808 Herr Dickler.

Reggie amuses me to no end.  I mean what does he think he’s achieving by being such an ass all the time?  There’s a story in there someplace…

Any of you twizzlers old enough to remember Hey Dude?  It was a live action Nickelodeon show about a ranch that…  employed kids?  Is that what that place was for?  Why were those kids there?  I don’t remember anymore.  I do remember the blond girl who went on to be in Zoolander and maybe marry Ben Stiller.  Am I imagining that?  Is that real?  Anyway I think of that show whenever she’s in anything.  The other girl, the dark haired one, was the one I thought was hot.  I have no idea if she was in anything after that.  I don’t remember seeing anyone else from that show in anything.  Anyway, the first season is on DVD now.  I have no need of it, but I think it’s fun that someone decided it was worth trotting out.

Maybe we’ll get a Myserious cities Of Gold release or some other old Nick shows I’ve forgotten but liked.  Like Are You Afraid Of The Dark, or something.

I picked up one of the Happy Meal Smurfs today.  I just wanted one to see what it was like.  They’re friggin huge.  Quality though.  I mean, a decent toy for where it comes from, you know?  Grouchy is who I got, by the way.  He has a butterfly stuck to his nose.  Which is like giving kids the finger when it comes to playing with something.  I feel like it’s an homage to an older figure of him for some reason.


Mmmm the comfort of a dune reference, so sweet. Yeah I remember hey dude, thanks for reminding me I’m old. as for the grouchy you are correct, or my brain is screwing with me, its probably a direct copy of one of the olde figures

dune? I pictured Stranger in a Strange land. Thou, mars and dune have this thing about taking peoples water. In one you take the water of of everyone, In the other you take the water of only those you care about deeply.

I barely remember Hey Dude, mostly because It was on a ranch but it had not western type shoot outs nor was it interesting to me for extended periods of time.

Also, Reggie. Reggie I think is a more complex. Also, it is almost like a banter he has with the others. Though they bring up truly embarrassing things that he has done and he just retaliates.

I would like for Reggie’s mystery to linger so I could write a paper on him and my possible guesses.

The thing with Reggie is that he gets barely any credit from either his fellow characters or the fanbase, and most times he’s mentioned people seem to climb over each other in their haste to declare their hatred of him. In fact, the closest I can remember anyone in-universe coming to referring to him as anything other than the scum of the Earth was when Thomas said he wasn’t a thief.

Reggie gets almost all the fan trash-talking for his incompetence and asshole nature (Not to mention the fact that his only redeeming feature so far seems to be “not as big a dick as Wes”), but I can’t remember any fans calling Thomas out for his laziness and manipulation or Ed for his inability to keep himself under control and not get into fights. From what I’ve seen, Wes and Mike get the rest of the insults–Wes because of the “always a bigger asshole” effect and Mike whenever he lets himself get run roughshod over by his subordinates.

Even if Reggie stopped being a dick, even if he had the world’s greatest character development, there’d still be the usual fans clamouring for his blood. Even if he did the most selfless deed in the world purely out of the goodness of his heart, I can guarantee there’d be at least one comment along the lines of “he’s still a dick” as if the person typing the message fears that without that constant reminder people might start making the mistake of liking him.

Reggie’s a douchebag with a heart of gold. Or at least, it’s gold plated… then under that, it’s pewter and likely to poison him, which is tragic because, for some reason, there’s a gold core in there under all the pewter. Poor Reggie.

I can’t be the only one who thinks Brooksie is in the wrong here. Reggie goes and does something nice for his co workers and she literally calls him Hitler. I mean yeah, he’s often a dick but this seemed a genuinely nice thing to do.

Not that I’m entirely disagreeing with you, but if we look at the track record that the both of them have sent. Reggie is obviously more likely to mess up, or do something wrong on purpose. Where as Jo doesn’t. She definitely is in the wrong, though her suspicions were completely called for.

He did it while he was meant to be working, without telling his immediate superior where he would be if he was needed.
(Sure, he’s unlikely to be needed, but it’s the principle).
And he also told Wes to go into the back room (Where Wes isn’t meant to go), a major loss prevention blunder. Although Jolene doesn’t know about that yet.

