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I finally took a chance and really messed with the innards of the site the other day.  What you see before you are the results.  It seems to be running more smoothly now, but I’m not sure if slow times are the site’s fault or my host’s.

I’m still experiencing a fair amount of errors on the admin side of things, but can’t be sure of the why.  Anyway, hopefully things will be stable enough for people to view the site normally until I can make absolutely sure it’s running at peak efficiency.  I’m going to keep the alt site up as long as he’ll let me, and keep it updated, just in case.

Let me know about any weird things that happen.  They may help me sort out problems later.

The new Harry Potter movie is at the local theater.  Or at least it was the last time I went through town.  By the time I head back that way that may not be the case.  As far as I can tell it’s still 1994 there, so you have to find stuff out about when things happen by phone, or these things called “newspapers”.  I have a vague memory of what they are.

My streak of seeing Harry Potter movies in theatres  was broken with Half Blood Prince and, as you already know, I don’t really know anyone where I live and have no intention of changing that.  So, it’s either go alone, or not at all.

It’s kind of a shame that I don’t live closer to my sister.  Harry Potter is the only thing we’ve both liked in…  well, ever as far as I can remember.   In a lot of ways the Harry Potter experience ended for me with the last book.  I knew that the technical limitations of film weren’t going to get their greater depth across the longer the series went in the movies.  Half Blood Prince was proof enough of that.  The ending had little of the emotional impact it should have.  I don’t hold out a lot of hope for the last two movies.  At best they will be visual companions to the superior experience of reading.

Harry Potter has one of the most brutal endings of anything I’ve ever read.  Because of this I would never show it to my mother.  She hates sad things happening in movies.  Like when the dog gets killed (?) in Dances With Wolves.  (I’ve never seen Dances With Wolves, so I’m only going on memories of her talking about how she doesn’t like that part enough not to ever watch the movie again.)  I made the mistake of showing my parents Up.  After it was over Mom looked at me like I’d spent an hour punching kittens.  In retrospect Up is kind of a miserable movie.  It’s still good, but the miserableness factor is quite high.

There are scores of movies that I like that fall under the category of “never show to Mom”.  Generally I just give her an overview of the plot so she can have talking points for conversation.  I think I gave up about half way through explaining Scott Pilgrim, because hearing the movie spoken is like having to explain a joke.  The harder you try the worse things get.


Somehow I get the feeling Carol has found a way to trump Wes…

Heh She could use the forbidden SIXTH element, only useable by a woman…….BOOBS! No matter what power you use, if you are a man and you face a woman such as Carol who wields such a dangerous ability, you won’t stand a chance!

Yeah the Harry Potter movies have always been explicitly much, much worse than the books to me. They’re not even really good movies. That’s life. Haven’t seen the new one yet, don’t know if I will.

By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask – it always seems like the comic is really big on the website as opposed to elsewhere. Like, ridiculously high resolution. What’s up with that?


“I wonder if Nicole Kidman still considers herself a BMX Bandit.”

The chick is only ten years younger than I am. She was 16 when she made that movie in ’83.

That said, it’s just darned lucky for you I didn’t have a mouth full of milk when I read that comment…


Earth isnt the best hands down, not by a long shot. Earth can eb shattered, eroded, scorched, broken, etc. Heck, most ways of destroying something are based on what you can do to earth. Wind wins hands down, and thomas even hinted at it. He said “earth thwarts air” meaning, can stop it. Congrats, we cannot blow you off a building. However, wind can erode earth, extinguish fire, freeze water, and blow out the heart (or something like that, its really hard to compare element with emotion). So earth can block wind? fine. Can earth block the lack of all air in a 10×10 area? didnt think so. Can you say instant depressurization? Suffacation? The wind can only be stalled, it outlasts mountains, creates deserts, and scorns men(there, how it beats heart).

While tornados and whirlwinds are flashy, let us not forget the sutble element that wind gets by default: void. If any other element tries to make a void, wind gets sucked in. So air has a minor edge with the power of nothingness, No air means no fire and also means no breathing and no external pressure. No external pressure= what hapens in space with no space suite. Earth can go suck it.

And yet without earth there is no wind, period. What exactly do you think holds the atmosphere on this planet in place anyway?

The argument of which element is greater has always been inherently stupid because the elements don’t exist independent of each other. The whole point of the elements is to create and sustain life on this planet. Water is literally the lifeblood of all living things. Air is the breath of life. Fire is a tool by which life is preserved or destroyed. Earth is the provider of all things.

Eliminate any one of those elements and life ceases to exist.

Yeah, but right now we’re just arguing over which one would be most fun in a fight/most effetive. Stop trying to bring maturity into our juevinile arguement! LET US BE IMMATURE!

I would go with wind if I had full control of the power. However, the level at which they manage to control their powers the only really useful ones are earth and fire, so I lean towards fire in that case.
With full control of air you can create everything from lightning to giant blazes and control the direction or even existence of flames, the direction and temperature of water, and as yuriyu said the void factor.

When put this way, I kind of really get excited about being able to control Fire, which of the four classic elements presented in Captain Planet, is the only one that represents either A) a chemical reaction, the scientific definition of fire, or B) energy, in the form of light and heat.

Solids? Liquids? Gas? Bitch, I can change all that up with my controlled entropy!


You’re right, I don’t know what I was thinking. My apologies.

On that note, I would totally own everything with gravity! I mean…gravity is totally an element right? Guys? Guys? Bueller? Bueller?

I mean, there are often gravity magic systems, but calling it an ‘element’ is kinda on the edge for me.

Just letting you know – whatever you did between a day or two ago and now, it’s a huge improvement – using Firefox on Win Vista (bleugh), the site seems to be loading in a very snappy fashion now.

Have you ever read Shaman king? not the anime rip off, the actual manga. If you do, gravity is a property of the spirits of earth, just like ripping the water out of stuff is a property of wind. So, rgavity manipulation=earth power.
And by the way, the guy who wrote Shaman King teamed up with Stan Lee to write a series called Ultimo. Check it out some time

Wind, wind, wind, yeah it’s powerful but i gotta disagree with one of the statements. wind doesn’t extinguish fire that’s water. in fact wind helps fire since it contains a part of the fire tetrahydron, oxygen. so the only way you can extinguish a fire with wind is to create a gust large enough to displace one of the other parts of the fire i.e. fuel and/or heat. and yes i whole heartedly agree with thomas’s analysis of the elemental properties.

Carol can’t have fire, I wanted fire! T___T Totally had Thomas pegged for it at first, though, but he’s too sneaky to go for the obvious one.

All this choosing one “element” over another is somewhat strange. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they’re not exactly a matched set. Water is a chemical compound, Earth is a mixture of various elements and minerals, Fire is an exothermic chemical reaction and Wind is the movement of air particles, caused by the planet’s rotation and differences in atmospheric pressure. This is like debating the superiority of shakespearean sonnets over jet propulsion and the bosonic string theory.

No Captain Planet expert, but if water includes ice it clearly tops earth. It enables crushing, cutting, drowning and freezing.

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