “don’t screw over Jo” fan category :) but the more you know, the more you can work with!

Well, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I love your work Crave. Your characters feel very real and alive to me. As a writer, I can relate to how hard that is to pull off.

I have to agree with you about David Willis and his comics however. Much as I enjoy them, I simply do not care for how he deals with people who dare to disagree with him about whatever his chosen cause of the moment is, whether it be racism or the prevalent anti-theist tones many of his comics have. My own personal opinions on these matters aside, he’s basically been extremely mean spirited and I don’t care for it.

What I am reminded of in this particular situation is the recent character development in Gunnerkrigg Court, where one of the two female main characters started dating another girl in the school. There were a few people who basically said “nope, I’m done” and it’s a damn shame because that comic is really good.

Now, I must confess that I do not care for male homosexuality all that much. It’s simply not my preference and I don’t like looking at it. That being said, there are some webcomics I read that introduced that as an element and I continue to read them, because I love the rest of the comic.

People do things that we don’t agree with all the time. I wish more people tried to be more understanding about these things and deal respectfully with each other.

Anyway, long post done. Looking forward to what happens next. ^_^

Someone is reputed to have said,”Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Can’t remember who that was, but don’t know that many in a position to be throwing rocks.

How does Dave Willis do it?

He prints out all his hate mail
then slices it to ribbons
then fluffs up the pile and stuffs it in his mattress
and sleeps soundly atop the pile!

I could not be happier to Jo and Jess together. Do I think it will last forever? Absolutely not, I certainly hope so though, but in the interim I hope we get to learn more about Jo because she seems to be the one we know the least about in the comic.

Your last point in the bottom/under description/blog/rant area/thing/box… uh, yes, the words there. Very good point, very true and very hard for artists to learn. :/

We are always juggling with self doubt, while still having the confidence to stick with what we create/like. Caring and not caring, the good or the bad. You can’t let bad comments get you down, as you can’t please everyone all the time. Yet you also can’t let good comments be the only thing that keeps you up, since, again, you can’t please everyone all the time.

Artists just end up getting used to people either loving or hating or critiquing their work to the point that they just can’t respond or care. It’s nothing personal, it’s just practical, like the man said!

ive read a lot of web comics and none have drawn me in like this one has i cant wait for the next installment and this comic just keeps getting better i cant wait to read more.

Normally I don’t comment on Webcomic subtext, but I just wanted to say it’s awesome how you’re such a chill person Crave, take it easy and keep on rollin’ brother.

I assure you that my chill exterior hides as frantic insane person, much like a duck on water, but I appreciate the good will and will keep on rolling to the best of my ability.

On the topic of comics losing the luster they once had, I would actually have to say Homestuck was that comic for me. I still keep up with it to see how it will end, but for me the story died after act 5. It just stopped being funny or compelling and overall just feels like a huge list of bad writing 101 at this point. I dont want people to interpret this as a rant or hate but more so as dissapointment. I was really enjoying the ride until that point but now it just feels like the magic died.

Gotta say man, I took a LONG break from reading your comic simply because real life was getting in the way, but coming back I gotta say this comic still feels completely relevant to me and my life as well. I’m curious to see how these stories unfold.

I’ve heard the same thing about Homestuck from other people, but I don’t agree. Maybe reading it all in a go had something to do with it, but I was amused from start to where the hiatus started.

For me it’s mostly because I had trouble connecting with the new kids and trolls, by now I really like the new kids, still a little unhappy with Aranea and Meenah, not enough Vriska!
But I life for the Intermissions and I also like the relationship progression with the new kids :)

But I absolutely disagree about the writing, I love the pesterlogs and I am constantly cracking up, the writing stile of Homestuck is what makes it stand out for me^^

Wow. I was hitting my bed in happiness. I completely feared that Jess, while being bisexual and everything, would specifically not see Jo in that way. But you ravaged my fears and gave me everything I hoped for.

I will put my feelings about what has happened in the comic in simple terms for the cognitively impaired…

It doesn’t matter.

What two adult people do in and with their lives is THEIR business, not someone else’s’.

