946 You I Love.

Alright, I’m not going to spell out the “make due” thing for you guys, but the original choice was intentional. Carol is enjoying some wordplay, but I couldn’t think of a way to phrase it and present it that made it obvious enough that she is telegraphing her intentions. Nina and Reggie clearly don’t pick up on it, but spoken she would emphasize the words make due as though she was making quotation fingers. Which she doesn’t do. What I wanted was another panel that had a close up of her face that helped to convey this, but I couldn’t work it out. At the rate I’m going the pages are going to end up being even longer than they are now if I keep trying to present things the way they are in my head. X3 I guess if it comes down to it I can always try 5 days a week again. XD If I gain a superpower, or something maybe.

The title of this page is fairly obscure. I wonder if anyone will know what it’s from. Hope I haven’t used it before…

I have not properly slept in about 3 days. There have been interruptions. The kind I can’t ignore. It is wearing on me. Reminds me of when I was working in a video rental store. We had an overnight, and I worked most of the day before, then overnight, and well into the next day. I think I was at the store from 2PM till 12PM the next day. Eventually I just went home, because nothing important in the world hinges on rental video being in alphabetical order it turns out.

There were things to do, of course, but it never stops. There will always be things to to. You do all you can in the time you have then resume the next day. That’s how it works. Except I got home, tried to go to sleep, but got a call from my manager. She was mad because I left the store having not done all the things, and didn’t seem to understand that people sleep. I resigned my position right there and told her if she wanted to fire me that was up to her. I’d be in the store once I FUCKING GOT TO SLEEP. When I did return to work I insisted that I be reduced in rank or fired. At that time I did the work of at least 2 people, so she agreed grudgingly. There was the added bonus that for various reasons my pay grade couldn’t be lowered. So I kept doing the same ammount of work for the same pay, but no one could reasonably give me shit because I wasn’t the actual manager of anything. (I did this same thing 3 or so more times, getting a pay upgrade each time. I was making store manager money by the time I left. Which was really sad for store managers because it wasn’t nearly enough for that shithole.)

That lady was probably the 3rd worst manager I ever worked for. She actually had kind of a hard luck story, but I never could barely work up any sympathy for her. She was just too heinous. I think she lasted 2 or 3 more months before she finally broke. One of her best friends went first, who was managing another store. After that it was only a matter of time because her support structure had crumbled, essentially. One of my best friends had left prior to all this, but wanted to work part time again. He had left in good standing with the company, but she didn’t like him, so when I asked if he could get rehired she said “Ferdinand Melish will never work here again.” (names changed to protect the innocent. XD) It was truly glorious, shortly after she quit, when she came in to shop and he was like “Heeeeeey.” Good times.


Ha-haaa, in the last frame you nailed it – Carol knows full well she has planted the seed in Reggie that will lead him to more humiliation and ultimately his doom, on multiple levels.

Not that he needed a push – when it comes to young lads like Reggie feeling their seeds, well, the resulting doom is expected. Has he forgotten what lead to the bleeding nose?

and forgive me Crave – one learns to make ‘do’…

I wish MY girl had an amazonian figure. Alas, I just have to deal with a girl that has, as I have quoted to her, “hips n’ lips.”

Not every woman can be Nina Grace. Which is just fine, because how would she be unique in a world of Ninas?

I have my girl. She is not Nina, but she is my Friend, my Consort, and my True Love. What else can a man ask for?

The title of this page is fairly obscure. I wonder if anyone will know what it’s from.

Um, semi-obscure Russian romantic comedy from seven or eight years ago? I caught part of it on cable one sleepless night.

Speaking of sleepless: yeah I feel your pain with the Manager from Hell, and how she got her final comeuppance is a familiar beat in my past, too. Karma is alive and working at an underemployment MacJob.

My Security Captain from Hell (the one who fired me for being smarter than her teenage son) lasted about another sixty days, then repeatedly failed the handgun re-qualification. It seems she was in the habit of going to the range alone, except for some crony or subordinate she could browbeat into falsifying the paperwork. When the company sent the VP to monitor her — three times — she failed everything except excuse-making. Last I saw her, she was wandering around outside the Hartford, CT Post Office, off her meds and mumbling to herself.

The Security job I had previously decided we could work up to 14 hours a day, thirteen days straight (the NRC mandates workers at a live nuclear facility must have one day off out of two weeks). I have worked a few 24+ hour shifts, but they’ve been due to weather or visits from PotUS.

It’s really hard to outlast the shitty ones sometimes. Every so often you get one you just can’t. Nice to hear about them crashing and burning later though.

So true, sir, so true indeed.


