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Sorry about the not blog. Jury duty screwed up my schedule in such a way that I was asleep until about a second ago. It’ll be up in 30 minutes or so if you want to check back. I had a dream about scaryy juggalos if that does anything for you.

I doubt seriously that Carol couldn’t actually wear Thomas’s shirt if she actually needed too. He’s wider than she by enough that there would likely be ample space for her ample space fillers. Although the shirt would be cut for a man and potentially awkward. She is, in this situation, being playful. I suspect that is obvious enough, but I thought I comment anyway.

I reported for my first jury duty as a residence of Colorado today. I’ve been tapped before, but generally people do not like things to go to trial around here because everyone knows everyone which can be bad.

The proseedings were… grabasstical at best. A true model of inefficiency. Without much knowledge of how a court should be run I still feel like I could have had the jury picked and the trial started before lunch… We were to report at 8AM, but we might well have wandered in later as no one seemed to be ready for ages. I was actually chosen as a potential juror twice. The first time they decided that the selection wasn’t random enough, so we were dispersed back into the crowd again. It was a shame because the jury seats were much nicer than the shitty benches…

Anyway, when they redid the selection I got called back up, so I got to sit in the nice seat for the rest of the, glacially slow, selection proccess. I have found, when one is a potential juror, that maintaining powerful eye contact, speaking with conviction, and being fearless about asking questions, will nearly always get you tossed out. It may seem hard to believe, because I fake it so well, but I am terribly shy. Brooksie level shy. It takes a pretty intense force of will for me to actually do this. Luckily there comes a point of absolute aggitation that sort of pushes me into trickster mode, thus allowing me to be forceful and charming. The side most opposite your inferred opinion will then cast you aside rather than risk having a potential room swaying juror on their hands. I’ve been passed over every time because of this, although I was quite ready to pass judgement if it came to it. It was a drunk driving charge and I was keen to remeove such a person from the street if it was proven he had, in fact, broken the law.

It took about 4 hours for my part of the proceedings. I hate to imagine how long it would have taken to actually have a trial… In this matter, as in most, Colorado has altered my opinion of similar experiences in Kansas. By contrast the Garden City court system is a well oiled machine of justice. Moving from one task to another with relatively blinding speed. I think I will continue to abide by the law, if for no other reason than to save myself days of wasted time in court.

Schedule askew, I ended up falling asleep this afternoon, which caused the lateness of the journal. I did, however, have a strange dream. I was picking up litter from the side of the road when I noticed some juggalos acosting some people. They were very imposing and beat the people up a little. I actually hid in the ditch to avoid their gaze. Anyway, my cleanup project continued and these clowns kept harassing people, but I found out that if they targeted you all the food would disappear from your house and you’d be forced to eat alone forever. It was a really strange, magical, twist to the whole thing, but I saw it happen to a neighbor. In the dream I lived in an apartment building. Anyway, the rest of the dream was basically my quest to avoid this dark carnival. I woke up after being cornered. There was a karate clown that looked like he was going to win if we tangled, and he was the smallest of the group. I’m glad I didn’t find out what would happen after they roughed me up. I was not down with these clowns…


A) *happy squeeeeeeeee*
B) speaking from personal experience, Thomas’ shirt would NOT fit. Our bodies are deceiving, and there’s some sort of optical illusion when you add the twin globes to it

She COULD button possibly 2 buttons… It would be extreme cleavage with a fan out to show off her naval area.

Overall, A+++++++++ made me happy :D

It would be extreme cleavage with a fan out to show off her naval area.

I’d call that a Fan Service!

I like the first three panels so much.. The first, simply because of how you depicted Carol’s shapely curves. The second and third because of adorable faces.

