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So…  I was completely wrong about the holidays being a low traffic time.  I mean, for most comics it’s true.  Of course, about half of the ones I read took a week off for the holidays or more.  They took the time off because typically it’s a low traffic time, so who cares right?  Apparently a few people do because they all came here to read my work it would seem.

I took advantage of the prices on my ad service bottoming out to get ads up all over the place. (Ads that made at least one person really mad, but that’s a whole other story.  X3)  It worked pretty well.  For very little money I had my highest traffic day ever on the night of the eclipse.  The downside of that is that since hardly anybody else with comics were advertising here I feel like my space was kind of wasted.  It would have been a real opportunity for someone looking to get some cheap exposure.  Not that I have a problem with ads for manga and anime.  In fact I think I’ve downloaded more things because of the ads on my site than anyone else…  I also still want a kitty ear hat.  (I am such a sucker for advertising. T^T)

Anyway, I think I’m going to take advantage of all the “slow times” that webcomic people complain about in the same way from now on.  This first experiment was pretty successful.   People who like my comic seem to be the ones who get stuck at home when things are happening.  Which makes sense because it’s the same thing that happened to me.


Glad you found a way to take advantage of some slow times. Its funny that these days I pretty much only read your comic, Sheldon, and QC on a regular basis anymore. I just can’t find the time to wade through all of the twenty or so that used to be regulars for me.

I lost track of Starslip during a busy time and now I can’t find my way back in. I think it’s been over a year now since I’ve read it, and it was my favorite for a long time. I want to get the books so I can catch up while I’m away from the computer.

It’s kinda funny, this is now the second time I’ve liked that little douche. The first is after getting pimp slapped by Nina and he was almost… half nice. Now his regard of Carol, my all time favorite girl character of Any web comic I’ve read so far (Spinnerette from krakowstudios.com/spinnerette/ coming in at a close second), was just like his redeeming factor. He knows his place surprisingly well, even if he shines his own silver lining on it, he’s got a very realistic attitude to the job. I’m actually really surprised.

Reminds me of a character from Scrubs who I’ve seen described as intentionally making the staff hate him so they’re united–against him.

Hope I’m not jinxing you, but the site seems to be running 100% faster and smoother since I last checked a couple of days ago, when it was like slogging through half-frozen waist high mud. On topic sts, I continue to like the fact that none of your characters are cardboard cutouts, and even Reggie for all his pretentiousness has redeeming qualities. Shame it’s not realistic in my experience, most of retail places far more on kissing ass, than actually you know, doing your *job*

I think I found you by an add on the site for Boxer Hockey, but not sure. Either way, I’d say your strategy worked as I started reading and then got myself totally caught up in a day

It also makes sense that your readers would visit during a low traffic time since you got a lot of them (Us) by advertising at low traffic times on other sites. So the people who were bored enough to read your comic in the first place were probably bored enough to return.

As for the comic. Although it seems like Reggie’s logic is sound I must say that it doesn’t work like that in the real world. I’ve worked in many stores, good and bad, and the bad ones all had one thing in common. The management and the wage-slaves didn’t get along. Either because they out and out hated each other or because neither tried to get to know the other. All of the good stores had management who took the time to build a rapport (Even a small one) with their staff.
Obviously that’s why Reggie is the one saying it.

Reggie has mastered the “Use your hate as fuel” motivational skill, too bad it can’t be put to use on his new trainee.

The comic is glorious! It has that slacker-makes-good insouciance that amuses as it entertains. Oh, and definitely get the cat hats — they rock hard! : )

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