705 Elected To Suck.

The other day I decided to make 2 more stands for my iPod out of Legos, so I wouldn’t have to transfort one from place to place. Now I have one for each place I go. I also made a docking station, but it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped, plus I usually charge the device while I’m doing stuff, so it just gets in the way. There’s one for my desk, one for my bedroom, and one super bare bones one for travel. If I remember I’ll make a projects link for the top bar and put images of them in there.


I dunno she sounds like someone who might use heart’s dark side if someone got her mad enough. Or spooked her.

Yeah, Brooksie seems like she would take the “become evil to fight evil path”. Maybe giving her heart isn’t the greatest idea in the world?

I don’t want Brooksie to have the “Suckiest power”… but I don’t think wind would suit her… oh well. She goes well with heart anyway.

Wind would be better. Why? Because Wind is silent like a ninja. With power over Wind you could prevent any sound from travelling through it, aiding you in sneaking up on people.
But that would leave Ed with heart.


“Wind is silent like a ninja.

Yeah, I don’t think so. I live in New England, and let me tell you, for the past 48 hours, all I can hear is wind. Maybe a gentle Summer breeze is silent, but our Winter winds do not walk softly.


Well, I’m impressed by the humor and intelligence of this comic. I just finished reading through the ENTIRE archive. Just wanted to know that your comic is being added to my bookmarks. Keep it up.

Yay, I found out where the comments are on the site redesign.

Okay, as to the CP discussion, it’s obvious Reggie must be wind. He’s a blow hard, and he’s just dickish enough to fulfill Linka’s role from the cartoon/comic. If we gave Ed wind, we would need Thomas to shut him down constantly. I do agree that John would be a nice Captain Planet, and since Brooksie’s Heart, that leaves Ed to be her companion that helps out the team but is powerless. That of course, also leaves Mike to be Gaia, who can never seems to leave Megatainment unless the plot demands it.

Wouldn’t Reggie be more likely to take Wheeler’s role as the “Eric”? (See the Dungeons and Dragons cartoon for more information)

Brooksie wasn’t elected to Heart – only the adorable one can wield that power. I’m also pretty sure she’s Evil, so mind control wouldn’t be a problem.

unfortunately Tom is only thinking of the primary powers except for heart. Heart’s secondary is mind, water is blood, fire is electricity, earth is metal, and wind is sound. So when one thinks of it Earth is the strongest in the primary powers but weakest in the secondary.

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