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Reggie isn’t the kind of person who thinks about emotion and dwells on it. They sneak up on him as he experiences them, or people point them out to him. I’m sure that’s part of why he has trouble connecting with others, in addition to his baseline arrogance and generally annoyed personality. He’s a ball of frustration wandering around the world looking for something that will help him stop feeling like he’s being impeded all the time. Getting to feel that for even a little bit is quite pleasant. What makes me feel that you ask? Getting many new patrons on patreon, or whatever else I have linked above, or on the sidebar, or whatever. It’s a tangible expression of my value as a person that isn’t nebulous in the way it is when someone says “All human life is important”.


seeing reggie in his work outfit made me remember. What happened to the new hire that followed reggie? completely forgot about him for a while there.

That could be a way to show his character development and growth, his lackey saying something and instead of responding as how ‘old Reggie’ would, he responds in a more mature fashion. A response that would give the entire staff a ‘what, did Reggie finally grow up a bit’ reaction.

And while I’m talking about Alex, how many of us want to see more of Evrina, Victoria and the rest of the furry club? I’m inclined to pinch Maddison’s cheeks! Also would love to see Evrina in actual costume.

This exchange reminds me of a scene from the comedy film- The Twelve Chairs:

The Leading Woman- “You really care about me A LOT!…Do you LOVE me????”

A Leading Man- “Um, for right now, let’s just say, I’m just deeply in LUST with you.” :D

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