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Scott Pilgrim Vs The World was an alright movie. I preferred the books, but how often is that not the case really? It was a nice translation for the most part. I don’t see much point in going over it again, since I’m sure every asshole blogger has already dissected it time over time. I’ll say this much though, Micheal Cera was a perfectly acceptable Scott. I really didn’t think he would work, but within the framework of the film he fit right in.

The alternate ending was fun to see, but honestly would have been terrible as it made no sense on several levels. Which is saying something in a movie where people exploding in a shower of coins is normal.

The saddest thing about the Scott Pilgrim movie, from my point of view at least, is that there will never be an animated version of it. I recognize there’s virtually no market for animation targeted at older audiences, but I don’t have to like it.


Lol, Carol, once again, shows why she a fav. Also nice angle on the last panal.

Have yet to buy the Dvd, I can’t wait as I want to see it again. The books were great, I think that cause there was more there, compare to just a two hour movie. Though they did quote it in the movie “the books were much better then the movie”, I love how they threw that quote in there.

Entirely because of you, I watched the alternate ending of Scott Pilgrim. I liked it. Not because I prefer Knives over Ramona or something, its just nice to see a happy ending for her too.

What does Brooksie think of Scott Pilgrim anyways? Cause I just noticed her hair is the same color as Ramonas second dye job, and before I read the color pages I was convinced her hair was pink. Could just be overactive imagination though.

Well that’s surely one thing the Japanese are doing better than just about all the ‘western’ civilizations. They long realized that animated series can well be done for older audiences as well. While you can practically count the western animated series and movies aimed at people over 16 on one hand. (Personally, I would put Robot Chicken among these though.)

Personally I’d put Avatar: The Last Airbender (Alternately The legend Of Aang if you’re from my side of the pond) into that list. Sure, it may have been shown on Nickelodeon but it still appealed to a large audience from multiple age categories (The amount of 20-30 something women I’ve met with a crush on Iroh is astounding).

Hm… Not really. Avatar was aimed at a teenage audience. That, of course, doesn’t mean that others could not enjoy it!

I’m 30 and I love that show! So do many of my friends of the same age.

But it was not originally aimed at our age group. What I’m talking about are series or movies actually aimed at an older audience. Anime examples for this are Perfect Blue, Patlabor 3 or Hundred stories.

King of the Hill was aimed at adults. The fact that it was rubbish is besides the point.
And South Park definitely isn’t aimed at the kiddies.
So yeah, one hand.

Which would bring us up to three.

I guess we can count in Beyond the rift (no idea where that originally came from), that would be four.

Okay, now I’m really running out of names. Someone else still got any?

The comic was better, and you can hear Cormeau say it when Scott enters the theatre fro round 2. But the movie was REALLY good. One of my favorites this year. And Carol looks like she’s going to throttle the candy bar….

I quite enjoyed Scott Pilgrim in the theatre. I’ve never seen the comics, so that may have helped. It was just so different, and spoke a visual language directed specifically at my generation. It also made no sense on a few levels, but was just way too much fun for me to care. I mean, he gets a redo on the final boss fight, and gets to remember the first attempt. How does that make sense outside of a video game? :)

Someone, it might have been Howard Tayler, said Scott Pilgrim would be debated over by film scholars and pundits because it pushed the medium of film in a brand new way. And I can very easily see what he means.

Books that were made into really really good, true-to-the-book movies:

A Clockwork Orange

That is all I can think of now. Maybe some more will come to mind

Just started tonight with this comic, and usually never comment on comic posts this old, but on the off chance it gets read, even though it’s not quite an animated series, there’s been a comic dub started on February that’s not half bad, it’s under the account name Smeef on Youtube.

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