1056 Uplifting.

Once she gets started she’s kind of relentless, huh? I guess if you’re not used to being the agressor it can be pretty fun.

I played through one go of Fire Emblem: Awakening. I used a female avatar that looked like, at least in my mind, a thin Carol. I decided I should play through as a dude, just to see what that was going to be like. I have to say it really does seem, in some ways, that the avatar should be female, because Chrom looks very lovingly into your eyes at various times in the cinematics. I actually had a hard time accepting the story of the male avatar at first, but it kind of grows on you after a while. Now it’s like how the heck do you pick a wife from the selection of awesome female characters? I’ve decided to try and pair up the cast in sets that seem most correct to me and see who is left over. This will likely result in me having to marry one of the parallel kids. I think the avatar can marry any character of the opposite gender.


I like Ed, I like Brooksie, and I’m hoping they will get together somehow.

If I were somehow in his exact situation, I’d be trying to get Brooksie to go out on some sort of non-threatening not-quite-date sort of thing. Probably a movie, given how she is about movies.

So today, as other days, I’m thinking “Wake up! There she is! Do something!”

My hubs and I had this situation in HS. I did the coy thing. I did the obvious thing. Then I flat out flirted to the point where our journalism teacher said I couldn’t follow him into the photography dark room (she knew what was up).

He said his excuse was “terminal stupidity” -_-

At that age we guys are incredibly stupid. Particularly if we’re inexperienced.

As for Ed and Brooksie, I’ve always thought that they’d be good together. Ever since Ed’s first day and they played “name that movie”. The problem is that Brooksie (the sweet little darling that she is) loves too many (I think she’s subconsciously trying to make up for being so reserved in the past). Ed, Jess, John, Nina, Carol, Thomas. She just doesn’t seem sure of what she wants to go for. It’s gonna bite her in the butt if she’s not careful.

Yeah – I can vouch for that. My dad was a pediatrician in the town where I went to HS, so when all my classmates got married and started having kids, a lot of them were taking their kids to him for care. He kept coming home and telling me that so-and-so told him that they had a crush on me in HS. All I could think was “dang – why didn’t somebody TELL me!” I had NO CLUE. I thought I was terminally unpopular – turns out I was just terminally stupid! … and yeah – I was inexperienced – but when you are short and don’t think any of the girls like you, you tend to stay inexperienced.

Being Terminally stupid is more common than you would think. I don’t have the excuse of being short (I am several inches taller than Nina were she real) but I’ve had friends tell me that were a bunch of girls who had crushes on me that I was too oblivious to notice. Its painful to think about all those lost chances.

I practically have to be clocked over the head to take notice of anyone being interested. Everyone I have dated, started off as floating text in the void that is the internet. I suppose the intial anonimity provides ample armor for breaking the ice.

We’re not all always oblivious, but the prevalence of that stereotype makes it easy for the shy but perceptive among us to feign ignorance out of cowardice.
Fortunately, I’ve grown out of the reclusiveness bit, but it’s still a useful skill for letting the crushers down easy.

I like this “relentless” Brooksie. She’s adorable and doesn’t mess around. It’s always the shy ones that surprise you the most, I guess.

Short time fan (killed entire archive in a sitting the other night)and usual lurker, but had to say I love this comic and it definately reminds of my days working retail after college. I think I was the same age as your characters so it really hits home. Awesome writing as it feels like I’m reminiscing about old time with friends. I had laser tag battles rather than nerf dart guns, but its still eerily similar.

I’ve always pictured Ed with Nina, especially after their first interaction and her thoughts to Carol about him. Brooksie is literally a wild card when it comes to romances. I’d pictured her bringing someone in from the outside. But I love the dialogue between Ed and Brooksie now.

Agreed Alex . . . But I’m all for the three of them together, heh. . .

Yeah, I know, not realistic, but a guy can root for his fellow man. . . Only hold up would probably be Nina as there’s not to much evidence that she’s Bi at all. Evidence only shows her looking at Brooksie in a Maternal way.

Why must Brooksie be so damn cute? She could give someone diabeetus with how cute she is.

As for Fire Emblem: Awakening, like with the other characters when it comes to support ranks, the avatar can only marry certain characters of the opposite gender, not just anyone. Mine, he married Miriel after getting S rank support with her. Redhead + glasses = Sexiness, so why not.

I’m only just now starting to really see myself through different lenses than I grew up with.

Supposedly, there’s the story of the baby elephant at the circus. The elephant was roped to a peg, and never could break free of this peg, so it gave up. When it became older, it was unequivocally strong enough to break free from the peg, but never thought to try.

I feel like I’ve broken free, but don’t know how to walk away or use my new found freedom.

Oh, also. I found out “Yawning Man” is the name of a desert band from the ’80’s. I’m going by my original Internet nickname now.

You can, like, Harvest Moon that thing?!? Hot damn. I may be getting a new game. :D
Also, uh… adorable Jo moment. Heh heh. ^^

Nevermind. 3DS? boo…
And I missed the opportunity to say “adorable Jo-ment” instead of “moment”. I am okay with that. Sometimes, when God shuts a door, he keeps you from using shitty puns.

Thought that maybe people have thought but I can’t see on this page. Jo/Ed/Nina Mena’3.

Yeah, let that image rock your world. If it lands in Ed’s head, you know it’ll send him spinning.

Oh yeah, god yes . . .

Best of luck to him.

Only hang up is the lack of lesbian evidence on Nina’s part. Jo would probably be in, and Ed would probably only have hang up’s if forced to choose between the two.

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