712 Minion Man March.

I got these weird little lights for Christmas and no one seems to know what their function is.  They’re real bare bones LED lights with a magnet on one end held together by black tape.  When i say black tape I don’t mean electrical tape.  It’s glossy paper tape that tears easily.  I have no idea what you would use these things for because once you turn them on they are just on till you replace the tap or they run out of charge.  If they turn on at all that is.  At some point I’m going to re purpose them into something more useful.  I’m going to need a soldering iron though.  Just a cheap one to wire them on to a switch or something.  I think they would make good emergency lights with a little tinkering, or mood lighting for toy displays perhaps.  The red ones look cool when you use them to light up Decepticons.


Hah! Google “LED Throwies” Mr sir, and you’ll find out what they’re all about.

Or just follow this link.


I keep trying to place what the blonde guy is reminding me of..in looks at least. If there’s one thing I can’t take its not being able to place a reference I see. No chance you have some source/reference things you used for him that I could look at and go “Aha” is there, lol

In his first appearance his clothes and sunglasses are reminiscent of Brent Sienna from PVP, but his design is just one I drew that day and ran with. His hair is sort of like Egon’s from The Real Ghostbusters maybe?

Number Two Man? Is that the guy who has the privilege of wiping Reggie’s rear end when he relieves himself?

I need to get me one of those–and if I’m rich enough to afford a Number Two Man, I’m rich enough to afford a lifetime’s supply of baby wipes (They’re better than bogroll and also useful for cleaning things you really don’t want to end up touching yourself) for my minion to work with.

@Ian I think his number two man is the one who gets to pull down on the rope tied to Reggie’s ankle so he doesn’t fly away from all the hot air he’s filled with.

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