827 Remembrance.

I finally saw Thor the other day, having seen virtually nothing about it and only heard the dissatisfied grumbles about it online. I thought it was cool, and presented pretty much like every Thor comic I ever read, which I freely admit are few. Anyway, it got me to reexamining the toy line the next time I was in a store. I was pretty dissapointed that there are no Warriors 3 guys, or really anyone other than Thor, Odin, and Loki. The movie had a pretty large cast compared to Iron Man, but they didn’t take advantage of it. It’s not like The Warriors 3 were just window dressing either. They took part in the two major battle scenes in the movie. Of course they may be available and aren’t presented on the packaging. I doubt it though as Thor was the last movie that the local stores heavily stocked. At this point even if I find out they exist it doesn’t really matter. All the gougers will have snapped them up for the after market and doubled or tripled the price. Scew that noise. If they made a Sif I’d really be surprised. Even in our modern age you can’t hardly get a female cast member made as a toy.

Fuck, I don’t think they made an Astrid toy for How To Train Your Dragon and she was THE FEMALE LEAD. The movie doesn’t happen without her and you can’t get a toy. That’s bullshit. I’m sure there were dissapointed kids of both genders for that one.

BRB I’m gonna look up the Thor line and see what’s up. Oh shit, they did make the rest of the action cast, including Sif. Oh, and they want 3 times shelf for them. Fuck you after market sellers, a curse on your houses! If any of you guys have spotted these dudes on a peg out there let me know. Seems unlikely, but whatever. I am reminded why I started hating Star Wars toys… >:|

Hey, they made an Astrid too. I sure never saw one. These dicks want $70 for it now. I can’t emoticon hard enough. >:|

Every so often I find some random rare figure on a shelf out here and have a brief vision of selling it after market for much more than I pay for it, then I remember I’m not a total asshole. I’m just the regular kind. Speaking of which, you guys remember when I ordered those Transformers because I was sure they were never going to show up around here? They did. Every single one. Not that it matters. What I paid for them wasn’t much more than peg, but I could have been spared $5 shipping. Some of them are still around if any of you are after them. Of course now that I say this they will all dissapear…


Is it just me or is Nina becoming elvish

“Hey, they made an Astrid too. I sure never saw one. These dicks want $70 for it now. I can’t emoticon hard enough. >:|”
There’s probably nothing more infuriating than companies making products that seem like they are holding for ransom.
(May have been mentioned before)

Imagine being the shithead who decided to sell CHILDRENS TOYS at $70. I hate companies that do this. (Also companies that make toys out of the cheapest plastic they could find. They anger me in many ways.)

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