1749 A Land Down Under.

I have found that the more I need time the more life tends to whip random little disasters at me to deal with. I expect this is just some form of bias rather than an actual phenomenon. The more I need to finish the more I notice all that I have to do. The trick is not to get overwhelmed by all the tings and just do all that you reasonably can. Looking at a mountain of tasks saps the will. A lot of people fall into the trap of looking at the big picture when they need to focus on small things and vice versa. I think most of us have to train ourselves or be trained to take things one task at a time.

When I started the comic I had to learn to just do a page, or a week of writing, or whatever, so I didn’t get all antsy about the entire thing.

Anyway, the long and short of all this is that I need to help the Teen move back in here and I have a lot of stuff I need to do. So it’s perfectly imperfect timing as usual. In any case I’ll get by like I always do.


Where women glow and men plunder

…and… there goes the “G” rating…….. Go willingly Ed… go willingly………..

Anyone else notice these two aren’t blushing unlike most the other characters in these situations? Also its about damn time :p

Good luck with the Teen… getting started in life these days is a bumpy road. You’re a good man for helping her out.

“not to get overwhelmed by all the tings”

As David Lee Roth once said – that’s life. Fighting daily not to get overwhelmed by all the things.

When gamer girls get serious, they’re not above “helping” their opponent disengage his large head in favor of his small one. It’s not fair, but it makes the game a win-win.

…Nina straight comes with the mother-fu@$ing pain…and I just might be convinced that she’s been looking for somebody who can do the same.

Getting overwhelmed by things is a real problem. I once read a story about a carpenter apprentice, who was given a task to do a woodcarving for a large table in two weeks time.
On the first day or two he did almost a quarter of the task, and did it well. For the rest of the week, he did nothing but admired his own work. As the second week begun, he got scared because so much work was still undone and so little time left. At this point the teacher told him to do in a day as much carving, as his palm could cover – no more and no less, and not to worry. Indeed, by the end of the second week, the entire carving was completed.
This story stuck in my head and quite often I remind myself that I’ve got to do just *some* part of the job even if it is large, and not to waste time being scared of it. Even palm-fulls of work add up to completion. Fear, on the other hand, never does.

Seeing as how Miss Grace already allowed Ed to plant his mug amidst Her “jugs”,
Why do they stand so far apart, Crave?
Miss Grace could be sitting on Ed’s lap whilst he rests his head on Her chest…

Being also tall, I do realise how hard it would be on Her neck to talk to someone normal height, and/or smaller, from that close;
Especially whilst standing.

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