722 Dissimilar.

Wes’ sentiment here is actually kind of dark if you take him as sincere. I think all humans have destructive tendencies, maybe outward, maybe inward. Even if they are no more malignant that really enjoying being the first person to use a new container of butter.

In these moments Reggie’s other qualities have shown through. He may be an ass, but he operates by his own code of ethics. Though self centered he still has beliefs that are redeeming.

It’s very hard to look at people we dislike as human sometimes. Whatever crossed purposes we get cloud our ability to judge them accurately. Seeing situations from an opposing point of view, especially in an unbiased way, goes against our instincts. Which is painfully evident in politics, for example.

Which is not to say that there aren’t people out there who truly do things for themselves alone, or are, for all practical purposes, evil. Unfortunately it’s hard to sort people out. Evil people actively try to fool you and annoying people make it hard to see their real motivations. Sometimes you really do just have to go with your gut and hope you guess correctly…


Wow, is it bad that I know how Mike felt when he first interviewed Wes? I didn’t think he was that dark until this comic.

On the flip side, some space parasite must’ve bit Reggie and possessed his body, because he’s not acting at all like the jerk we know from before.

Dude. What the fuck. Why is Asshat #1 turning into a respectable character? I hadn’t thought it possible, but Asshat #2 is actually making Asshat #1 look like he has morals! If this keeps up, I might have to start referring to him by name, or worse, thinking of him as a human character.

I… I need to sit down.

*looks at chair that is currently being sat in*

…I need to sit down, squared.

Oh, oh god! I’m actually starting to like Reggie! SOMEBODY HELP MEEEE!!!! *runs around screaming, frothing at the mouth*

It’s only a matter of time before Wes gets punched in the face. Yet, why do I have the odd feeling its going to be either Thomas or Reggie to do it?

My money’s on Nina to punch Wes… no one messes with Brooks without suffering the wrath of the in-store golden haird, Amazon princess.

(Seeing as how Reggie is my favorite character, I keep looking at all the other comments and going, “Why didn’t you already like him? He’s a sad little man…”. I forget that not everyone finds assholes endearing.)

holy shit…he maybe a pompous asshat, but at least he’s not a pompous moral-less asshat (Dickasso)
lol i giggle everytime i say that…hehe…Dickasso. HEE anyway, looks like Reggie know more about the ladies than a Sir Wes.

Oh god.

You’ve turned Reggie into a character with personality.

No longer is he the one-dimensional douchebag that I decided he was with a snap judgment from his first appearance.

I applaud thee, good sir.
You magnificent bastard.

Gasp! What is this? A redeeming quality?

Also, subtle reminder of the disasters that will befall Carol and Thomas (or is that Thomas and Carol?) when (not if) they are discovered.

Hell, even REGGIE is willing to possibly cut people some slack if two people love each other. I’d say that, Reggie being the lowest form of human life in the store, they’ll probably be fine in the long run.

Of course, what kind of story would it be without conflict?

I suppose it would be a story without conflict, obviously oh wait that was a rhetorical question sorry.

When Thomas and Carol are discovered, the people actually IN the story will only care that they weren’t told. Including Mike.

However, I see Reggie casually mentioning his connections to Wes, and WES using those connections against Thomas and Carol. Same old story: Reggie’s just kind of an asshole — the kind that get unwittingly used by sociopaths like Wes all the time.

I’ve always like Reggie. He is a weak little conniving weasel of a man, and somehow he makes me feel like that description is a complement. His character depth isn’t new to me, I’ve found him complex from the beginning.

I’ve been a follower for a few years now, and I just read back through the entire archive while I was supposed to be writing a paper, and I can’t tell you how great this is. The dialogue, the characters, the art, everything works together so perfectly. I wish you luck for any future endeavors, BF included.

I now have respect for Reggie. Sure he’s an ass, is conceded, etc. and thats not gonna change, but it is cool to know that he has good qualities that can show.

I like these peeks into what Thomas has been alluding to when it comes to Reggie. These moments of clarity are sublime.

