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My neck hurts. I must have slept wrong or something. Honestly I didn’t sleep very much at all for some reason. Maybe that’s why I’m actually feeling sleepy for a change. It’s pretty odd to feel like that outside of my schedule. I guess I’ll see if I can nap a little. If I go to sleep all the way it’ll fuck my schedule all up…

For some reason I really want to play SimCity for the SNES, but I don’t want to haul out the thing to do it. I also think the battery is probably dead in the cart. It really sucks that you can’t get all of the old SNES games on the new systems. It would make things a lot easier.


“Switched off like a light”

damn. Thats crazy to think about.

“Switched off like a light”, or the euphemism for he dropped dead. No reaction time, no prolonged agony, no dealing with grieving relatives and friends. The Reaper called his tab and ended him swiftly.

I personally couldn’t think of a more merciful death than a swift one. It will still hurt the loved ones, but not as harshly as seeing someone wasting away, on the morbidly slow path to death. Just think of anyone you have ever loved who has died from drug addictions, cancer, or poor diet/exercise choices. You’ll know what I mean.

Tell you somethin’… I had one grandmother that just got worse and worse physically for years until she passed. It was sad watching her just waste away like that.

The other grandmother… her body worked fine until right near the end. But she had a terrible case of alzheimer’s. Just got worse and worse MENTALLY for years until she passed.

When she did pass, the general consensus among the family was not “we knew this was coming”. It was “thank goodness it finally happened”. She hadn’t actually been the person I called grandmother for a long time, just some crazy lady that wore my grandmother’s skin.

A long physical decline isn’t that bad.

I hope that’s the way I go. My dad died last year of a combination of cancer and AIDs. I helped take care of him for months toward the end. The last month in particular… still have nightmares about it. Slow, agonizing, a torture to both his mind and body. Toward the end he didn’t even understand what was happening, or who I was, just… pain any moment the meds didn’t keep him asleep.

Could always use good ole ZSNES.

Not ZSNES! Anything but that!

Sorry. I’ve been involved in emulation for a long time, and ZSNES is startlingly inaccurate. It wasn’t bad when the last release was made, but that was over a decade ago.

I beg you to use SNES9x instead. It gives you an experience much closer to what the actual system does.

If you want an accurate experience while emulating, you should try bsnes

I wasn’t going to push the bsnes/higan angle, owing to the relatively steep system requirements and some significant speedbumps in the interface. SNES9x is mostly there, at a fraction of the cost and with a better interface.

Basically, higan is what I use, but not what I sell.

Most of the technical stuff is beyond me. If I can’t figure it out in a few clicks I usually give up because just hooking up the old system would be faster at that point. I tried looking in on some of this stuff earlier and was instantly put off of the whole thing. Hacking a psp to do stuff is a mess and flashcards are expensive. I just want to play games I already own on systems I have handy. And I don’t want to pay premium prices to use stuff I already bought, you know?

SNES9x is nice because you can just drag-and-drop a .snes ROM onto the app in Windows and it’s just the same as inserting a cartridge and hitting power. Bam, you’re playing the game.

How about this instead? It just works, more or less.


You just click on the link, click the javascript version (as opposed to flash), watch an ad, unpause the game, and viola! You’re in. Saving a file is a bit different than in game, as you have to save a state and load a state in the periphery of the emulator, which is the same as saving and loading a file.

I definitely understand.

My use of emulation’s historically been limited to games I don’t own and can’t get.
But these days my Super Nintendo has a broken power connector, and the repair project is … well, waiting for me to stop being lazy and do it. I am my own worst enemy.

I hope people display a similar lack of sentiment when I inevitably keel over. Mourn me, bury me, get on with your darn lives.

Truth. No services, either. I’m not gonna make people sit for an hour or two just to listen to people talk about my life. If anyone’s even interested at that point. Cremation and done. I will be DEAD. My capacity for caring about events on Earth will likely never be lower.

My Dad’s ‘anniversary’ is this week; Saturday September 8 he will have been gone 14 years. Cancer of the esophagus; he smoked cigarettes, then pipes and cigars all his adult life. He also drank a little too much wine, beer and distilled spirits and complained of acid reflux for over 20 years. When they found the cancer, they put a stent in his throat so he could eat, but he didn’t eat much, and weighed 93 pounds when he died — not much for a guy who was 5’8″ and medium-wiry build. After the final event, he lived almost four days in the hospital, but slipped away almost immediately when they moved him to a continuing care facility. He was 78.

Mom was 79 when Dad passed away and she turned 80 about a month later. She was already experiencing classic symptoms Alzheimer’s, although my sister insisted it was dementia.Six of one, half a dozen of the other. We moved her out of the big, 2-story house to a condo in an elder village, but she never recognized it as home. She tried to walk ‘home’ at least twice. Six miles at a frail age 83? I don’t think so. The last two years she slept 20 hours or more a day, and started down the slippery slope. I’m pretty sure she never regained full consciousness the last seven months. She died of complications of pneumonia at 87.

So yeah, give me quick and unexpected. If it goes otherwise, I have an old Glock I hate and my brother knows where to find me.

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