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I’ve never been to a Hooters &, godwilling, I will never be forced to go to a Hooters. This may shock you, considering the sorts of things I talk about, but the empathic embarrassment from seeing women getting leered at makes me miserable. The idea of it is a social nightmare for me. I can’t even imagine how unhappy a strip club would make me. I don’t know why I’m like this. My parents aren’t particularly prudish. That said, I’ve never had to worry that we’d take a family outing to such a place, so we’re all on the same page at least.


When the only thing Hooters has going for it are the scantily clad women, it’s not worth it. The food there is terrible.

the women arent impressive at hooters either. Nor at tilted kilt

Kind of hard to live up to the advertising. The photo shoot girls are probably 90th %ile or better while the actual waitresses you see are young women trying to make a living.

In my limited experience, the food is actually delicious – but that experience is so limited precisely because the food isn’t the selling point, and I’m not paying a markup to be surrounded by eyecandy I’m not interested in. Funnily enough, though, every occasion I’ve eaten there HAS been a family outing. My parents seem to enjoy the experience, but I’m an optimizer at heart, and I’m not paying a premium for features I don’t value.

I will always maintain the notion that Hooters is a thinly veiled men’s sports bar that passes itself off as a family restaurant. While families can and DO eat there based on personal experience alone, it’s still really meant to be a men’s sports bar.

I mean, for fuck sakes, the name HOOTERS is slang for breasts and you have an establishment named after that despite the owl mascot. The franchise was really meant to appeal to red-blooded males who want to eat food served by hot girls in skimpy outfits while seeing their favorite team beat the shit out of the other team on large-screen televisions tuned to ESPN!

Wait, there are people that think it’s not that?

Going to be honest at was at the LA Anime Expo some years ago, I was outside since there was an event I was done with. I was hungry and wanted some food and across the street was Hooters. So I waited in line got in, and acted like I didn’t what the big deal about the place was, since tv shows and that Adam Sandler movie sort of hinted at what the big deal of the place was.

It was kind of noisy inside and I was trying to save money so after a few minutes not ordering I just left. I didn’t really focus on what other people were doing since I wanted them to tone down the noise, as for looking at the women that worked there, I may have glanced but the kind where you see someone in clothes you not really seen and you wanna look. Honestly, the fact I was hungry, trying to save money from the prices, the noise, and the fact some of the women that cosplayed at expo or the fictional girls they were based on seem more sexy and also can make some nervous to look at for those not trying to look at them in a dirty way, I was just not there to stare but eat. Also didn’t really care since I guess either my eye were more hungry for food than looking at the sights, they were already full, or my personal thought it felt like an emotional let down.

Like when you hear everybody talk or mention how a ride or game is great so you try it but to you it’s just Meh or not that great. And honestly I went inside to eat and when I couldn’t decide if it was worth it for the prices and I didn’t honestly feel like “enjoying the sights” supposely like most guys do, so I just left. Will say that the employees seemed nice when I entered and left.

Psychie, there are unfortunately some people who want to defend the establishment to the last by insisting that Hooters is and ONLY is a family restaurant. Unfortunately, any evidence I can provide to the argument is purely anecdotal.

“Family Values” is the name of the chapter about sexual behaviour in Pinker’s book “How the Mind Works”. Could that be what they mean when they say “family restaurant”?

Well, yeah. The main demographic are middle aged married men. By marketing as a family place, it’s much easier for married men to go there and get to ogle women.

I’m with Jackie. Never been and won’t. It’s weird.
I would mention that trying not to be a creeper, without looking at the floor all the time? Easier these days with cell phones to stare at.

It’s also seen as a desperate attempt to stave off right-wing wackos who want the franchise shut down for “morality” reasons despite the fact that the existence of the franchise is a reflection of the freedom of expression that is constitutionally granted to Americans despite the objectification that comes out of it.

Sometimes it seems like the types who claim to want the franchise shut down for “morality” reasons are also the types who seem like they’d be most likely to go there in secret and/or try to sweep things under the rug by backing the “family restaurant” claim. Gotta make sure they’re living up to being red-blooded American males who also at the same time can’t be blamed for desiring to go to a place like that, even if doing so and having it found out is shameful. Presumably the same reasoning behind why “Gentlemen’s Clubs” were called that.