Oh yeah, I used to watch Hey Dude all the time. Heck, coincidentually I just sort of mentioned it not long ago. Someone asked what kinda “monsters” were under my bed when I was a kid, and I said: “Jackrabbits and that killer cacti.” I woulda added “Heeey Duuuude” afterward, but I doubt that would have helped the reference. Gotta be right right age to get it.

Anyway, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of it again (along with Salute Your Shorts) but I’ll bet it wasn’t good enough to get on DVD. Now, Are You Afraid of the Dark? HELL YES. That goes on DVD i’m buying it outright.

No, he’s doing the appeasement thing. It’s aversion to punishment. He’s a dick.

He may think he’s doing good, but even I, a social outcast, can see why he’s a douchebag.

You don’t walk into a gamestop and expect the people behind the counter to hate games, do you? You certainly wouldn’t work there without a passion.

If you work at a media store, you’re probably a geek. Insulting geeks in a media store is a Bad Idea.

Nickelodeon actually decided to re-air some of the shows from the 90s(All That, Doug, Kenan and Kel, etc.) on their teen network and titled the block “The 90s were ALL THAT!”. Unfortunately for most, they decided to air it between midnight and 5am, making it difficult to enjoy for those that work 9 to 5 or have school in the morning or what have you. Me? I’m up until about 6 in the morning most nights so it doesn’t bother me as much. MAN, look at me ramble off like a jackass YES I REMEMBER HEY DUDE LONG WINDED COMMENT OVER

I remember seeing a Lost Cities of Gold DVD somewhere. Of course, memory is a funny thing…

Funny thing is that it’s not all that uncommon for dude ranches and the like to hire minors. That was part of the basis for the Senior Staff joke for the first few episodes, or at least it was in my eyes.

Yeah, the blonde one is still acting. IMDB is great for looking that sort of stuff up. In fact, most of those actors are still doing moderately well.

Out of comments. leaving now.

That’s a quite from Dune right?

If you want something weird that’s available on DVD, I recently got Excalibur. One of the earlier CGI shows. All 40 episodes.
I got it for free.

Yes, I remember “Hey Dude”. It’s original run was a bit before my time, but it ran in reruns well into the mid-90’s, giving me plenty of opportunities to see it.

My brother and I have been watching “The 90’s Are All That” a lot lately. It’s this new weeknight block on Noggin/Teenick/Stupidity Central (whatever they’re calling it these days), where, as the name implies, they show 90’s Nickelodeon. It’s only a couple hours a night, so they only have enough time to air a few shows at a time, but they’ve also been teasing people with clips from other shows in the bumps and segments hosted by Kenan Thompson.

The actress you are referring to is Christine Taylor. Her character on “Hey Dude” was Melody Barnes. Yes – she married Ben Stiller. They met while working together on the pilot for a proposed TV show called “Heat Vision and Jack”. Look up that show on Google some time. The premise is rather ridiculous.

*nods* Hey Dude was basically Salute your shorts for kids old enough to get summer jobs so they did on a dude ranch. Where tourists go to pretend their cowboys

For the record: Reggie is a douche. Douches will sometimes do something good for a valid reason, because no one can be a douche 100% of the time. Jo’s simile (she did not say “Reggie=Hitler”, she said “Reggie doing something nice ~ Hitler remembering your birthday” … implying there is a self-centered or ulterior motive involved) is apropos to Reggie’s normal behavior and does not strike me as cruel (I once Nazi saluted my swim coach and she took it as a compliment … it was meant as a joke. Also, my own swimmers once called me “Satan” and I was complimented by it – meant they were working hard). Reggie’s dismissal of Jo’s mode of communication, however, is a dismissal of who she is. She is like the Silent Bob of their store, but with a wider range of movies from which she quotes.

The Dune reference makes me smile.

I have NO CLUE what “Hey, Dude” is, as I grew up sans cable TV.

