2164 Wait Of Gold.

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A better, faster, artist would have done an establishing shot that shown all the characters in attendance. I am not that artist. A lot of this comic is me trying to get by with the time and skill I have & hoping people will get enough of the gist to keep up. The entire group that went on the “ghost hunt” is meant to be present. Eventually I’ll get around to showing them all, but I should have done that first. I just wanted to keep things moving because we still really haven’t exited the ghost hunt arc proper.


Hope it’s not fool’s gold. Otherwise, it’s gonna be interesting to see what projects that goes into funding assuming Reginald doesn’t keep all of it.

Let’s see:
The price of gold, today in the USA, is about- $1752, [or 1752 US Dollars per ounce].
I think that box could hold about 2 pounds of gold.
So, $1752 per 1 ounce of gold,…and there may be 32 ounces of gold…here, then Thomas maybe holding-

about $56,064 worth of gold.

This possible $56064 won’t make our heroes rich, but I wouldn’t turn down a 5th or a 6th of that money.

Minted coins, depending on their condition and age, can be worth much more than the value of the metal. Not sure if the contents would make them millionaires, per se, but it would be a handsome sum by most normal standards. Even Reggie wouldn’t baulk at it, I reckon.

I hate to be that guy, but some days you get up and hurt from top to bottom, neck, back, fingers, … my fingernails don’t hurt.
But the coffee is a bit bitter, toast burnt, eggs rubbery, …
…what I’m trying to say is, that I have a rough morning and not enough ‘nice’ in me to avoid saying:
Show me the money!
(I wanna see the gold, thanks. I love this arc, for characters being themselves.)

It’s actually gold WHAT, though. Those points of ellipsis have me smelling a trap harder than Admiral Ackbar in orbit around Coruscant.

Could be the dead guys military medals, leaving the crew with the dilemma of what to do with them.

Makes sense. Gold is one of the few things that might still be valuable when one walks out of an apocalyptic bunker. That, and bottle caps.

Will it? You can’t eat it. In a post-apocalyptic world, that which has use, has value.

The value of gold is only in what someone else will trade you for it.

It should have been obvious from the weight that the box contained metal of some kind. I suppose it could have been a “rosebud” collection of childhood mementos that were all relatively heavy, coins with sentimental value, jacks and a ball, etc.

but the heavier the box the more likely it is to be gold. Because not all childhood memories are physically heavy.

“Due to the unpredictability of the stock market, the best advice is to invest in precious metals-brass and lead!”

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