762 Blunt Force Trauma.

The other day I added another step to my teeth cleaning ritual because I found a toothbrush I was given. It was still in the package. I’m not sure why I never noticed before, but the rubber grip parts were a really inviting shade of green. A color that made me want to have it interact intimately with my mouth. I already have a nice electric toothbrush, but I was compelled. It’s probably the nicest toothbrush I ever got from a dentist. The usual ones are that cheap plastic that’s translucent, and always in bad colors, like purple.

I also have stacks of floss. I don’t know anyone who actively uses much floss. I like the little plastic kind that you don’t have to wrap around your fingers. The ones with little toothpicks on the handle. Those are far easier to maneuver. I think people would be more apt to use floss if it was presented that way more often. If the floss containers came with some sort of pick that you could load a strip of floss in I bet they could sell more. I’d be in to that. I don’t like throwing away a whole pick thing every time. If you could reuse the handle that would be economical.

Maybe I should do something with this. I already have it mostly designed in my head. Nobody steal my idea!

Are you guys into cleaning your teeth a lot? You should be. Clean teeth are their own reward.


First! and did you know flashlights that have 5 or more D cell batteries are considered lethal weapons and should be registered by your state?

actually that’s on a State by state basis, Kramegame. Virginia I know does not consider them to be a register able lethal weapon.

Actually, to answer your un-asked question, there already exists a toothpick thingy where there’s a little wheel with dental floss in it that you can change. But everything is in the plastic pick thingy.

And Thomas seems to be losing his patience

Actually, I just did that recently. The toothbrush wasn’t even mine, it was the one given to my dad on his last appointment but, it had a really nice tongue cleaner on the back, lots of bristles and strong grip. I already had a toothbrush but when I looked at it was like…wow, that’s a really nice brush…My appointment is in a few days so now I have to replace my Dad’s when the dentist gives me one.


Don’t mortgage your website to fund your ‘new’ invention; it’s already been done.

Sadly, about twenty years ago some drunken moron attacked me with a switchblade in a deserted parking lot. As I’ve mentioned, I spent 7 or 8 years working as a Security Officer in a nuke plant. My shift Lieutenant was also the Training Officer, and his instructions were clear: your flashlight was strictly to be considered an extension of your eyes. Therefore, as you bent the barrel of your light with the bad guy’s head, you were expected to yell, “Here’s looking at you!” I had a brand-new 3 D-cell cop-light I’d just bought to keep in my new car. I had it ready, standing behind the door of my car, and brought it down on the thug’s left temple as he lunged at me. I made sure he was (1.) not moving and (2.) still breathing, whipped the knife into the high weeds and drove home, shaking and sweating. So no, that is not a nice thing with which to belabor someone about the head.


I was brought here via the Space Between, from an ad. I already know how to get here, but that was awesome. Asking a lot of tough questions today are we?

I learned an interesting thing about dental hygiene lately. If you brush your teeth immediately after meals, it tends to promote cavities because the acidity of our food tends to soften the enamel on our teeth. By scrubbing our teeth right away, we’re stripping it all off. It’s best to brush before meals, or simply generally at times in our day when we haven’t eaten lately, so that our teeth can stabilize. The article I read also indicated that flossing is much more helpful and useful than brushing, which sucks for me because like a lot of people, I never floss. It’s time to pick up the habit.

It’s great to floss after about a week – anyone who has tried to get back into the habit knows about the yucky gum swelling, etc., that first week. Just gotta get past that.

PSA: people should floss. Don’t end up like me, 30 and with gums that have started to recede, leaving my teeth more sensitive than they should be. I should have been flossing. Fortunately, regular flossing is allowing me to build my gums back up a little, so it’s not too late.

I regularly threaten violence when people act stupid around me, though normally just my friends, as such behavior could get you fired from retail jobs

Those giant maglights are awesome for this. On another note, reading perfessor_bear’s comment, when I was a kid, my mom had a little red flashlight in the back of her car specifically for beating people with. I tried to turn it on one time. It wasn’t a flashlight at all, but a container for radioactive isotopes. That’s right. It was full of lead shielding. o_o; Sucker was heavy.

You know, Crave. Until recently I kept thinking you were a guy, but with these last 10 or so updates, I have begun to think you are a girl. I, of course, mean this in no offensive way, but I thought I would mention it.

Nope, I’m a dude. I think it says so in the about section. I just have tendencies. XD What about the last few posts make you think I’m female?

Hey! I’ve actually had a similar idea about a reusable floss-harp handle! A dentist told me that while using these flossers is better than nothing, they’re probably not ideal. You should use new sections of floss to make sure you’re not removing food particles from between teeth just to reintroduce them between other teeth, and you should make sure your section of floss curves around the tooth you’re cleaning to get under the gum line, and flossers don’t work well for that.

All that said, we’ve also been beaten to the punch:

Some even have floss spools built in!

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