1620 Like Father…

Jo’s crush on Carol is hardly a secret, but she’s getting very comfortable around everyone now. Maybe a little too comfortable. I like the idea that Jo and her godfather have similar taste in women. That sort of thing must get very awkward. Especially for Jo since she’s not comfortable with her own sexuality in a lot of ways.

Well, I survived Thanksgiving. I thought I could handle the thermostat in grandma’s house for a while, but after 15 minutes I ended up in the truck for three hours trying to cool off and recover from the effects of the heat. It pretty much turns my experience into a lot of wasted time waiting for a meal. The meal wasn’t even very good this year. I don’t know if it’s me or the food, but nothing tasted like anything except for the stuffing. Well I guess my can of Dr Pepper tasted normal. All the other food was like eating warm… nothing. I guess that’s okay though. I didn’t want to eat anything after that so I didn’t get sick. At any rate last year the holidays were miserable and it looks like this year is only going to be marginally better. Everyone seems to do just fine without me anyway.

I did manage to do another Halloween image from the series from last month. It’ll go up on patreon in a bit when I finish it. You can follow me there even if you don’t pledge, by the way. I only post comic related stuff in case you don’t like my twitter, facebook, or tumblr.


One thing I’ve learned is that people can get along without someone, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate your company. You can’t down on yourself for that. But if Grammy was cranking he heat, fuk that yo.

Nina’s clause are showing ;-)

Should Jo apply for a police job? Or does she have to pass a kind of sanity clause?

Clearly not, at least in the US you need to be crazy to want the job and it sure looks like we get too many of a undesirable kind of crazy … :-(

Anyway, if she turned out to be crazy enough, she might find her contract contains a back pay claw back clause …

Wow. Those certainly are some things to mull over.
On a lighter note, please check out some comedy films, starring Clawed Rains.

Everyone loves boobs.

Even gay guys seem to be fascinated by them.

Guess I’m the odd one out then. I’m female so I have a pair, but I’m not attracted to boobs at all. They’re just kinda… there, like most other body parts. Then again I’m not attracted to other women either. I’m probably about a 1 on the Kinsey Scale.

Indeed. Mythbusters did a test on size of tips given compared to bust size. What was interesting was that men gave 30% more, and women gave 40% more:


That was an interesting Mythbusters however their set up was flawed and did not take into account two important results. 1) The biggest boob day was on a high-tip day. 2) There was no change between small boobs and medium boobs, only at the larger size. They should have had a control along with the test as the tip about could have been from aspects different than just boob size. They just brushed off the fact that women gave more to big boobs than men.

Kind of unrelated-
Jackie was asking a question, on twitter, about a Batgirl, by [ a Lego minifig type of Joker-mobile?]
I think the Batgirl shown there, by the Joker-like car, is supposed to be like the Batgirl from the 1966, Batman TV show. The redheaded Batgirl, in the purple costume, and all of that.

Definitely unrelated-
Anybody (Jackie or just another reader) remember which page we learned what everyone’s theme songs were? I’ve been trying to find it

Just wanted to let you know that even though everyone seems to get do fine without you doesn’t mean that you have no effect on their life.

I used to look around me and think that everyone I knew simply knew me in that moment and after I left they would forget everything about me. Recently I noticed that there have been times that people I have forgotten myself have simply returned because they had a passing thought about how I was doing and what I have been up to, sometimes they saw something and thought that I would probably like it and came to chat to me about it for that reason alone. I found that as many times as people I knew and thought about crossed my mind I probably passed through theirs as well just as often.

But anyway my point was meant to be: please don’t take everyone’s general wellbeing as an indication of your meaning to them. Most readers who come by for Between Failures are probably doing quite well for themselves and are happy, but because they have read your comic and gained a connection to you I am sure that they often think about you and how you are doing. Please don’t underestimate your value us and to your family.

P.S: Thank you for the amazing story within this webcomic and I have spent almost as much time recommending it to people as I have reading it.

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