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The saga continues with David from Center Lane

I decided to get Puzzles & Dragons for the 3DS. Basically as a way to distract myself from everything. It’s really fun and basically 2 ghames in one. The rpg version and the Mario version. If you like pokemon puzzle league and that sort of thing I think you’ll like it too. There’s a demo so you can test the mechanics out. If you like the play style you’ve experienced basically the entire game. It requires strategy, but not thinking about plot and junk. Which is what I wanted.

Anyway I’m super tired and just want to lay down for a bit. I’ll see you in the comments or twitter, or whatever. Much love, sexies.


I refuse to so much as look at Puzzle & Dragons after all the insufferable ads for it I’ve been subjected to, but it’s good to know that it has redeeming qualities.

So I just watched an anime that, for whatever reason, made me think of you and the teen. It is on Crunchyroll and it’s called ‘Himouto! Umaru-chan’. You might find it amusing. ;) if you don’t have a sub I have a few 2 day codes around. As for P&DZ, I love it, but have played the arousal Webb game for a year or so.i haven’t tried the Mario side yet, which I had is harder, but the A side is pretty easy.

Puzzle and dragonz /mario is a great deal in japan both games were separate and cost as much each as the combined version we got

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