Nice. Red Green Show is AWESOME, but nobody I meet has ever seen it, much like Bill and Ted, or books by H. P. Lovecraft. On one episode, some women CEOs visit possum lodge, and they recite the women’s prayer.

“I am a woman,
hear me roar.
I am in charge,
get over it.”

It was awesome.

I’ve seen the first Bill and Ted (and I’ll evntually watch the rest) and I’m reading a collection of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories right now! =D

People, for fu*k’s sake, your all violating several man-laws just by letting the womenfolk know that man-laws exist. Honestly, I no longer wonder why women do with us as they please if there’re guys like you around.

They do not believe the man-laws exist, therefore, there is no risk. Its like the government and area 51- they tell us what is really there, but no-one believes it anyway.

Document 682 dictates the number of punishments given by the horde for violation of the man-laws.
Although they forgot bylaw 87.62A which states: any man can ask a friend about past girlfriends if they are both drunk, and one is dead-set on teasing the other.

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