826 The Broken.

I had a really hard time calculating the exact years it takes for the backstory to work out properly with these two. I’ve actually done it several times and have never been sure if I ever got it right. It’s one of those deals where I’ll probably have to go back and edit things later because I fucked it up at some point when I thought I was right. My sense of time is really skewed anyway. I can’t even remember if anyone ever pinned down exact times in the comic anymore. I know I’ve written stuff down, and maybe even posted stuff in the blog, but as far as in story goes, I’m not sure. Most things I remember and can go back into the archives for verification easily, but times and dates I’ve never been able to keep straight, even in real life.
I hope this section works as well as it does as pages as it does in text. It requires a lot of acting and I’m worried that I won’t be able to convey the proper emotions. I’m cautiously optimistic.


Hmp…why did people stop posting comments? A true mistery…

I think it was that a couple of comics ago, the author comment included a dream that stunned everybody. I’ve had dreams like that, and even I didn’t know what to say. I mean, not those exact people or anything, but ¨served as a driver for a celebrity who had a very well known friendship or romance, and the trip was so the celebrity could identify the body of their friend / lover.¨ I find that they’re easier to deal with than some of my dreams, in that I generally recover well enough to start talking to my closest friends about them after a few days, and there are some of my dreams where I’ve never gotten to that point after decades. But I still don’t know how to actually deal with them.

Not sure, Baadar, but this comic needs more comments. I’ll shout it from the roof-tops!

I’m an archaeologist, and as to the comic itself, it’s like you said in another blog post, retcons happen. Nobody will crucify you for it… well, nobody that matters anyway.

I just found your comic a few days ago and I’ve been running through the archive. Reading the blog posts and other comments along the way has been great fun. This may be my first comment on this fantastic project of yours, but I felt that my comment was a comment that needed to be posted.

I love your comic. Also, I would do violent things to bad people for a set of Between Failures ‘action figures / models.’ They’re not dolls. :| Never you mind the kissy noises.

Thanks for sharing your work with us.

I don’t wanna be a grammar nazi but i think you misspelled something in second panel Nina’s bubble, it says:

That was the only reason “the” let me in.

I might be getting that wrong, but i thought it looked odd. Hope it helps.

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