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The other day one of my external hard drives went bad and I lost a lot of data. I knew the drive was janky so I only had superfluous data on it, but it’s still a hassle. It had my ripped dvds that I put in my iPod for travel and the iPod has a bad habit of checking to see if the files are still connected to your system every so often, and if it doesn’t find them it deletes them from your iPod like it or not. First world problem, I know, but there we are. I don’t have access at all times to the soothing sound of Bob Ross’s voice, and that’s a damn shame. All my classic Doctor Who is also lost to me. Unless I find some way to temporarily get the thing working again. I haven’t set about the task of finding out if such a thing is possible, but it’s on the list.


Tom really reminds me of Slim from Of Mice And Men.

That’s a pretty classical pull. I’m not familiar enough with the work to say one way or the other. Never even saw an adaptation.

You really ought to.
Of Mice & Men is boss. Definitely boss.
Not quite as many reference potentials as Lord of the Flies or anything by Shakespeare… but still… Good.

If you read the book, good. If you’re going to watch one of the movie adaptions, watch the one with John Malkovich. That will also be good. As it’s a pretty short book with a fair amount of description (without overdoing it), that means not much is lost in the adaption. Also, John Malkovich does an -excellent- performance.

Or, you can do as I did: First read the book, -then- watch the movie with John Malowich!

I’m re-reading the archives. This is a classic character moment here.

The best part is that Thomas really is happy here. It’s not a case of “he likes to do it to others but he can’t handle it being done to him.”

I like both of these characters.

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