878 Making Time.

There were so many versions of this page. Nina’s tag was the only one that went through almost every version unchanged. Carol’s only had the name change over and over to suit the Red Menace thing. In the animated version that exists in my mind the camera focuses on each character individually as if it found them doing something and asked them what the reverse of their nametag reads.

Watched All Star Superman last night. It was another DC animation I had a feeling I would be disappointed by. I was not disappointed in my disappointment. There’s a point, apparently, where I just don’t care that Superman is dying anymore. He’s died at least twice in the comics that I can remember, and I don’t know how many times I’ve seen him die on screen now. I’m just a little sick of it. The story isn’t bad, but it moves oddly fast and seems like several little stories jammed together to make one larger story. Which gives it a very rushed, incomplete, feeling. Towards the end two bad guys go from being total assholes to repentant friends in less than two minutes. I also didn’t care for Superman’s voice. It was a little too emotionless. There was no point where I felt like he was actually taking part in anything that was going on. It was like he existed in a state of perfect detachment from everything. On the whole I’m glad I just rented the thing.


Thomas. I want there to be a Thomas in the next place I get a job. Whether it be retail or a software development studio. If there isn’t, I’m going to be him.

Wow, i don’t believe it, a caravan kidd reference. That is awesome, it’s beyond awesome, i haven’t read that comic since i was in high school and i still recognize that name.

Heh. Golion.
I dubbed John “Kouji Kabuto” on first sighting, for some reason. (it’s all in the sideburns).

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