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I forgot to set up the post after I finished coloring. Dad was home late so I was distracted with feeding him, then one of the dogs pooped all down the hallway so I had to clean that up, & got distracted. I haven’t caught the mad pooper yet, but they have been peeing and pooping on the last bit of carpet a lot lately. It’s a real pain because there’s almost no carpet in the house now, so there’s nowhere I can lay down on a solid surface that isn’t wood, or faux wood at any rate…


Because he’s wearing a red shirt… nice.

No… his jacket is red, his shirt is blue.

Also, with three very curvaceous redheads on this “dungeon” descent, I was misinterpreting the title very badly when I saw the link on Facebook.

Strangely enough, tho the common perception is that Redshirts were slated to die, It was really the Blueshirts who died in the highest proportion of appearances to deaths.

Being a non-cast Blueshirt really was a virtual death sentence, with very few exceptions.

There just *were* so many Redshirts that the largest number of them died.

My definitions of geek and nerd as follows: a Star Trek Geek likes Star Trek. A Star Trek Nerd knows the actual name of every red-shirt and the episode they died in.

What are you if you know that “The Most Interesting Man in the World” from the Dos Equis commercials appeared on an episode of ST:TOS as a redshirt, and that his name is Jonathan Goldsmith, and that he appeared in episode “The Corbomite Maneuver”, original airdate November 10th 1966? (2 days before my actual day of birth, btw)

Only expendable extras were subject to the redshirt effect. As an established member of the cast, Reggie should be perfectly safe. After all, Scottie wore red, and he survived the entire series, multiple movies, and a guest shot on TNG.

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