Admittedly, as a heterosexual male, seeing two people of the same sex making out in public may make me a bit uncomfortable, but that’s on ME. Why should I spoil someone else’s chance at happiness just because it Jake’s me uncomfortable?

Maybe that is a bit homophobic, but again, THAT’S ON ME!

This is a well written, fun webcomic, that I fully intend to continue reading. If someone has a problem with THAT, well,that’s on THEM!

Thank you for your patience…


Whoops! That should be ‘make’s me uncomfortable’ onto Jake’s me uncomfortable’ (Stupid autocorrect in android…)


So what I want to know is, is this your most commented strip so far? 135 by Tuesday morning…

I think the color change one might still be ahead. Don’t know without looking.

If you’re referring to 229 A Kiss (in which Thomas’ color vision returns — Color My World!), not even close. That episode garnered a total of 85 comments; a bump on the scale, perhaps, but I don’t think it set a record. It’s hard to tell since the strip used to run on two different servers, with separate comment folders.

It’s great that so many people are paying attention. I’m still astounded and pleased that the butthole contingent has been so quiet.

Squee~ Interesting! ^^
On one hand, I sorta wonder if maybe it might be going a little fast since relationships can take a while to develop. On the other hand these two seem so spontanious…
Regardless, im curious to see how it develops. ^^

The backlash you’re getting is, in some ways, a good sign. There’s an old adage in social-justice movements: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”

As acceptance of non-het relationships has grown, the conservative backlash has followed this model to the letter. Originally, they just pretended it wasn’t an issue worth talking about. Then gay folks were treated as suitable for entertainment purposes, but not anything to be taken seriously. During that era, instead of so many walk-aways, you would’ve just gotten a lot of crude comments about lesbian sex. But as the laws have changed, by both elected body and by court decree, the anti-gay segment of society has grown increasingly desperate to hold back the clock. Thus, they boycott, they harass, they attempt to ostracize and harm in whatever manner they can justify.

The folks stomping off in disgust? Those breakup letters? That’s the death-rattle.

So this is my first time commenting so ya :).
I just wanted to say I really like the comic
Its awesome and adorable and it makes me smile a lot.
Every time I read this page I get all bubble :). So again I love the story
I read the entire thing in 3 days lol couldn’t stop reading it Haha

So I just wanted to add your art style and writing skills are amazing and the really make the story that much better o ya I also really liked how Thomas’s word got color after he got a new reason to be alive it was a very sweet notion… I love this comic ;) I hope you make lots more pages and I only see this story getting better :)

Call me what you will, but that must’ve been the best researching session for a topic… ever. O.O’

In all honesty, it was a bit nerve wracking and irritating. Because I wanted realistic stories and had to sort through a lot of low quality wank to get there.

Low quality wank?

Crave, I just cannot pass up that euphenism.

*clears throat*

if the research was low quality wnka, you weren’t at the right sites.

Not quite world bendingly funny, but it made me smile damnit.

I commented on FB last week that I was slightly disappointed. I was concerned with Brooksie’s forwardness and what it will get her into. (for some reason I have grown an attachment to the little Ninja, who knew?) I’m glad to see the payoff from last week’s cliffhanger actually worked out.

Honestly people leaving the comic over this? Looks like some people need to understand that even if they don’t like it people will still be different or have different beliefs then them and that they can’t control the world as much as they want so in final I can dig it.

First time commenting here, but I felt I had to weigh in.

I’m with all the people above wondering why this interaction would spark an exodus of readers. Crave, this comic is wonderful and I am always eagerly awaiting updates to it. The reason I enjoy it? Because the characters are honest, well rounded, and the stories are totally believable and at the same time a little fantastical. It reads well and makes you care about the characters… everybody, even Reggie , can be easily identified with in some way or another.

also concerning my background, I’m a born, raised, practicing Roman Catholic, and I personally find no problem with any of your comics or commentary. Sure, there’s things in the comic that the church doesn’t condone (or it says don’t do it in the bible… whatever) but I think the point a lot of people miss is the message says “don’t do it”, not “condemn others for doing it” or similar. It also says nothing about “hate this person”, or about ostracizing people… the message is exactly the opposite, basically “everybody get along”. People using religion as a basis for fighting with others over a difference of opinion are just flaunting their own ignorance. I know you say your hardened against people like that, but all the same just know you’ve got tons of loyal supporters, and don’t let the other guys get you down. Also sorry for the long post, all the best to you, sir!

