1821 Stray Dog Strut.

When daylight savings happens I always forget which direction my server clock goes. Half the year I upload at 10 by the server clock and half at 9 because the clock doesn’t change. The server doesn’t recognize daylight savings. Today is that post for this year. If you find the page up an hour early that’s why. I also make this post once a year. I should just copy and paste it to save time.

The dust is blowing so much right now I can taste dirt even in the house. It’s amazing that we can grow crops out here. The Earth doesn’t want this place to be moist in an way. Pure human stubbornness is what makes that possible.


Nice to see that the comic shares a title with an episode of arguably the greatest anime of all time.

I’m a fan of Dominion Tank Police, myself.
Sometimes I like the vintage stuff. :)
*Hiding my copies of: Battle of the Planets, Marine Boy, and Speed Racer*

The first series I owned was Armored Trooper Votoms on VHS though New Dominion was second. My first DVD set was Fushugi Yugi …. I only ever listed to the US voice acting once and sadly that was when I was attempting to show family what I was watching – took decades to counter the damage from that.

Dominion Tank Police is great, but assuming Tokyo Gore Police has anything to do with it leads only to suffering. That’s two hours I’ll never get back.

My first anime was Gigantor. I’ve even got the Laserdiscs!

(Do I start a flame war if I say that I think Astro Boy was lame?)

Gigantor was anime? I just remember watching it on broadcast TV as a kid in the 1960s. Still rember the title music!

Speed Racer then too.

Yeah, Gigantor’s theme music was rockin’.

I’m not 100% sure what my first anime was. There’s a good chance it was Big Ben, Leo the White Lion, The Lost Cities of Gold, or Unico.

Pure Human Stubbornness made a lot of what we as a race have accomplished possible.

And a number of those were spectacular failures that last through the generations.
EX – We have problem with methane gas. Hey Igor, light that gas, it will burn out soon enough – 40+ years and still going strong.

Yay, there are a lot of anime fans on the site, today!
I like “the Lost cities of gold”, too. I also like the 1980s, anime-like TV show:
“Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea”.

MAN, I work at a Barnes and Noble and this is like you recorded my manager and coworkers conversations for these past few strips

We’re anticipating our now-inevitable death by website and using dark humor to keep ourselves sane! Hooray!

I can relate to that. They “restructured” the department I was in at the place I used to work, just a fancy way way of saying “We’re eliminating your job, good bye.”

Not everything automatically updates the time change.
When two critical systems are connected and only one automatically updates the time?
Welcome to my Monday – the study aborted – can’t salvage the data – do it over then.

Before us humans decided to plow up the plains of the Midwest, dust was not an issue – pollen maybe – but not dust. Even when they were fairly dry, the plants covering the plains mostly held down all the soil and prevented it from becoming airborne as dust.

You may remember from your US history that back around the time of the depression was also the time of the “dust bowl”. Modern farming practices have mitigated the effect a lot, but as you are currently experiencing, they haven’t completely avoided the problem.

A fire near (20+ miles-around here that’s near) has been burning for days-burned several thousand acres already. This may put us on the map. As you might suppose, some rain would be welcome. Oh, and were pretty much the center of the dust bowl. Remember that iconic picture of the dad and kids making for the shack and all the sand? Right near (well you know what I mean) here.

1. Make Reggie full timer
2. Hire Ed’s sister maybe?
3. ???
4. Profit

I like the way you Math. I don’t math, myself, but I do like your equation, and I believe it would work. Even if it is not P.C., it was very funny.

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