Nearly Tuesday here, but Halloween has never been a big day for me.

There was a tend for a while, particularly on Instagram and Tiktok where people who made their living on OnlyFans and the like were calling themselves Accountants. So Carol isn’t far off the mark.

If I had a page, it would be for people to pay me to keep my clothes ON.

Heh, heh!

Maybe around 2010, [US] public radio did a news story about strippers from the 1940s era, I guess.
One woman stripper’s act was her putting her clothes ON.

She’d start out 100% naked, then she’d slowwwly put her clothes on…stuff like a dress, shoes, lingerie, and stuff like that.
The audience LOVED it!

I can see how that worked: [in theory], if you do a dance, or a reverse stripping act, sexily enough- people will think the dance is really sexy.
It was smart of her to think of a gimmick like that. :)

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