So, how often did Wedgie I mean Reggie get the snot punched out of him in high school? Never did a pus-bag deserve it so.

I saw Are You Afraid of the Dark? on Nick a few times, mostly because it came on before Turkey T.V. One of the actors was Jewel Staite, who went on to fame and fortune as ‘Kaylee Frye’ in Firefly, among other parts. Including an episode ofWarehouse 13 (one of my current faves).

One must learn to treat Reggie like that really old dog you see at the pound. You know it’s crabby, doesn’t want to be cuddled, pet, or played with, but you also know that it’s at the point in it’s life where if you don’t take care of it, it’ll die alone in a strange place.

So take it home, feed it, keep it warm, and know that even though it’s probably never going to let you know it, somewhere inside it’s beat up, old heart, it’s got a little bit of affection towards you.

Every story needs a “villain” or some kind of tension. That’s Reggie!

I’m just barely old enough to remember “Hey Dude”. I had to watch that youtube video, but I remember now!

I think you’ve got your target audience pinned, Crave.

I vaguely remember “Hey Dude!” as the show that I watched immediately after “Salute Your Shorts” because there were no cartoons on. I remember something about mini-golf or a fence in an episode. That is the extent of it… HOWEVER! Having somewhat recently downloaded the entirety of “Salute” and watching the first 5 or 6 episodes, I remembered it so clearly that the next lines were always in my head. I think I just hated “Hey Dude!”. I saw that it was on, or coming to dvd. I think that’s what prompted me to look for “Salute Your Shorts”. That and you asking who should play Reggie. :)

They’ve released Hey Dude on DVD and yet they still haven’t released more than just the first season of Clarrissa Explains It All? This makes me thoroughly sad.

I don’t know. I’m getting a real ‘tsundere’ vibe from Reggie in these past few comics.
He goes out to the store and gets sodas for Wes, Jo, and himself. No sodas for Nina or Thomas. And her favorite kind of soda at that.
“I-it’s not like I wanted to give you this soda or a-anything, stupid Jo.”

My mind just exploded. I am, however, surprised Reggie didn’t seem to buy one for Nina–but then again, maybe he’d already given her hers.

I always wanted to see the 90’s version of the Tomorrow People again. That was on right when I was getting into sci-fi and X-Men and stuff like teleportation and telepathy blew my mind. Now that we gots internets I was finally able to google it up and find out it was a remake of a 1970’s show of the same name.

Eh, “Hey Dude” was okay… it was something to watch while waiting for “Double Dare”.

For “The Mysterious Cities Of Gold”, the whole thing is up on Hulu. Not quite the same, but you can go watch the entire thing for free. I did recently, and realized how that would get censored all the way to El Dorado and back these days. Moral ambiguity, death, pagan themes… I don’t think it could air these days.

Never commented before, but Hey Dude, yeah, it inspired me to comment on it. Ben Stiller’s wife was on, yep. She played “Melody”, I think. I’m pretty sure it predated Salute Your Shorts. Other character names….hrmm. Ted? I think he was like the arrogant cowboy one who always got himself into trouble. There was a native american guy on there, too, I think, and I’m guessing it was pretty culturally insensitive, but I don’t really remember. The owner of the ranch was a schlubby-accountant-stereotype who was like going through a midlife crisis or something so they always had to bail him out after they screwed him over.

Good show. Nickelodeon had quite a few of those in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

Memories of Hey Dude! 1) The episode where the one guy was all like ‘psh, what did Indians give us’, and the Indian kid was like ‘fine, you have to live a day without anything Native Americans contributed to.’ I think at the end of the day he was naked or something. 2) The blonde was named Bradlee… which is my name, and I’m a dude. In some episode, she reveals her full name, which is all male names; a comment is made about her parents managed to give her three male names. I recall this because the same joke in reverse was done on the Drew Carry show when his middle name was revealed and the trollish lady mentioned that all his names were female.

Poor communication kills I guess. Reggie not getting the references treat ’em as gibberish, maybe even feels it’s some sarcastic jabs, and get’s defensive, which only reinforces his dickish image for Jo.

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