Well, not sure why anyone would want to leer while eating, or even while trying to watch some sports anyways, since it just seems like it’d distract from the main activity, or I guess vice versa. Though some of that might just be that when I’m hungry all I want to do is focus on getting some food down personally.

Actually, “Gentleman’s Clubs” used to actually be that; a place for wealthy suits and old money men to get together, play cards, drink expensive shit, and be all WASP-ey towards each other. But as more people became rich, or rich enough to get in, it gradually added more and more female staff and entertainment and so on.

It’s not longer limited to right-wing wackos; there’s a large group of left-wing wacks who want to shut down Hooters, strip clubs, modeling agencies, booth babes, and anything else “exploitative” of women. God forbid women make their own choices.

That kind of woke Liberalism, while understandable, should ultimately be left up to the woman to decide in the end anyways. Just because the establishment was run in a greasy manner before doesn’t mean it can’t be run in the same fashion under a new context. But, you shouldn’t patronize the identity of the establishment either by insisting on it being something other than it really is.

You don’t go to Hooters for the wings. The shrimp are much better.

As much as I would have defended Hooters as a normal place where you too a littoral higher, their current uniform alterations are beyond ridiculous. While booty shorts are fun, I don’t want a girl in underwear delivering my food. That sounds mad unsanitary.

I have never been to a Hooters (we have only the one here in Australia, so whether that has contributed or not is up for debate), but I have never seen the appeal of it either. I know there are customers that attend those joints that ask for breasts and thighs, without having the slightest interest in roast chicken, whereas I would be apologising profusely for asking the waitresses for a glass of soft drink.

Never been to hooters, but been in a real strip club _once_ because that’s where the shop elected to go for one of the guy’s birthdays (yeah, 90’s and a guy shop :(. I was fresh out of college. The food was over-priced, not _bad_, but the depressive gloom that hung over the whole place was worse than a casino during a mid-week day.

PLEASE, Hooters is lame as all hell. the girls there wear positively Tame uniforms, and the food ain’t that great either. You want the real sexy restaurant experience, I recommend Twin Peaks. Their food is GOOD, and the sexy waitresses have a different kinky uniform every day. even more, they don’t JUST hire busty girls, so if you prefer a different body type, they got you.

Funny that you mention family outings, because the one and only time I’ve ever been at a Hooters was with my family.

I /vaguely/ remember the discussion leading up to going, in addition to being seated. Everything else is not there, so either it was a bland enough experience that no mark was left on me, or it was embarrassing enough that my brain decided to block out the memory entirely

I have been to one before and honestly, I’m concerned that people ogle them. Are there good looking people? I assume yes, but those outfits do nothing for me.

Most Hooters seem to be gone from the Northeast/Rust Belt aisde from bigger metropolitan areas. They aren’t missed, to be honest.

Chuckle, poor Thomas starts out with a sophisticated ‘scarouse’ but ends up in tormented embarrassment at Hooters, and presumably likewise at the beach, at the club, etc.

I had a couple of coworkers that took me out to a Hooters once. It felt like the least sexy restaurant I’ve ever been in.

I’ve never been interested in Hooters, or really in “checking out” women in general. It’s not a thing I do. However, I would actually say strip clubs are quite different. Even at a Hooters, while the girls hope their figures and outfits get them a better tip, they are still waitresses doing work, and may or may not want to really be looked at. But at a strip club, assuming no one there is being forced to work there (which I know is a thing that happens), the girls WANT to be seen; at nicer clubs, they even work quite hard to learn how to dance, and actually pole dance, and do so in ridiculous, varied outfits while also stripping. There’s actually talent and skill, and the ladies are looking for the attention. To me, that’s alot of different than getting the same job at Hooters you used to do at Denny’s, solely in the hopes of nicer tips from pervy guys. It’s sort of like the difference between a girl who is showing off alot of cleavage, and you don’t know whether that’s intentional, and a girl who is actually flashing you-clearly the latter is deliberately trying to shock and/or entice you.

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