1055 Crushdrunk.

First of all, the comic is 6 or 7 years old today. I forget which. Might even be 8 for all I know. In any case. Yay.

It seems like Jo is a little crushdrunk. In case you are unfamiliar with the word (As far as I know this is the first use of it with this particular definition.) crushdrunk is being overcome by the endorphines associated with the early stages of love, or lust, as the case may be. Twitterpated would be an acceptable synonym. Clearly it is making her a bit bolder than usual.

When last you read I was gving a detailed account of the Headmasters cartoon, which was a very Japanese evolution for the Transformers franchise. (It should be noted that many things from said series eventually made their way into the further American shows such as Beast Wars. Particularly the need to actually say “Transform” for the action to take place.) After Headmasters the Japanese double down on cultural influence. Super God Masterforce is about as Japanese as you can get. It’s kind of like a bastard love child of Godzilla movies and Power rangers.

The series actually begins more or less exactly the same as if it was intended to be Power Rangers and they just altered it to fit the Transformers in. A spectacularly handsome scientist is explaining that recent monster attacks against a cruise ship are actually the machinations of reawakened Destron warriors. The much older scientist has a very young son who is the in for the kids watching. I don’t know why this is a trope in Japan, but I’ve seen it a bunch of times. In fact, this series begins similarly to Prince Of Space, which was mocked in one of the best episodes of MST3K. The kid shows up at the lab after his football (Soccer) game and the main guy Hawk explains that he is, in reality, a Transformer.

Hawk and his friends have been living as humans since the time that humans were using stone tools. He never comes out and says it, but the implication is that they were on the Arc and rather than being stunned into stasis they were awake for the entire time between the crash and modern times. Apparently they never revealed themselves to the cast of the original series, or took part in the wars they started. I haven’t seen the whole series yet, so I’m not sure about that. It is also implied by one of the others that they have been sexing up humans from the time they figured out how to masquerade as them. So that’s fun.

Anyway, eventually the bad guys set a squid monster loose on a town and the good guys have to beat it sensless. In this respect the show is actually more like Power Rangers than Godzilla because they switch from regular people to Transformers to fight larger monsters. Once they beat up Lord Zedd everything is back to normal, except for the threat of more monsters showing up in Angel Grove.

That’s as far as i got before i decided I couldn’t take another series right after speedballing Headmasters. I was actually way more interested in SGM because I was familiar with the basics of Headmasters and mostly ignorant of the former. I’m interested in seeing how it is that the human characters become robots because I suspect it has something to do with robo human sexings. Making this the kinkiest Transformers series I’ve ever seen if it’s true.


Not that I don’t appreciate the St. Patty’s BG of Brooksie, but I’d really prefer having Panel 2 of today’s comic in BG form. It’s much cuter (IMO, of course) and just fits her character so much better.

Then again the St. Patty’s one was done out of context specifically as a BG for St. Patty’s day, so I could see why that’s a thing.

Anyway, I’m really weirded out by Transformers and where things are going, as per your descriptions. The Headmasters I can understand, but fucking with the Arc story, and making robots that can sleep with humans? How does that even begin to make any kind of sense?

I mean, are transformers actually supposed to be Organics? Because I always considered them synthetic life-forms that didn’t pro-create.

awesome, awesome, awesome brooksie… did i mention awesome? I definitely would love to have that second panel for a background.

Or a motivational poster.

(wonders if anyone out there has done a Brooksie Cosplay yet)

You’ve mentioned people comparing QC and BF several times, and though I’m a huge fan of QC and have been following it way longer, I’m beginning to love BF more simply because of Brooksie.

If the characters of these universes met, it would be a war of obscure references between bands (QC) and cartoons (BF), interspersed with some of the most witty banter ever before beheld by man. Tomas, Ed, Marten and Faye alone would be like the illegitimate child of Joss Wheedon and William Shakespeare in comic form.

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