1060 Insertion.

I’ve felt like a butt basically since jury duty threw my schedule off. They burnt weeds in the ditch, which made everything smell like smoke for days too, and didn’t help matters at all. The smell got in my head and just won’t leave. Combined with my allergies going apeshit it has been a lame few days.

I haven’t done anything worth setting to paper, and I still feel like a butt, so I’m just going to lay down for a bit. Maybe after that I can get this new page done. I might draw a late Easter image just because I want to draw one of the girls in bunny ears. Later guys.


Hope you feel better!! Just relax, keep your windows closed and take lots of allergy medication. If you go outside, take a shower when you get back home, it helps take off all the pollen you accumulate throughout the day.

What I adore so much about this entire series is you have no problems drawing Carol as being larger. It’s not that bullshit “plus size” model crap. Plus she knows she’s a fine looking gal. It’s refreshing!

I just started reading this last night. I feel compelled, now, to comment on this. Just an awesome, AWESOME, similarity I saw looking at this page.

Fucking. Gambit!

And that is quite win. Also, it makes Graves Rogue (for a time, at least).

I want to comment how happy you have made me with the way you draw Carol. I am exactly her body shape, (boobs and all), and it makes me feel like, I don’t need to be Nina-esque to be pretty.
Thank you.

Beauty isn’t just one thing. That kind of thinking is one of the many problems in the world. I’m glad I made you feel better, and can I have your number?

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