996 Meat Shield.

Those of you who follow me on twitter or Facebook already know this, but it turns out the house sits too low in the valley to get service from the other service provider at this time. T^T I’m stuck with what I have for now.

There’s already a second wave of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles guys out. It had some bigger evil mutants and Metalhead in it. That’s pretty fast for a second wave compared to the way it usually is. They are saturating even my area pretty heavily. It very much reminds me of the massive amounts of Playmates turtles there were on the shelves for years. I’m not sure if that tactic is going to work the way it used to, but at least the show is good. I guess there’s a chance. I don’t know what it’s like everyplace else, but the local walmarts have really committed to turtles. The Avengers toys that were all over the store a couple of weeks ago have been whittled down pretty badly. I’m actually worried I might not find a Hawkeye now. At this point it’s all Nick Furys and Hulk. Which looks really racist on the pegs…

Almost none of the new Transformers stuff is making it out here now. I found an Ironhide a week ago or so and that was it. Everything else is the sad dregs of the last movie series and the Fall Of Cybertron guys. The problem with those is that I have enough Primes, Jazzes, and Shockwaves from older lines. Unless they make a really superior Shockwave I’m pretty much set for those characters in any form. The Cybertron Jazz is just odd looking, and Cybertron Prime is pinheaded. That Shockwave is actually pretty good, but he’d not better than what I have by orders of magnitude. I’d probably buy him on clearance, but that’s it. Unfortunately WalMart is just not serious about moving product when it comes to clearance. You get a buck off then, eventually, the stuff is just gone one day. I assume they write it off and destroy it for tax purposes. That’s why I liked living near a Target. Those fuckers clearance shit with gusto. When they want it gone they want it gone. I’ve had some really great moments with Target clearance, but there’s just not enough people to support one out here. Not for miles in any direction. Walmart has it’s hooks in and that’s that.

There’s actually a Gibson’s out here and it is the saddest store ever. It’s like walking into 25 years ago. Everything has this pee yellow glow to it. Outside the store it turns normal again, but inside it’s like the place is trying to turn everything seipatone. The games and toys there are way overpriced. Most other stuff is not competetive, but it’s also a lot of weird brands you never heard of. The only upside are these bins of random ass movies from wildly different times. Season sets of show that they only have season 1 and 5 of. That kind of thing, but they are cheap. So you can find gems here and there. Makes withstanding the creepy vibe worthwhile.


Hrm… what WOULD the dynamic of the store break down into in DnD terms?

I’d have thought that Nina would be cleric, Brooks rougue, Thomas a controller, Carol a striker, Mike a tank, Ed a berserker style striker, and Reggie and Wes could be plot-centric NPCs.

Well, let’s remember to keep this to metaphor…

Carol would be the most likely cleric; keeps the party together, she’s a hub of activity, and she is capable of handling conflict as well. Nina, with her knowledge and book lovin’, and confidence in accomplishing many tasks makes her much more of a wizard. Reggie and Wes are rogues of different types… Wes is your normal stealy rogue, Reggie is your spy/informant rogue. Either way, they are constant strife for the party, as most rogues are. Brooks is a ranger; she takes a background position, comes up with clever plans, and does well from the shadows. John is the bard. The spoony bard. Thomas is a Sorcerer; his power comes from charm, and he can accomplish amazing things… but he requires a meat shield for him to do it. Ed is probably a fighter… barbarian perhaps… but he tackles his problems head on. Alignments: Carol=NG/LG, Mike=LG, Thomas=CG/CN, John=CN/N, Ed=CN/CG, Brooks=NG/N, Nina=N/NG, Reggie=LN/LE, Wes=CE/CN.

I think Tom is more of a ranger. He does a bit of everything, except sing. In this comic, he claims to heal, and sorcerers cannot do that, last I checked.

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