722 Dissimilar.

Wes’ sentiment here is actually kind of dark if you take him as sincere. I think all humans have destructive tendencies, maybe outward, maybe inward. Even if they are no more malignant that really enjoying being the first person to use a new container of butter.

In these moments Reggie’s other qualities have shown through. He may be an ass, but he operates by his own code of ethics. Though self centered he still has beliefs that are redeeming.

It’s very hard to look at people we dislike as human sometimes. Whatever crossed purposes we get cloud our ability to judge them accurately. Seeing situations from an opposing point of view, especially in an unbiased way, goes against our instincts. Which is painfully evident in politics, for example.

Which is not to say that there aren’t people out there who truly do things for themselves alone, or are, for all practical purposes, evil. Unfortunately it’s hard to sort people out. Evil people actively try to fool you and annoying people make it hard to see their real motivations. Sometimes you really do just have to go with your gut and hope you guess correctly…


This was the beginning of the evolution of Reggie, in my mind, and when I first started to respect him a little

Just was thinking about the dialogue in this one – I’ve always heard it as interoffice dating/romance, but isn’t it actually intraoffice?

Common parlance is interoffice, but there are a variety of factors that change pronunciation and what have you based on location.

That’s true – I was more thinking from a definition POV as “inter-” means “between” and “intra-” means “within” and the common usage generally should mean “within an office” (i.e., intraoffice), but we use “interoffice” more regularly, even when only one office is involved.

Why are these idiots funnier than the protagonist all of a sudden? lol
Well, nice to know the lovebirds were right about the lil emperor having an actual moral compass.

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