I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ve been following for quite a while.

And I think the worst thing about this page is your comment “As far as the comic goes there will be ups and downs and sometimes hearts get broken. If you can’t handle that then life is going to be very hard for you, and you have my pity. I hope you can come along on the adventure with me. Jo has a lot to go through before her story ends, as does the rest of the cast.” It’s necessary to tell a good story, but you’ve written Brooksie so well that I really feel for her, especially given her past. So I’m really not looking forward to her heart getting broken. (I’ll take that pity.)

I really appreciate your doing the research and aiming for a relationship between people, as opposed to “THEY’RE LESBIANS!” Between Failures may not be a super-popular, everyone-and-their-mom-reads-it webcomic, but it’s got a lot of heart, CravetheBullet, and I think that’s what counts the most.

I’ve enjoyed the adventure you’ve written so far, and while I have my own fan pairings, I will say that Brookie/Jess is one I hope will be awesome for a good long time.

Though I have to admit, the best character you’ve done so far is Reggie. The self-indignant jerk is a person, not a cardboard cut out.

I look forward to the continuing adventures of our cast. And Crave? This page is beautiful. Love is a wonderful thing, after all.

I agree that we should all be excellent to each other. As well, I’m cool with this development, I saw a lot of behavior that would lean Jo in either direction, and I wanted to see, ahem, “which team she swings for”.

Alas, I’m continuing. I have no hard feelings, and this relationship wasn’t forced on the reader, like some other web comics I’ve read before. Plus there are too many great characters for me not to continue reading.

Keep up the amazing work!!

Sometimes, things happen. If you think their points have merit, listen. If not, don’t. Other than that, keep telling your story and the ones who really want to listen will listen. On my part, I think it’s a good story and you’re a good artist. So, I’ll be around. :)

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The X approves this comic’s message. ;)

Seriously, it matters not whom you love, rather that you love and are loved in return. Brooksie and Jess make a cute couple and I wish them well.

Crave, I still love you & I still love your comic.

I was raised Catholic, by my grandparents. From Church & home, I had right versus wrong drilled into me constantly, day & night. Not in a cruel, frightening way…more like an overbearing, warning, but loving way. Still, it was enough to mold me into a “perfect”, judgemental Christian girl.

Fast forward to today…

I made a decision several years ago that while I do believe in God, I do NOT believe in religion. My thoughts on how to live a GOOD life are simple, and I like to think they don’t offend anyone:

Choose right over wrong; even if there is no Heaven or Hell, there is still freedom vs. jail.
Be nice to others; if you want to feel good about yourself, others probably do too.
Show love & acceptance, or at least tolerance, even if you don’t agree with someone else.
Thank God (I believe there’s only ONE diety, and He doesn’t mind what name you call Him so long as you chat with Him once in awhile) for what He’s done for you every so often.

Most of all, I believe LOVE is the best gift we’re ever given…whether it was from science or spirituality…and to belittle or begrudge someone else’s (if it’s between two consenting adults!), is to darken your own existence with such petty hatefulness.

Having said that, let’s get on with the lovin’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m not super familiar with religious stuff, but I think what you are describing is called deism. Which is a belief in a higher power without belief in a specific religious doctrine. I may be wrong on that, but that’s about what I believe, for lack of a better term. I think there is a point to existence. That’s about all the thinking or time I feel like spending on the matter now. I’d rather just be as good as I can and help the world as best I can, rather than worry about what happens after. Hopefully whoever started this whole deal is okay with that.

Anyway, thanks for sharing, and thanks for sticking with me. I appreciate it.

It’s been too long since I’ve commented, but I wanted to say I love, love, love this. It’s fantastic when volumes can be spoken with little actual dialogue. I’m also seriously rooting for those two, Josie is a favorite character of mine and I’m sure she’ll be really happy (for the most part!) with someone, and it means we’ll see more of Jess, too!

Well i like it very much :D

it is one of the few comics i have in my google start page hehehe :D



Because reasons.

reasons is why :D

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