1820 Concern.

My allergies are so bad that I didn’t realize they could be this bad. The dog are tracking in so much dirt my bed is full of dried grass and leaves. I wish I could vacuum them. It makes my ears and eyes feel all infected and makes me constantly dizzy. I’m super sick of it. I may have to move all my work time back to my bedroom because I can at least control the dust a little better. I used to work in this room years ago but I guess I just can’t handle the climate in here anymore. At least I should be able to get the humidifier to work in the smaller space.


Hey, the most effective allergy reliefs I’ve found are the over-the-counter Flonase nasal spray, and the once-a-year Kenalog steroid shot. Both take a little while to kick in, but continuous daily use of the spray or about a week after the shot and my symptoms basically disappeared. Hope this helps!

Hey Jackie, is two people in patreon avatar request thing too greedy? Totally understand if it is – frankly the comic is enough but I get that it’s part of your work ethic.

I think Nina means to say “I’m getting a funereal vibe over here.” There is no English word funerial, but I adore that you used it!

I’m a vocabulary nut, and I thought I had seen that you appreciate such remarks, but if not, I apologize if this is inappropriate.

I like it when people just tell me I made a mistake instead of adopting a condescending tone and doing a fucking stand up routine to go along with it.

I just now figured out why Mike’s beard bothered me. It looks like the Rebel Alliance symbol, and we all know what happened to them when Darth Mouse took over.

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