981 Trust Issues.

Whoever wanted more shirtless Thomas got their wish pretty quick. XD Hopefully it will ease the pain of watching the lovebirds having a little tiff. Honestly, I can see both sides of the argument, but at the core of it all I think Thomas is wrong, and was bad. At the same time I can understand the thrill of arrogantly flaunting a secret in front of people, and I’m sure Carol does too on some level, but I suspect she’s only really mad because she wasn’t in on it. And fair enough. On the other hand Thomas likely only did it because he knew she would be fast enough to understand what he was doing. He knows how smart she is, and that is the most exciting thing of all. Also, I doubt Thomas is so dense he didn’t at least have an inkling that this could make Carol angry. The problem is that Carol is adorable up to a certain point of anger, which makes it tempting to bait her. These are the complex problems humans have to deal with on a daily basis. Where is that fine line between teasing and torturing? How hot can you stoke each other before the fire gets out of hand?


Yay :D the “The Sexy Adventures of Shirtless Thomas” live on! :D

I guess I can understand why Carol is mad? It kind of seems out of her character to get in a tiff over something like this. Or maybe she’s doing that “girl thing” we do that none of us can ever escape… You know, the “mountains out of mole hills”?

I thought Carol talked to his mom on a cell???

As far as cellphones go: I theoretically own one, but I go months at a time without buying any credit for it so… the majority of the time I don’t really “have” a working cellphone. And I’m in my mid 20’s, university student, so it’s not like I’m elderly or something either. I just don’t find myself really needing to use one all that much.

On topic: definitely seconding that topless Carol suggestion. It’s only fair if Thomas is topless that she is too! *coughs*

I think this argument works. (since obviously my random opinion has any weight or value) Girls (and guys) can get upset over a number of things, and I think what Thomas did has several layers to it in terms of right and wrong, or at least why Carol should or shouldn’t be mad. Plus all couples fight, if they don’t they are super freaky and/or lucky but probably not realistic. :P

People who lack cellphones are silly to me, especially when my cybernetics are directly superior, heh. Then again, people who have outdated phones can’t enter my house without an escort (maglock + RFID/NFC), so it makes sense that way too…

Also, I’m a little disappointed in Carol… does she not trust the rest of the crew? They just had a NERFwar in the store, is she honestly concerned someone’s going to turn her in?

Besides, *she’s* the one who started the lie, afaik…

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