Also, FTR, I think when Wes goes down, it’ll be John who does it.

I think I’ve got these two pegged. Reggie is an annoying self-centred jerk, but he’s not needlessly mean or cruel. He’s just an idiot.
Wes, on the other hand. He’s an asshat. Not to mention his obvious and complete inability to think about the future. Let’s presume for a moment he achieves his goal and ‘Nails’ Jolene. From this conversation, he seems intent on dumping her immediately to pursue other girls.
What a great thing to tell your immediate superior on your first day of work.

Let us now add that he has to WORK with Joline. It’s not like he can just forget her because he’s going to see her three, four, maybe five times a week.

I’ve said it before. I like Reggie if only because he shows the gamut of personalities in the store. I like Wesley because he’s more than just a prick, he’s intellectual.

If Reggie didn’t have qualities like the ones he’s been recently showing, Thomas would not have hired him regardless of his connections.

Okay, this little exchange has finally solidified something that has been running around in my mind since these two met.

Reggie is amoral — meaning, he does things pretty much without regard for right or wrong. That’s why he can’t accept responsibility when things go badly. He doesn’t foresee the consequences of of his actions, he is neither moral nor immoral

Wesley is immoral — he does bad things because he knows they’re wrong. Definition of evil, folks. If Wes was a Klingon, he’d fart in airlocks, because that’s how they roll.

Ogodogod, I spent way too many years as a Psych major…


Spot on, good sir. That was more eloquently put than my thinking “Even if Reggie says or does something noble, end of the day he’ll still remind you with diamond hard proof that he is and will forever continue to be, a tool.”

I can definitely relate to not thinking before speaking. Done far more of that in my life than I wish I had, and it’s gotten me into serious trouble at least once. I guess that’s one reason why I’ve been playing Devil’s Advocate so far–Reggie reminds me of myself in that respect.

Not sure about Wesley, though–it’s like he’s intentionally trying to antagonise everyone he meets, but surely if he actually *is* a thief then wouldn’t it be better to stay below the radar? Maybe he’s something worse than a thief.

Maybe he’s from Audit, and has gone undercover to evaluate Mike in a manner far too insane for it not to work.

Someone said the Thomas Carol thing will be discover. I think it will be sooner a John Jolene thing that will be discovered (by treachery), that the shop rule will be threatening them to be dismantled form service, and that the, the two other couples will have to come out to show the absurdity to fire them. Mike then ‘d have to choose between firing evryone but Reggie and Wes, or grow a spine and resist the direction.

You know, throughout Reggie’s introductory story arc I thought he was a complete dick. Near the end, he just seemed more like a “lost sheep.” Like he’s an asshole only because he doesn’t fully understand proper social interaction, nor can he realize his own mistakes. So, I think “lost sheep” is a perfect euphemism since he needs someone to tell him when he’s wrong, a shepherd to guide him to the pasture, Nina to slap him in the face when he’s being a douche bag. At this point, I believe that Reggie has earned the “Respectable Asshole” status. He’s not a complete ass, just a partial and annoying one. I also feel that if someone comes around and acts out with full-force faggotry, that Reggie will ally with the regulars and teach the super-douche a lesson.

Since when did this happen? I mean… Really? I’d have either guessed he’d be for it thinking it might normalize brooksie or against it since he probably sees her as some recluse mutant or something.

(P.S. Brooksie is awesome xD)

Just because someone is an entitled brat doesn’t mean they don’t understand right and wrong. Even evil has standards and all that.

That is it?!?! That is the END?
i have just become extremely depressed…
Why does it end…
It was so enjoyable

Finally reached the current page, huh? I know how you feel, but you just have to remember, it’s going to be okay. Deep breaths, come on; in, out, in, out.

Now bookmark the front page and check back every Monday, wednesday, and Friday.

Also, you must now find another webcomic archive to satiate your eternal hunger. Or is that just me?

Reggie has a mild form of Autism. Not making fun of anyone, but seriously, it seems he just can’t understand how humans interact with each other. Yet everything else he seems to understand

I love how you made him so easy to hate and yet likable at the same time. Lots of character depth.

