1065 Deterioration.

If you haven’t seen The Godfather you really should. It’s a fine movie. The second one is okay. The third and onward… questionable at best. If you’d rather read the story that’s not a bad idea either. The novel is exceptionally well written. As long as you’re at it, you may as well play the video game too. It’s one of my favorites. I’m pretty sure, in the blog someplace, there’s a chronicle of me playing it. I actually played it a few times. A couple on the Playstation 2 and at least once on the 360. Honestly, there’s almost no difference between the two versions. I actually found all the hidden stuff on the PS2 one though. For some reason I could never find all the reels on the 360. No one made maps accurate enough for me to complete it.

It struck me the other day that a lot of the movies I reference, that became less obscure for a few years, are fading back into obscurity. It was fashionable for a while to be nerdy at that level, and the normals have infiltrated and taken over nerd culture and are slowly trying to force us out. Now that they have the controls it’s no longer important to connect with the people who started things. I mean, comic book conventions are really just movie conventions now, and are becoming ever more exclusive. The people that made the content they farm are like step children living in an attic. Which is not to say there isn’t cross over in the groups. There necessarily must be liaisons and, of course, people who don’t get bogged down with labels and can like people regardless of class. Then again maybe that’s just paranoia talking. It’s hard not to get worried with the loss of Lucasarts hanging over us. I was no great fan of their work in all honesty, but they worked for the fans more than for the dollar. Oh, they wanted the dollar, but an eye was kept on where they were and what they were doin’.

A time will come when we will have to walk away from the old conventions and companies and start over. In fact that time may be upon us. We’ll go back into hiding for a while, start making the best content there is for ourselves, and then have it stolen away again when the masses catch on. For such is the circle of life.

Disney is a real head scratcher when it comes to nerdiness. The are absolutely a power hungry, money grubbing, corporation… but a lot of nerds worship it while simultaneously hating everything it does APART from a few decent animated films every 4 years or so. Disney’s relationship with nerds is, at best, passive aggressive and, at worst, abusive. We need them to throw down money so that we get to watch Studio Ghible films while they are simultaneously unleashing a Hanna Montana upon the world every 5 years. Britteny Spears was a mousketeer. Linsey Lohan got her start in Disney movies essentially. And now they own the Muppets, Star Wars, and Marvel comics. I really have a hard time seeing how this ends well for us. Not just because they have acquired some of the best content generators (arguably) but also because they have the means to destroy, or at least chill, new content creators.

It worries me.


I’m much more optimistic. While Disney has been collecting intellectual properties like nobody’s buisness, they’ve proved themselves capable stewards of that and have done more good for the franchises than if they had left them alone. At the very least they haven’t done a load of harm… Apart from the video game aspect I suppose.

But as for the overall mainstreaminizing of nerd culture… I don’t have a problem. Sure, it can spawn horrors such as Big Bang theory, but it also brings us the Avengers. The casual movies goers aren’t a real problem. In fact with luck we may just turn them into true nerds as well. If they don’t convert then there’ll still be that level of separation, where they turn to us in the theater and ask “Who’s THAT guy?” and we flex our nerd muscles.

If we go full out against the mainstreamizing (Yes, I’m making that a word) then we run the risk of become some bizarre nerd/hipster hybrid. “*I* was into Star Trek TOS before it was cool.” and the like. Nerd culture has typically been more inviting than that and we should welcome anyone who feels like joining in as long as they leave behind the insipid crap that a lot of modern entertainment has become.

So yeah, in a nutshell, I welcome any expansion of nerdom as long as we don’t get a Star Wars with Justin Beiber or whatever flavour of the month star happens to be popular.

Supposedly part of the reason Disney disbanded Lucasarts was to try and distance itself from the violence of video games. Fear of losing face to the masses and the unwillingness to stand behind the social value of your product is all too common for companies that are trying to appeal to the largest audience. It waters down content. Potentially damaging to all properties, but particularly to those who deal in necessarily violent topics.

That is wrong and you should feel bad. :| Disney is capable of keeping it’s properties separate.

LucasArts, however had made anything in a while, let alone anything good. They were just there to hemorrhage money.

All the properties are still there either with Disney or someone else.

Disney is a corporation like any other and as such the ultimate goal is more money. If that means watering content down to acceptable levels (*coughNarutocoughcough*), over improving content of their own, then so be it. That being said, there are many fine Disney products out there. A friend of mine supports them because they produce all the ICP albums. And if there is one thing the Insane Clown Posse isn’t, it’s watered down to acceptable levels (for middle class mass market purposes implied, of course).

For that matter most of the big entertainment conglomerates (Disney, Time/Warner/AOL, Sony, Etc…) have a corner on many of the good copyrights and IP licenses. Sure, people come out with new stuff, but how long is it before some guy wearing a suit made of tin cans gets compared to Iron Man? There’s enough hold there that if they want to squash a new project they can probably find a way pretty damn easily. Based off your actual life? Funny how your life includes so many statements and quotes from media owned by (insert your us here).

And finally, like any corporation, Disney is of course going to rely on its publicists to put their line forward. If they want to claim they disbanded LucasArts for monetary reasons, so be it. If they want to claim it was for artistic reasons, that is their choice. And if they want to get some parental support by “distancing themselves from the violence of video games”… Well, they’re allowed to do that, too. It doesn’t, however, make them profit any less off a bunch of clown rappers…

In the end, double-edged swords are the name of the game.

