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The dotnet version of the site is having a mandatory update to its servers. That means there’s a chance the site will be broken for a while. Luckily the dotcom is working normally again, so service should be uninterrupted. If the one goes down everyone will be redirected here. I only mention it because if you use the dotnet RSS feed that service will stop if the site breaks. So be aware of what one you use, just in case. It would be a nice change of pace if nothing broke, but all past experience indicates that the worst will happen, so I’m bracing you for it. XD

There was a Nick Fury action figure at the store the other day. In fact there were a ton of them. Well, I say ton, but what I mean is that it didn’t seem shortpacked. It appeared to be a regular ratio figure. Hawkeye, Black Widow, Fury, and a bad guy appeared to be a wave. I’m not sure who was shortpacked. Maybe it was Hulk. I saw a couple of them, but not as many. It’s good to see him getting equal peg space. I was afraid Fury was going to be super hard to find because he’s not an Avenger per se. Even though he’s super important. It actually kind of looks like the guys who had movies of their own are being held back, since some of them still have figures on the shelves. There are Iron Man 2 guys and Thor guys that have been hanging around for… what, over a year? Two? How long ago did those movies come out? Anyway, Captain America just got passed over out here apparently. Because of the Thor/Iron Man stragglers I suspect. Luckily there are a few Caps, in his movie attire, around. Manekochan found me a comic one, but he looks really cartoony next to the movie Avengers. (Minus Hawkeye because I don’t have him yet and they are, like, $11 with tax. JEEZ.) The Hulk toy is bad. Remarkably bad. Compared to the others he looks like some kind of failed experiment. The plastic for his limbs don’t match even with each other, let alone his torso or head. I don’t know what went wrong, but something screwed over movie Hulk this time around. I hope they trot out a better sculpt before the line fades.

My fury has a fucked up leg. Badly fucked up. It looks fine, but it’s weak. He can barely stand on his own. I actually made an ankle brace for him out of clear rubber bands that are in some toy packages. He’s the first one of these guys I’ve gotten with a massive production flaw. Usually you can spot a bad one, but this is one of those things you just don’t know till it’s too late. I guess it’s better that I got it than some kid who was going to have to play with Gimp Fury.


Dang! I’ve checked the Avengers figures in a few stores now and each time I’ve seen the figures you mentioned minus Fury. The luck goes to you, my friend. I’m sure i’ll run into him eventually, though.

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