Kudos to you for pushing yourself out of your comfort zone to maintain eye contact :)
Curious: why avoid jury duty? It’s something I ask every intelligent person I know. Would you not want a jury of your ‘peers’ up there if you were on trial? But that’s not going to happen when 9/10’s of the population is actively attempting to avoid their civic responsibility. I know first hand that the process is a PITA; I went through it here in Maine. I was chosen; sat on 2 rather minor cases; they were pretty open and shut; and I found the day rather interesting. I’d do it again.
By participating in the process, we have the opportunity, albeit a slight one, to affect change in our judicial system. Our government is mucked up, most, if not all, of us agree on that. Change starts somewhere. Why not start by participating at one of the most basic levels?
Hehe, didn’t intend for this to sound like a soapbox… it just does. Sorry.
(of course, I’m not sure the lawyers should be choosing the jurors either. It doesn’t seem quite so unbiased the way they do it. Just sayin…) :)

I wouldn’t want to actively avoid jury duty, but on the three times I was called up for jury duty, I was in the middle of college classes (and exam season) and they were saying, “Please set aside 2-5 weeks for the proceedings” yaddayadda. Kinda hard to do that and not screw up the entire semester, especially when I was attending college in Indiana and the jury duty summons was for a court in Illinois!

Interesting; in Texas they allow you to choose dates during which you are NOT available, and they work around them. So if you need to be free for two weeks for exams, you’d just pick the dates. They make it pretty easy with a letter in the mail and an online sign-up link with a calendar.

I just served jury duty this week, too. Our clerk was very informative; I had forgotten that we’re one of the states that allows EVERYONE the option of a trial by jury. So our “batch” of crimes were all class C misdemeanors – traffic violations, for the most part. The result was that each of the defendants decided to plea out and pay their fines, rather than take up our time with trials. No cases went to trial at all that day, and we were back out of the court building in 30 minutes. Best jury duty I’ve ever had.

It’s absolutely true that paying attention and asking questions gets you out of serving. At the same time, I’ve realized from the one time I’ve gone through voir dire, that I couldn’t help but ask questions – it IS pretty interesting, it’s the only civic duty I’ve got besides voting and paying taxes, too.

Yes. I have wanted to be on jury duty for some time. First few times I couldn’t because I was in the military and not actually living in my state of residence.

Next few years, I was doing nothing and never got called up. After that, I got called up again, but was in college, and that is enough reason to excuse you, most of the time. I was taking 15+ hours a semester, so I really didn’t want the distraction.

Once again, I had a period where I wasn’t doing anything particularly important and got called up. They didn’t even select me.

So, no jury duty for me yet.

Most of the time it isn’t so bad, but there are times…
For example, a gal I know was on a jury for a violent crime that included some graphic evidence photos. She would come home crying each day and could not talk with anyone about the trial until it was over. Not a fun experience for her.
The only time I’ve been called for jury duty, we sat in the waiting room for a couple of hours until they came in and told us that there would be no jury selections that day. We all signed an attendance sheet and left. Rather mundane by comparison.
I agree with Fallon though that jury duty is an important civic responsibility. It may be inconvenient sometimes, but if we want to make things better – or keep them from getting worse – we have to shoulder our share of the load.

Uhhhh, this might be the immature side of my brain coming out but anyone else notice panel 3 to panel 4. Specifically the top right portion of panel 4 seeming to connect to the bottom of panel 3. Maybe it’s just me being immature (BOOBIES!).

Something about the way Thomas says his last lines reminds me of Ryan Reynolds. “You don’t say. Astonishing.” It just sounds like something that he would be saying. I don’t know if that should be taken as a compliment or an insult. Personally I like Reynolds in a lot of stuff… but then he’s also got stuff like Green Lantern and Wolverine.

The one time I had jury duty (I’m in Cali), all I said was that my dad was a cop and that I was raised to believe in law enforcement and that if the defendants were arrested then the must have done SOMETHING to catch a police officer’s eye even if it wasn’t necessarily the crime they were being charged for. I was the first one they booted and I have never been called back since. Lol.

On a second note, I love spotting all your Homestuck references. It makes me giggle for some reason. ^_^ And even though I despise clowns and juggalos (down right TERRIFIED), Gamzee is still my favorite character. O_o I have no clue why… I think Tumblr has ruined me. Lol.

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