Like a forest.
Kinda like how a a butcher shop is like a really quiet petting zoo.

Dang, now I want to measure the sound deadening qualities of shelf of books.

Seriously- if you want to do that: visit a quiet, small town(s)’s library, for that experiment.
The quiet in those places is amazing. :)

I’d love to have an excuse to go back to the University of Oklahoma Library stacks. An enormous multi-story basement full of books. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been upgraded since the 1980’s. Kind of a creepy place with suspended walkways instead of true floors, low ceilings and not particularly good lighting. Really pretty creepy but very quiet.

That sounds like a great place to visit. :D

That reminds me- as a kid- my parents would take me + some of my sisters, to have picnic lunches, in a cemetery, on the weekends. [Don’t ya love run-on sentences? Heh, heh!]

I think they were trying to tell us that- graveyards, + funerals, are not things that need to be spooky.

It was kind of fun. There were lots of places to sit, + very few people were there, whenever we had our picnics. :)

Yes officer, I was measuring the sound deadening qualities of shelf of books. Because I want to start a band you see. *hides bloody hacksaw behind back*.

Not that I care what happens to Wes, but I want to see him Reggie in his current state of romantically attached and happy.

Yeah the first few thousand times the afterglow can be really warm, maybe even euphoric, and last for… days!?!?… haha

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