1066 So So Sorry.

I do have a little pen light made to look like a sonic screwdriver, but it is not also a flash drive. Almost the entire tube is empty. A dongle could easily be placed inside and I feel such a product should be produced. It would be awesome. Alternately I could just alter my existing sonic screwdriver, but that would be a lot of work. Also, I want the whole thing to be of much higher quality. Maybe made of actual metal and rechargeable. The pen light is cool, but it doesn’t illuminate very much. It would be cooler if it had more power. I would even tolerate it being the current Doctor’s version if it had to be that way.

Nina would make a good time lord with her little hat.


Oh man, a flashdrive sonic screwdriver sounds awesome! Gonna go look to see if I can find one of those.

… Always nice to see a bit of Doctor Who when you’re not expecting it. I’m the only one in my group of friends who watches (Or obsseses over) the show, so it’s nice to see other who like it.

I have a lot of stuff that I’ve modded into useful things… I have a VMU (the old dreamcast memorycards) that I upgraded so that it also holds tamagotchi guts (VMU screen on the front, tama screen on the back) (one of my very first mods, and it still works, just needs batts, though I think I could make it better now… one screen, and a switch to change between them).

Damn it… now my hacker-bug is tingling.

I have the pen/light sonic screwdriver and it certainly has a lot of unutilized space. If it were also a flash drive it would never leave my person.

A sonic screwdriver flash drive. Untold amounts of awesome. Would LOVE to have something like that.

Also, Nina does seem to fit the Who wardrobe style. Perhaps an extra long scarf to go with that hat. lol

I’ve always hoped that one of these days The Doctor would regenerate into a woman though. As far as being an artistic interpretation Nina would look good as the Doctor but if it ever actually happened my current hopeful for the part would be Jaime Murray who played H.G. Wells on Warehouse 13. http://i2.listal.com/image/3512504/600full-jaime-murray.jpg I think she’d be awesome in the part.

The BBC was listening, evidently.

I think you’re right, Warehouse 13’s H.G. would have made a great template for a female Doctor. We’ll just have to wait and see what Jodie has to bring to the role.

I’ve got the one that has two different pen tips, one with ink and the other with a kind of ink that shows under black light. So once you write with it you turn the light on on the screwdriver to see the message. ^_^

After all the gaming references that were Greek to me, a Whovian reference that I can understand. Now, let me see if I can squeeze a flash drive into my sonic screwdriver,…. (What, doesn’t everyone have one?)

Aaaaaand, just like My Little Pony, relevant movies, and anything else that would bring me up to speed on cultural entertainment, I am in the dark on this whole Dr. Who mess.

At this point, it would just take soooo long to catch up on half of what I don’t know. I do have a free trial of Netflix, so I can actually look into some of this stuff.

Let me finish this semester, and we’ll see.

Do yourself a major favour and get into it.

I’ve been a whovian few three years now and I constantly regret not giving in sooner. And with Doctor Who there’s little chance of ever “Catching Up” with it. It’s got 50 years of history, be it TV, movies (Heh) books, comics, or the amazing line of Audios done by Big Finish. I’ve been devoting loads of free time to it, I’ve only finished the TV shows and BF audios, and I’m just about at the halfway point for all Doctor Who.

…And I’m fine with that. The day I run out of new stories for Doctor Who is going to be a sad one. But in the meantime I enjoy nearly every single thing that’s put out there.

Sorry if that was a bit long winded, Doctor Who is just my favourite thing ever and I tend to gush over it.

I think we’ve got the new one or the one before it?… I don’t remember. Anyway, some guy was selling it at a comic book convention for slightly less than retail so we snagged it. It lights up and pops open and makes noises. Also, my cat loves to bite it.


And people say that ‘Allons-y’ was his catch-phrase.
Too bad he never met a person named ‘Sari’. Then he could’ve said ‘Sorry, Sari’.

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