880 Black Sheep Come Home.

Over the last several evenings I have undertaken to construct playsets, for lack of a less childish term, for my Doctor Who Character Builder figures. The results of these envedors can be viewed below.

Here we have the Doctor squaring off against some Daleks. Like all episodes where the Tardis lands on a spaceship it’s in a very random place. The Daleks are soldiers. You can tell because they are red. Old Daleks used to be color coded like Star Trek uniforms. In fact I think they might have had the same system. Red for soildier, blue for science, and yellow for command. I think black was the highest command color, or maybe it was white… There were green ones too. I don’t know what they were. Anyway we’ve gone back to rainbow Daleks with the eleventh Doctor. The Daleks also had their creator Davros, and a command version who had a stupid looking design. He looked a little like that big headed robot on The Jetsons.

This is as wide a shot as I could get of the ship. For whatever reason I named it the Gloriana. I don’t know why that came to mind, but here we are. It went through several iterations before eventually congealing into a cohesive design. It’s actually made of really old colorful Legos, several sets of Star Wars Legos, and one set of Built To Rule Transformers Armada parts. I forget the name of the character it was supposed to make, but BTR sucked. (The Kre-O stuff seems alright. Certainly better than BTR.)

I have several Lego skeletons. I don’t rightly recal why. Probably from clearance sets. These ones were dead before the Daleks found the ship because, as we all know, Dalek weapons leave no corpses. Most of the time… These are clearly some Dalek soldiers lost durring the time war. They’ve simply found a derilict ship to help them search for a grand Dalek empire that no longer exists. Unfortunately the Tardis led the Doctor to them.

You can actually pick up this construct and move it around if you have a mind to do so. The base is 3 layers thick. Floor plating, bricks, then strategicly placed floor bracing. The top level also has bracing at key points. It’s remarkably solid. I could have made other playsets but I opted for sturdiness rather than volume. The area under the catwalk is dark, and lends itself to suspense. I only have 2 other bas guys, but they manage. The Daleks are creepy in the dark too, even though they have glowing eyestalks. (Only in your imagination…)

I constructed this Tardis console room so the many Doctors could hang out. I actually came up with 2 stories to go along with this. Either the Doctors are seperated from the real Tardis and come upon this badly damaged one, or the event that caused them to appear in the same time made the Tardis go a little mad. I actually made sections of it reflect older console room designs. In so far as the medium of Legos would allow. It’s a little cramped, unfortunately, but I ran out of suitable flooring parts after making the Gloriana. It has a door on the front, which plays to the found Tardis idea.

The door can be pulled off and replaced with the Tardis if the need arises. 9 and 6 are having a moment here. 6 is a very tetchy Doctor, and weird. In some ways the opposite of 9. Lord only knows what possessed 6 to dress like a clown, but it’s a stark contrast to 9’s perpetual black. 6’s anger was also overt. He rarely hid his disdain for anything. Ironic since he was the one in the jester outfit. 9 tended to conceal his anger, but it was clearly there. In some ways that anger evolved into righteous judgement in 10. Neither were much for second chances though.

Here are a couple detail shots. I tried to make the thing look like it was built mostly at random. I think I succeedded. The actual console looks pretty good though. Seems like it could have been a design at some point. I also made a jungle scene, but didn’t get any good pictures of it.


Despite it all I can’t help but sort of Like Reggie, especially since Wes has come into the picture. I don’t see Reggie as a bad guy. More or less someone who doesn’t think things through enough

I am really curious to see what the back of Reggie’s nametag says. I hope that it is eventually revealed.

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