Are we describing Dominion Tank Police here?

Nobody better be insulting Dominion Tank Police on my watch. I love that anime. Al is absolutely awesome

Ill admit it was the sarcastic cat girl sidekicks that set the tone of that show to “shenanigans” and broke off the dial.

Tart-tongued puppets were never my thing. (Note I was too old for Sesame Street when it debuted.) Crank Yankees and such? I pass.

That said the content of this little show seems pretty neat. The device of puppets is one thing, the ideas expressed another.

I was too old for Sesame Street too, but I loved The Muppet Show when it came out only a few years later. So it’s possible to enjoy puppets even if you were too old for Sesame Street. 8-)

The Muppets aren’t tart-tongued by my terms. I’m thinking of Crank Yankers et al.

Some of my favorite Muppet things were bits of rather sophisticated humor in the movies that the Sow itself didn’t have time to build to.

As one who is…boomer adjacent, I always wanted to watch Sesame Street but most of the time we couldn’t get PBS unless the weather was just right. I had to content myself with Captain Kangaroo. You’d be surprised how often it was on the lounge TV in the college dorms.

Now part of me has a Sexy Cat Girls X Valkyria Chronicles vibe for this imaginary game and I kind of want to see that. Even if it winds up more Front Mission on the tactical map than Valkyria that’s be pretty good as well.

Also the fact that I’m putting that much thought into a fictional game means there’s an untapped market that someone needs to step in on here so we can see more.

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