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Since Twitter is basically dead almost no one sees the ridiculous puns I come up with regularly. By god I’m gonna inflict them on someone because I love wordplay! You can assume that in a world where I had infinite time and resources I would attempt to create EVERY one of these stupid ideas because it would amuse me endlessly.

If you want to contribute money to my dream of making terrible comics and movies, based on puns that come to me unbidden, please consider supporting my efforts via the links above.


Well, this is the right plaice for fish puns.

(And with that, I declare this Round Table open for business.)

Well, it’s not a fish pun, but I’ve always wanted to find a woman named Ella to help me open a restaurant specializing in poultry. As my name is Samuel, the name would be Sam n’ Ella’s chicken. (Say it quick)

A high school cheerleading team is so caught up in their sport that they fail to study for the end of year exam. They try and cheat by using search engines, but strangely enough their entire town’s internet access has gone down due to mudslides. Now they must pull together and work as a team off of the field, because this summer…


I have a habit of letting my mind wander off its leash when I’m in my store’s walk-in beer cave. Couple weeks ago I caught myself pondering a death metal/polka fusion band that only performs around September for harvest festivals, called OktoberFist. Yodeling about being brutally murdered with bratwursts set to chugging detuned bass guitar riffs.
I even came up with *lyrics:*
“As I lay dying by the bratwurst stand/stein of marzen warming in my cooling hands/tell the tuba player this is not the end/OktoberFist shall rise again…”

Hey, I’m not some lox that would wail about fish puns. I’m not that kind of dumbbass. Some might carp that it’s trawling the bottom, but I’m hooked on ’em! :D

Well, if we’re talking about movie premise potential…. The one horror movie I have to seriously question how it hasn’t been made is one on the Ohio murder house where that nut job was apparently killing women and living with the corpses. That could be made into a supernatural horror film, a slasher film, or even a series of films.

A fellow tries to shore up his floundering seafood diner by starting a karaoke night. This decision massively backfires as everyone is…

Out of Tuna

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