If Reggie was to go and warn Brooksie about Wesley’s intentions, it would make for an absolute Crowning Moment of Awesome.

Reggie just has his own way of dealing with people. out of the store, The clique is everyone else and then Reggie And then Wes.

I See reggie as holding fast to a dream of doing something more than just being a clerk. He is just handicapped by his own personal background.
He has yet to grow up. Once he does so, I am sure he will be more interesting at that point.

Wes, he might be trying to hard to fit in or impress. That is basic “guy” talk albeit much more eloquent. Then again, he could just be a filled with Suck.

I think what most of you may be forgetting is Brooksie’s feelings on being the object of lust (note: I said “the” not “an.”) As her promiscuity has yet to be formally defined by the artist, the character may no reject the idea of being sought after the way the other two females are. Granted, Wes motivations are scummy from a strictly moral perspective, who’s to say every relationship has to be Romeo & Juliet. Ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump and grind between consenting adults (also note, women scheme on men just as bad as we do on them. We’re all equal, remember?)

Can I please… please punch Wesly now? Sure, Reggie MAY be an idiot at times but I have a bit more respect for him (Even though it’s pretty much below bottom floor respect) this Wesly guy takes the cake.

BUT I do think that Brooksie handled that well, and while he may be right that she has certain things that make her wanted by a lot of us here I’d still rather see Wesly burn in a fire. A bit much: Maybe. Totally worth it: Yes.

I like the new Reggie, however I’m sure he’s only showing his true side to the new guy; He probably thinks the others will perceive him as weak. That’s my take.

And c’mon, we’ve all thought like Wesly at some point, even if it wasn’t those exact words.

Wow, score another one for Reggie… who would have thunk it? He actually knows the difference between love (twu wuv) and empty conquest. He may actually have some kind of potential for being a decent human being after all. Maybe only enough potential to fill a very tinny thimble but at least it’s there.

@Bernie: No… I have never thought like Wesly, ever. You might want to take a better look at your own moral perspective if you have actually thought about “spoiling another human being” simply for the sake of doing it. I know that there are people out there who think nothing of messing with people just because they can, but I have never been, nor will I ever be one of them.

I have run into people like that in my life, one of whom I actually thought was a friend until he used me and threw me away… not once, but twice. The first time I simply thought there had been some misunderstanding… the second time, when I realized he really was just that evil… I felt so betrayed that I nearly killed myself.

Never assume that everyone is just like that… never!

I can see Wes’ point. I’ve had that same mindset at times. It’s part of human nature. It’s like looking at dominoes set up perfectly and just begging to be pushed over or a sandcastle just waiting for the tide to come. We can’t help wanting to watch or make it happen. We cannot be beings of creation without beings of destruction as well. It is our way as humans.

The issue arises when we look at people not as people but simply things or items in the way Wes has. He does not see Brooks or anyone else he works with now as an actual human being. They are merely items in his world for him to use as tools for his ultimate goals, whatever they may be. It has been my experience that men who see women in this way are generally of the inclination to destroy more than build up. He doesn’t care about the morning after. He’s a true predator in that sense. He sees his prey and is locked on. All that matters is that moment of conquest over a weaker beeing ni his eyes. It is there that he and I split mental pathways.

Sure, I love the idea of stealing away the virginity of a woman or claiming the insurmountable in a friend circle. All men on some level think like that. But once you have it why not build it up. Yes, you have destroyed one thing but perhaps you can build them into another. An example of this could be you corrupt the virginity to blossom a woman. That is more what I picture Reggie being like. Yes, he’s a douchebag but he’s a douchebag with morals in his own way and for that I do need to commend him as a character. He has a natural balance, albeit rather skewed to the extremes. Like balancing an apple to replace an unhealthy candy bar compared to a coconut tree to offset wanting a country fried steak dinner with three orders of hashbrowns at Denny’s. Two extremes on the same scale.

