BFPG008 Diploma.

And there we have it, the crossover with Center Lane. you didn’t know you wanted.

I hope you guys enjoyed the guest pages. I very much appreciated all the hard work they put in for me. Not being able to take care of my content is really stressful to me because I’ve put almost ten years of my life behind all of this. It may not be much but it will probably be the only thing that lasts even a little while after I’m gone. Almost all of my income comes from this website now, so if anything ever happened to it, or I couldn’t work on it any more I wouldn’t have much left to live for. So everyone who stepped up to make content for me has my heartfelt thanks. If nothing else they helped make it okay for me to rest and catch up. I know you guys said you would wait for me, but the reality is that my stats took a hit for these two weeks. Enough that I’ll probably have much less income for at least a month. The guest pages mitigated that by at least enticing the hardcore readers in to see what was going on. That’s a real dollar value for me. So while maybe they didn’t realize it while they were doing it the guest artists helped keep my ship from sinking.

It’s going to be hard for a while until everything normalizes again. I’m still not fully recovered, but I can work fast enough to keep up for now. It’s very likely that I lost a significant amount of casual readers. It will take time to draw in new eyes to make up for that. I know that this isn’t the kind of thing people usually think about when it comes to webcomics, but this is a look in on how the reality of the business side of it works. I’m very lucky that Hiveworks helps me out with technical problems, and hosts me with very little reciprocation.

I’m also lucky that so many of you are willing to put your money down to make sure I can keep making Between Failures. You Patreon supporters have been generous to a fault. I’m only one dude, and I don’t do much more than just make the comic, but you just tolerate that and keep right on pledging. I don’t know what I’m going to do to make it worth your while, but hopefully I can at some point. For now I just want you to know that I’m always here to talk to if you just want to have a conversation or whatever. Drop me a message on the Patreon message thing. I eventually answer everything back. If I can help you with a little sketch or something just let me know. I’ll squeeze it in whenever I can. Let me know what I can do to serve you better.

I’m still tired and worn out from all of this, so please forgive me if it takes a day or two to respond to any correspondence you send. I try to reply in the order things are received and I’ve still got about a month of backlog.

For those of you who donated to the go fund me all of that other stuff goes for you too. I’m gonna be paying off these bills for a long time, but your donations are going to make it easier. The fact that you’ve given me well over half the requested amount is nuts. I haven’t even logged into the account that Ian made because I’ve been too overwhelmed by the gesture to deal with it.

You guys are amazing. You’ve made me feel like every hour I put in to Between Failures was the best use of my time. I know a lot of words and I don’t know any that accurately express the depths of my appreciation for how good you’ve been to me.

On Monday I’ll be back to work, officially.


To Jackie: I highly doubt you lost anyone. Casual or otherwise.

To Everyone: Rafa and I hope you enjoyed these pages as well and we’re grateful to those that decided to check out our comic as well.

Just curious… Do you get ad revenue from each visit to each individual page? Because if that’s the case I am going to start rereading your comic on a more regular basis.

Hope you’re feeling better! I gotta admit when I here about crippling hospital bills in the States I am very glad to be Canadian :p

The average cost of health insurancefor a single person in the US could buy you a used Honda Civic in good condition every year(~$5k). The cost for a family could buy you a new Honda civic every year (~$15k). That’s not counting whatever uncovered costs are left if you actually need to use it.

That’s just bollocks, no other developed county has such an unfair healthcare system.

Any pageview or site hit is valuable. The amount you get per thing varies based on the perceived value of your site, so the more hits and views you get the more valuable each one is. Unique views are generally considered more valuable ,but you ideally want a unique view with several pageviews.

If it’s readers you’re looking for, I’m sure us hardcore peoples across the interwebs would be both willing and able to help spread the word to anyone within earshot. It may not be much, but it’s the least we can do to help out. Not to mention, every little bit counts…

It’s mostly symbolic, but I just wanted to let you know that I donated to your gofundme and that years ago I turned off my ad-blocking software for your site. I hope it helps to at least know I support you (even though I’ve probably paid for one Tylenol between the donation and the ads).

Also I love the diploma joke.

I still haven’t framed my real diplomas. I had to laugh at this though, because it’s so true; I just never had the cojones to pull it off.

I’ve been wanting David to follow through on his ‘promise’ in the first page of Center Lane for quite a while. This just provided an opportunity to depict it.

If you lost anyone over a short break for medical stuff…would you really want to count them in the first place…?

Still. This page is awesome.

Well, many readers may not pay attention to newsposts, and just come for the comic to enjoy the story, jokes, and occasional eyecandy.
Others may make a mental note to come back after the hiatus and simply forget. The majority of those will trickle back in eventually.

I’m pleased that you’re on the mend, Jackie and I doubt you’ve lost any regular readers. Casual ones? Meh, they come and go, so no problem. I’ve followed your comic for years and have always enjoyed it. Post new strips when you can and you can count on your loyal readers to keep your ship afloat. Cheers.

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