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Snuck up on 3 times. YOU HAVE LEARNED NOTHING!

Finally saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. It’s fun, but it was like Peter Jackson flipped through the book and just started going fanfic all over the place. I guess the Hobbit is so vague that he felt like he could fill in the holes however he wanted… and ignore not holes altogether as he saw fit. Be that as it may, at least it doesn’t feel like a fairy tale, or a kids movie. It’s more like a teen shipping fantasy.

I decided to play a little bit of Mass Effect 3 the other night, just to see if it needed updates and stuff, so I’d be ready if I got to a point where I didn’t want to play fire Emblem anymore. It’s been, like, a year and a half, or something, since I played 2. i was a little lost at first, but I aclimated quickly enough. I’m still not a very good shot, but my team makes up for it. The leveling system was also a bit foreign seeming to me, but I expect I’ll figure it out soon enough. The story gets intense pretty fast and I was quickly overtaken by a moment where I wasn’t sure I could save a team member or if it was scripted. I eventually looked it up just to see, because I felt like if it was a test of skill that I failed. Turns out it was scripted.

I’m going to be doing that a lot. I can harldly stand playing a game to finish that I “broke” early on. Anyway I got enough to see that I wasn’t going to dislike the actual game mechanics, so I can come back to it anytime later now.


Whoa dude, no! You have the hobbit all wrong!

Jackson’s totally pulling from the Tolkien backstory that he’s not /technically/ allowed to use.

The Quest of Erebor is the story surrounding all the events of The Hobbit, since The Hobbit is just Bilbo’s view, and there was a lot of stuff going on that he didn’t know about.

But QoE was published in Unfinished Tales, which Jackson doesn’t have the rights to. Or else he’d be calling it a Quest of Erebor movie.

There’s actually just enough stuff about QoE in the appendices in RotK that Jackson’s on pretty solid legal footing to defend the stuff he’s put in there.

It’s not fanfic at all, it’s things that Tolkien actually wrote. And hell, I’d say that so far it’s more accurate to the story than the LotR trilogy ever was.

The /only/ major change I can tell is keeping Azog alive. And that just kinda reenforces the whole “Dwarves seeking their rightful home” theme, instead of it just seeming like they’re out for treasure and loot.

Jackson pulled backstory from multiple sources, re-wrote the whole relationship between the dwarfs and elfs (sorry, in Tolkienish that’s Dwarves and Elves). He resurrected the goblin that killed Thorin’s dad (and was then himself killed by Thorin) to add an unneeded sense of chase to the movie. He misplaced the whole Necromancer sub-plot removing entirely the reason for Bilbo going on the adventure in the first place (Without Gandalf there were 13 dwarf….dwarves, and that being an unlucky number they needed a fourteenth (as opposed to only finding out after they had left in the first place). The evles advised against leaving the last homely home, but resupplied the group and let them go (as opposed to sneaking out). Riddles in the Dark was disappointing. And the Eagles didn’t talk. I concede that they got the first two songs in the movie, but the Elven song and Goblin Town songs were removed, as was fifteen birds in four fir trees (which actually holds relevence with the next movie coming up. After all, as Beorn points out: Goblins may not be the brightest bunch, but they can count…)

Peter Jackson, (and by previous directorship Guillermo Del Toro) massacred an adventure story in favor of an action movie.

. . . Your rants for the past couple of weeks (I call them rants because of force of habit) have been rather specific, and outside my usual range of knowledge. You wanna discuss absolutely left-field trivia concerning the real world, Nintendo games, or StarCraft (despite my inability to afford the new expansion RARAGRARGLEFARGLEMANARGLE), I’m your guy. Transformers and now LotR, not so much.

In other comments, oh crap- Reggie.
Also, this already wasn’t going to end well. Now, all I see before me is madness. (Bonus points if I see Brooksie spout a different quote from that movie anytime soon)

I was a bit miffed about Azog. Seriously, that guy is mentioned in one line in chapter two of the book, and now all of a sudden he’s a main antagonist? Um, no. Not really a change that I can overlook. But I understand that the book is a walking book with no clear cut recurring villain until they get to the end when they fight Smaug. It adds more interest, stress and conflict to the first half of the story for the people who haven’t read the book or whatever. I just personally would have been happier without such additions.

Also Willow is one of the best best movies. Yes. I love it and I love that Reggie is referencing it. Very good.

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