Disney is set up like a Juggernaut, meaning it literally can not be stopped if it gets an idea it likes. This is amazing when these are good ideas (see Wreck-It Ralph and The Avengers for more info. When these are crap ideas . . . well . . . I just don’t wanna name names, but we all see the tone-deaf Technicolor elephant in the room. It’s staring at me, Crave, and I wanna shoot it.

So, best we can do is hope we get lucky with good stuff.

They should just make Joss Whedon president of everything. Then not only would we get more awesome Avengers type stuff, but maybe we’d get more Firefly.

Also hoping Disney will one day wise up and buy out the X-Men and Spider-man properties (yeah, it’ll cost them an assload, but it’d be worth it. Imagine the returns on a Civil War style movie where all the properties crossover).

Maybe we could persuade Disney to buy up Firefly and restart it with Whedon at the helm….
(One can always dream)
… Of course that would mean truncating Castle… decisions, decisions. (yeah – I get a major kick out of Nathan Fillion’s current work)

That’s what I’m saying. Now that Whedon’s bigger then he’s ever been he should have enough pull to do Firefly the way he wanted (maybe we could even get Ripper made *dreams of the possibilities*.

and yes, I also enjoy Castle, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t work something out where he couldn’t do both shows.

I’m not sure if I’d want to revisit Firefly as “Firefly”. I have seen Nathan Fillion in something recently. Either his make-up was good, or he has certainly aged.

I don’t think revisiting the Firefly universe would be bad, though. It has just been too long ago for me to think we need to go back to the same crew.

Naturally, if the series I have just described is a thing that could potentially ever exist, then the show would no longer be called “Firefly”.

I want to underscore the age of this show. The last episode to premiere was aired on December 20th, 2002. (As per my DVD set. Ironically, I think these episodes were supposed to be the pilot.)

The copyright date on my Serenity DVD says 2005.

I loved the show, but I do believe in a statute of limitations on this stuff.

There was a Firefly fan-made “spin-off” made last year. I never saw it, but while the article I read claimed they thought it was good, the story and stills that they offered were (in my humble opinion) of poor quality. It looked like a b-rated pile of junk. Seriously. It looked like one of those cheeseball flicks that the Syfy channel make.

I’ll admit that quite a bit of time has passed and the cast is quite older, but this is not impossible to work around. Especially for a brilliant director like Whedon.

If this gets done though then it’s got to be him at the helm, and it’s got to be Firefly. It’s his baby.

Problem is they killed off important characters. Zoie was a capable killing machine whose main humanizing influence was Wash. She’d follow Mal to the edge of space (literally), but Wash was where her joy was. Kind of like Newt Call in Lonesome Dove-The Outlaw Years-after his wife died. I don’t know if I’d want to see what she would become.

I hated that movie. It was just Whedon’s attempt to wrap up what he couldn’t in the show when it looked like he wouldn’t ever be able to work on it again.

I will admit Wash dying is a problem. But you’re right, Zoe would have done anything for Mal, even become a demon if she had to, but Wash was what made her good. That could be a central plot point for an entire arc though. Seeing her do some really REALLY bad things and eventually finding her way back.

They killed Book… or did they? I’ve had a long standing theory. In the series there was an episode where some stuff was happening (I don’t remember what) but they happened to be in the presence of Alliance soldiers, Book flashes an ID card which gets them into an Alliance medical center and out with incredible expediency. At the very least he is a VERY important person. Important enough that I’d wager it wouldn’t be hard for him to have a clone of himself made if he knows there are people are out to kill him. *Raises eyebrow*

At the end of the day though the most important reason I want more Firefly (aside from the awesome stories that we’d get out of it) is the fact that I WANT MY KAYLEE! *pouts* lol

“But you’re right, Zoe would have done anything for Mal, even become a demon if she had to” Or stop being one. Maybe Kaylee could be the one to reach her, maybe by being the one to ultimately face her. She could take on alliance soldiers single handed, but could she face Kaylee and not break down. Would be huge development for both characters. Anyone is helpless against someone they would never willingly hurt.

Not all the Disney animation is better than Hannah Montana – case in point, the abomination that is “The Black Cauldron”. They took an iconic piece of literature and turned it into one of the worst things, if not THE worst thing to ever come out of the Disney studios. If you ever read the original stories by Lloyd Alexander you will weep within a few minutes of trying to watch the Black Cauldron – right before you become violently nauseous.

I loved The Black Cauldron movie as a child. I recently found it at Wal-Mart, and snatched it up. Watching it again at my age now left me thinking there were MANY holes dug into the plot in the movie.

Consequently, this series is one of the series I want to revisit in book form. I did finally read Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH a few years ago. It is not the same work as the Don Bluth film. I think both works have their place as long as you can separate the two works and let them stand on their own.

I still need to finish “The Once and Future King.” I finished “The Sword in the Stone”, but didn’t really jump into the rest. I partially blame school.

Yes, I know book titles are supposed to be italicized. My .html knowledge is severely lacking, so I am going with quotes.

Hannah Montana is an American television series, which debuted on March 24, 2006, on the Disney Channel. The series focuses on a girl who lives a double life as an average teenage school girl named Miley Stewart (played by Miley Cyrus) by day and a famous pop singer named Hannah Montana by night, concealing her real identity from the public, other than her close friends and family.^..

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