I… STOP STEALING MY LIFE!!!!!!!! I have said that speech verbatim. To a girl. who is also fun sized. dyes her hair. and watches too many movies. She reacted in almost exactly the same way. Yet she keeps going after the asshole nerds, who seem like they would be safe since they’re nerds, but turn out to be sexist and mean with anger issues.

Dammit. Now I’m ranting about her. -_-


I almost want to squee, if I can say that as a man, and still feel confident in my sexuality…

Yep, still dig clam diggin'.

Anyway, Jo looks so cute when she blushes!

But now the plot thickens. Will Ed go after Jo, or Nina?

He has more in common with Jo, but Nina's a real catch, and… well… she probably wouldn't be that hard for Ed to bed, either, what with her attracion to Harry Potter and all.

Although that said, I think Jo's the better girl for him in the long run. Hopefully everything pans out.

I know, they do have a bit of a love triangle going on. . .

and there is suspiciousns about the extent of brooksies’ feelings for nina. . .

not entirelery sure how it might turn out, but the rule 34 version would probably go along the lines of /archives/archive/291-thomas-1-ed-2

Personally, I like Nina best of the girls, and if she tackled me like she tackled Ed, I’d ask her out the next day and start making wedding plans. . .

Brooksie is officially the cutest thing ever. Don’t care what anyone has to say the second panel in this comic has confirmed it in my mind and I shall not be swayed.

Ed, you decent bastard. You got a lot of Hero in you. Anyone near you when the inevitable Zombie Apocalypse comes will be just fine.

Yeah… for all that I look like Ed… totally different personality.

I can’t even compliment people properly without it coming out utterly backhanded.
I remember my ex-wife complaining about being fat, and my response was to march her outside, point to someone fatter and exclaim out loud “you’re not fat, THAT is fat”… and she’d generally be too mortified to complain further.
My usual way of telling someone they look good is complaining that they’re making everyone else look bad.
I can frame just about anything, no matter how complimentary, in the form of a complaint or criticism.

I’m not a creator. I’m a destroyer.

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