904 No Jedi.

I really like this exchange between these two. I’m not exactly sure why Jo is so cranky at the moment. Maybe she’s channeling her inner Sith. I guess it can’t be sunshine and flowers all the time. XD

As always, I appreciate the game feedback. I don’t have Xbox Live, so I can hold out for a while on Mass Effect 3 if the only code in the new box is to play multiplayer. I really want to play it right now though. Except I’ll get obsessed with it and I have a lot to do at the moment.

I also found out that they are selling the figures that come with Skylanders 3DS seperately, or at least Ignitor, so I could concieveably get a used copy of the game for cheap and just find Ignitor someplace. I have Stealth Elf already, and Dark Spyro is basically a pallette swap, so he’s not a real concern. If I came across him in a store I might consider getting him if I had everyone else already and had some extra munnies. So he’s fucked basically. Anyway, I’ve seen the game go for as little as $7 minus the figures. (Which is still bullshit if you’re claiming the set is new.) Even with shipping that’s a good deal.

I’m probably going to give the rest of the series a miss and just play Assasin’s Creed 3 when it hits the greatest hits bin. So it’ll be a long time before I get my hands on it. I might go one game back just to see what the deal is with everything. Potentially I could go as far back as 2 since the consensus seems to be that it’s not nearly as tedious as 1. The whole series is low on the priorities list no matter how you look at it. I can just get a friend to tell me the story of the games in painstaking detail before I start.

Batman 2 is probably a GOTY kind of purchase. Just get all the stuff at once so I don’t have to deal with the damn Xbox points cards. I really hate having to wait so long for it, but whatchagonnado?

I’m still not sold on Kid Icarus. Not sure what to do there. Nintendo has started only dropping prices after a decade, so waiting them out is nearly impossible. A used game with extra parts is always trouble too. It is a puzzlement.

None of this takes in to account the possibility that a game could appear that trumps all other priorities. A new Castlevania sidescroller, for example, would be an easy choice. A new Advance Wars/Fire Emblem. These are longshots, but every so often I get surprised by announcements like that.


Aww what? Jo in dark side? Sigh, I better switch to red sabers now.

No, Not Sith – Bounty Hunter – everything business strictly is with this one. ^_^

She of the lavender sabre is – light and dark has no meaning for this one.

Jo is not cranky! She is simply teh serious right now. How dare you imply that her current state is not due to anything less than professional badassery? I won’t have you turning this investigation into a farce!

A new Castlevania sidescroller would be fun. :) With the series reboot, though, I don’t see that happening. They did release that weird Castlevania Harmony of Despair thing which is a kind of annoying hodge-podge of SOTN stuff with no story, really. It’s downloadable if you have a PS3. It might be on Wii, too.
“Somebody” downloaded a terrible side-scroller to my phone. It was like $7 and terrible to play. Doesn’t help that my phone is old and ghetto (though I still love it) or that CV controls are a pain anyway—–I cannot master stairs. Screw you people that can. CV stairs are Satan’s machination.
Speaking of pains, that Dark Souls game I bought, the controls are a pain in the ass. I am not used to them at all yet. You have to hit things with R1 and R2… Why not X, like everything else?!? Argh. At any rate, it’s a pretty interesting game. My boyfriend says it’s akin to the older CV games which I will take his word on as the only ones I’ve played are SOTN and some Gameboy ones… maybe the one with Leon and the one with uh… the guy that raises pokemon… Walter? I dunno. All I remember from that one is Cam Clark and scary pants. Oh! And St. Germain totally reminding me of Tobias Funke. :)
At this point in time, I can’t remember if I played them or watched someone else play them but it’s all about the same anyway.

Wow…all dark and Sith-y. But for some reason, still adorable. Especially when I imagine her talking with a high & slightly raspy voice…

About Mass Effect 3… yes, the only code included in the box is multiplayer, and no, multiplayer isn’t something you’ll likely play forever, but it is impossible to get the “best” ending in the single player campaign if you don’t do at least a day worth of playing multiplayer. Luckily, it comes with a free 2-day trial for Live, so that should be enough. Trust me, the “best ending” is well worth the few days put into multiplayer. Just… make sure you do it relatively late in the game.

I recently got hit in the head by Link’s Awakening DX, so I’ve been playing that and some DitR PC titles from the early 90s. Little/no cost, either it works or I can *make* it work. Huge difference from the more modern BS of today… I forgot how much freedom there is in earlier games.

Competitive Jo is hella awesome.

i got kid icarus a few days ago because target had a buy 2 get one free deal. it is one of the best hand held games i’v ever played and it finally made the 3ds worth the 250 i payed for it when it came out. i never touched the stand it came with.

I’m going to pretend for a moment that I don’t hate the author so I can say awesome job man. Though, I too did not see Jo as being cranky. Maybe not professional, but it seems like she’s really lost herself in the game. Which actually seems very natural for her character. That being said, she did taunt him before executing him.

hmmmm…. what if brooksie was a video game connoisseur instead of a movie buff? i bet there would be plenty of good prekill banter…

Y’know, with all the retail stuff going on, the geekery in the store (Where else has employees that quote lines from movies and write Harry Potter erotica fanfic?), I’m surprised that there hasn’t been a computer geek in the mix yet.

Well, there IS the roommate of Brooksie’s, but she’s appeared and disappeared quickly in the strip, it seems. I’m thinking she needs a job in Tech Support, except that she’s nowhere NEAR being jaded enough.

I keep thinking the strip needs a character that’s burnt out and absolutely hates their job, but can’t find anything better – a la Naomi from Waiting…

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