“Ferdinand Melish will never work here again.”

Quite possibly the best title for a MacJob movie evah, perhaps a Clerks for the twenty-teens.

Commiseration over terrible people who have power over us! Lady gets to be head editor of one of the oldest fiction magazines in the country because her husband is a prominent science fiction author. Receives a story from me. I respect the waiting period (about 4 months), before sending a request to see whether or not it had been read. Since simultaneous submissions are a no-no, I can’t send the story to any other publications until I get a yay or nay from this woman. Didn’t hear back. Sent another status request 4 months later, and 4 months again. We’re at a year and counting now, and my work is freaking hostage with serious civil court implications if I break the submission contract.

Finally, she gets back to me and tells me she’s rejecting the story since I wouldn’t quit bothering her. She also says that I could’ve been sending it elsewhere since she lifted the ban on simultaneous submissions. Well, that was a year of my life down the toilet. And since I agreed to a submission contract, I was obligated to follow the original contract from the year before, meaning I really couldn’t send it elsewhere and she would’ve actually had to pay me if it had been accepted (what with her deciding authors didn’t need to be paid for appearing in her magazine in the meantime. Likely due to the fact that people stopped buying the magazine and she was living on her husband’s income).

Last year, I read the magazine had been bought out for a pittance by Harper-Collins. She rode that sucker right into the ground and was thrown out on her ear. Tried to beg a job off the people who gave her the magazine in the first place. They told her to get lost and actually had to call the police because of the scene she made. Escorted out in handcuffs. I nearly died laughing. Finally got that g’dam story published elsewhere too.

From what I understand, Nina doesn’t have an Amazonian figure, as they supposedly would cut off a breast to make it easier to draw a bow. Course, she could have a prosthetic, but I find it hard (and rather disappointing) to imagine. Would Carol’s be an “earth mother” figure? I smell fan art. By somebody capable, please.

Actually the whole “remove one breast” thing is a myth. a tantalizing one because of the taboos associated with it as well as the usual “I have knowledge other people don’t” that comes with it (not calling you a know-it-all or anything. just a psychology thing) but a false one nonetheless.

Oh god.

I just pictured a Store-wide D&D Campaign.

And Nina would be the Barbarian. (Probably an Elf or Drow because of low Con but High Dex)

Either that, or Barb/Ranger cross-over, maybe following the Ranger Tempest prestige class line.

Funny you should say that…

What have I done?

Okay, Full party breakdown time.

I picture Reggie as a Paladin (Albeit a bad one. Probably one with a low Con score that he took as a dump stat because he thought he needed more Wisdom, or something to that like.)

Mike I can see as either a Bard or a Cleric. Not sure what Race I’d give him.

Carol would probably be a Sorceress or a bard, likely human.

Brooksie would be a Ranger, a Monk, a Rogue, or a Ninja, although I think I like Rogue best, probably a High Int Assassin build. I could see her as a Drow or a gnome.

John I could see as a traditional fighter, although probably with Low Dex. So probably human.

Ed would have to be a Dwarf Barbarian. There’s really no other role that fits him. Maybe one with less points in Str and Con than usual, and a slightly buffed intellect, but I mean, you can’t look at Ed and not see him pulling a rage.

As for Jay, He’d probably DM. If not, then I see him as Probably a Favored Soul, or maybe a Monk. Something Wisdom based, anyway.

Every day is a constant battle for sleep. It’s amazing how many of my mental facilities actually work properly despite my lack of sleep.
I value sleep over all else. Money, love, sex, food, VIDEO GAMES *gasp*, and even my existance! I would take a month long coma if I could manually turn one on! haha!

I feel for ya, dood!

I bow to other’s superiority in these matters, but I believe the proper spelling is “make do”… Again, could be wrong but that’s how I was told… though that’s in quotes, so I may be missing something anyway…

I lose my anime badge. I was trying to remember and all I could think of was a random girl saying, “It’s you I love?” but it wasn’t quite right and I couldn’t remember who said or what it was from, just that it was anime. Foiled.
Now, realizing the show, I begin to remember the entire scene down to the crappy breathy music that was playing and Nabiki reading and Akane getting so angry….
I lost my anime badge a long time ago… And I was just giving myself kudos for recognizing the Totoro reference in that Cthulu South Park episode during the first 10 seconds. You know… before it was “hit you over the head” obvious.

Reggie… Poor optimistic idiot. :)

Well Carol, you may not have an Amazonian figure, just the better one.

As for Reggie, his admiration is not without warrant.

Eh, Nina’s gonna win anyway. Unless Carol has some unknown talents I think we know who the queen is here.

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