I have a feeling we’ll see Reggie weaseling for the good for once. Odds are he won’t be able to let Wes’ bullshit go on for too long. He’d rather go on the power trip of firing a worthless worm of a man in his eyes. It gives him the feeling of power over this “lesser man” and still keeps him attuned to his won morals above all else. I expect that somehow him and Dwarfy-McHobbitFoot as I’m sure he’ll call him will somehow come together to form a common bond against Wes and somehow working a way to rid their lands of the foul beast. It will give Dwarfsalot a chance to learn how to manage his anger in a constructive way rather than just blasting away at Wes’ face with his fists like we all really want to see. I sense a daydream strip with an awesome image of bloody horror we can’t help smiling at in the near future.

I’d love to see Wes figure out about Carol and Thomas at some point too! Imagine what would happen if it happened! He’s already got himself to set up half the staff with ease directly linked to Brooks and then to add Carol and Thomas to the mix? And CAROL?!? I don’t think Mike would even have a chance to figure out how to fire him before the crew found a way to make him quit. This could be an epic can of worms spiraling into an amazing awesome-sauce of glory. This should be good. Grab your popcorn kids and strap in. You’re about to see work-place justice at its very best.

Wow… I think I just snapped. Wes has crossed that line that not even saving a pregnant woman from some horrific event at the cost of his own life would redeem him in my eyes. Befouling Brooksie… he’d just better be glad Ed didn’t hear him, otherwise they’d either be out two new hires or Wes would’ve mysteriously disappeared into a cold case file.

You know, before I was ready to give Reggie marks for being decent, if misunderstood, I reread his introduction. Particularly how he picked a fight with Ed for no good reason. So while I’m willing to grant that Reggie isn’t a total asshole, he is still an asshole.

Also, I can’t help but think that his stance is self-serving – after all, I bet Reggie still imagines he has a chance with Nina, which is why he isn’t necessarily opposed to fraternization. That said, he does treat Nina as more than a “conquest,” so again, he’s not a total asshole.

Hah! I work with alot of people with aspergers and I got the same thing myself. He is just a very honest person without any kind of filter. He also likes to tease but dosn’t seriously mean anything by it.

Its probably why he never is going to get fired as he might be a dick, he is just to honest to steal.

Starting to like Weslie … though it’d be better if they’d let him put his sunglasses back on. His eyes look small and beadie…

I don’t exactly disagree with Reggie either. No surprise there.

“Dickasso” is a grade A insult.

Also, I am somewhat enjoying seeing Reggie being a little more human. I will probably never stop disliking him but I’ll at least know he’s not a complete and total douche and that he has something resembling a soul.

Hmm… So
Nina is Lawful Good, looking out for her friends as best she can
Mike is Lawful Good, just wanting to be as best a manager as he can be
Thomas is Neutral Good, taking a mostly passive stance when helping his friends
Carol is Chaotic Good, using terror to keep everyone on track
Brooksie is Chaotic Good,an adorable monkey wrench with occasional dark thoughts
John is True Neutral, preferring not to be involved at all
Reggie is Chaotic Neutral, egotistical ass, but just as honorable as he is stupid
Wes is Chaotic Evil, complete ass, able to make even Reggie look sensible
Cant decide if Jessica is Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil

People are acting like this is a new aspect of Reggies personality. Thomas literally told us about this side of him when he was talking to Ed. “He might be an asshole, but he still has a sense of honor”. I’m pretty sure those were almost his exact words.

A lot of the time people don’t actually listen to Thomas though, they just hear him.

A lot of people don’t listen to anything beyond their own preconceptions.

Their introduction to Reggie was him laying down some savage verbal abuse, which he continued right into Palpatine territory with a little goading from Ed… and from that they’ve automatically assumed that he was everything terrible in existence, and utterly incapable of any sort of redeeming features…

Now they assume he has somehow changed because he isn’t just continuing to be an endless stream of abuse… because somehow that is what they believe people to be: whatever they are when you first see them… repeated endlessly.

People… on average… do NOT think these things through. Though whether due to lacking the mental faculties entirely or just the will to do so… we can’t always know.

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